Rams send large contingent to help in Joplin

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Roughly 75 Rams staff members and some media members boarded buses in St. Louis a 5 a.m. CT this morning to head to Joplin, Missouri to help with relief efforts.

“The Rams’ staff will assist with projects including removing debris, unloading trucks, organizing donations and staffing the call center and data entry center. Upon arrival in Joplin, the Rams will report to the volunteer check-in area at Missouri State Southern University where they will be deployed to the various project locations,” the Rams said via their website.

It is so easy to forget about a tragedy like the Joplin tornadoes once it is out of the news, so it’s great to see the Rams lending a hand.  Those who wish to donate to the relief efforts can find a variety of options here.

5 responses to “Rams send large contingent to help in Joplin

  1. No players? Guess they’re just sending the serfs huh. Not the little princes themselves. I bet no management either.

  2. I went with a group of 160 people 5 days after the tornadoes had hit Joplin, and honestly there are no words that can possibly describe the devastation that occurred there. And honestly I don’t think pictures or video do it justice either.

    There is so much work to be done there it is ridiculous. After working there on one house all day there was still so much work to be done on that one house alone. I in no way mean to boast in the fact that I went, I simply wish to commend the Rams that they are still consciously thinking about Joplin and even sending people to help in any way they can. Its nice to hear a good story coming out of the NFL this offseason.

  3. @justinaimshigh
    The Chiefs (players and management) were allowed to go to Joplin together. The NFL allows contact during relief efforts.

  4. Good for the Rams.

    Not to make light of it, but I half-expected to read Eric Mangini was driving a bus full of players down there against their will.

    Turns out no players went at all.

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