Patriots, Seahawks try to move tickets

Both the Patriots and Seahawks took steps to sell tickets Wednesday, as if the lockout wasn’t happening.

The Patriots announced that single season tickets will go on sale Friday.  These usually sell out within minutes, but perhaps it will take hours barring a labor agreement in the meantime.

The Seahawks, meanwhile, sent an email to fans on the waitlist for season tickets that fans can call in to pick out their ticket.  (Thanks to the PFT reader who passed the email along.)

The timing could be coincidental or it could be a sign of confidence.  Maybe it’s just inevitable that teams start to move forward with ticket plans or perhaps the teams are trying to take advantage of the public optimism about a deal.

Heck, perhaps a bit of that optimism is sent out to the public in order to keep product moving and advertisers calm.

4 responses to “Patriots, Seahawks try to move tickets

  1. Don’t think the Patriots is so sudden. They announced they would go on sale this Friday about a month ago, maybe more…They already made some tickets available to waitlist members for preseason and regular season.

  2. Shocker a business trying to sell its product.

    You really believe that were not going to sell tickets until after the deal was signed?

    There will be a season.

    Every season ticket holder who has renewed and requested an upgrade has been relocated to better seats. The seats left open by people who got mad about the lock out and let them go.

    What’s the smart thing for a fan to do, wait until a deal is signed and be part of the mad rush for tickets, or inquire now when the ticket office is calm?
    Or wait until next year after punishing the game for a year by not going, and finding all you can get is upper deck?

  3. What is a “single season ticket”??? The article that was linked seems to suggest that individual game tickets will go on sale Friday.

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