Redskins to install 8,000 solar panels at FedEx Field

The Washington Redskins are unveiling plans to provide covered parking in a lot at FedEx Field, with an environmentally friendly twist: The covered parking will consist of 8,000 solar panels, helping to generate the electricity the stadium uses on game days — and enough to generate all the electricity the stadium needs on days when there are no games.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder said in an announcement that the plan will “offers a unique example of how solar energy installations can do more than generate power.”

The Redskins are working on the project with NRG Energy and plan to unveil it in September.

The Redskins are among a handful of NFL teams that have taken such steps: The Washington Post reports that the Eagles and Seahawks also have projects underway to decrease their dependence on traditional energy sources, while the 49ers have proposed using solar panels to partially power their new stadium, and the Eagles, Jets and Patriots have solar panels at their practice facilities.

Artist’s rendering from NRG Energy, via the Washington Post.

24 responses to “Redskins to install 8,000 solar panels at FedEx Field

  1. Based on yesterday’s WSJ article, Mike Brown and the Bengals are planning on looking into solar panels around 2025. In the meantime, the Bengals will provde generators to light their practice field for the upcoming season

  2. eaglesfootballfan says:
    Jul 13, 2011 8:28 AM
    The Redskins Suck and Fedex field sucks.

    3 Lombardis.

    And Eagles fans = worst in NFL.

  3. Snyder probably meant to say that it “offers a unique example of how solar energy installations can do more than generate power…and more cashola for my pockets. Do you really think I’d install something like this and not gouge the fans for it?”

  4. And how much will Snyder be charging the Sun for the privilege of supplying energy to FedEx Field?

  5. Well thats sure nice. Now maybe Danny Boy can put a competitive team on the field that will generate some electricity in the stands for once

  6. @Eaglesfootballfan,Your comment tellls me that your in 3rd grade! And those of you who say that FedEx Field is an awful stadium,Have you ever been there??? its a great stadium and it isnt even 20 years old yet! So stop hating!!!!

  7. dirtydrynn27–obviously you have not visited other stadiums. fed-x field is the biggest dump in the nfl. pain in the a.. to get in and out of and just a big block of cement with no character at all. Plus there are always more visiting fans than home fans the last 10 yrs because the team blows.

    Been to Dallas new stadium twice and it blows Fed-x field away. You cannot even compare the two. JJ did it right and that stadium has ample parking and is easy to get in and out of.

    Ravens and Eagles stadiums I have been too as well and they blow away Fed-x field big time.

    I bet if they rate stadiums fed-x field would rate last just like the standings year to year… least they are consistent. LMAO.

  8. I cannot defend the stadium – it does suck. It was built in a hurry to be finished before JKC died in 97. But this is a cool project and the Skins should be applauded for it.

    boysroll – go back under whatever rock you live under.

  9. Solar power is a joke. I’m an electrical engineer. However, you don’t need to be one to know that solar power produces no significant power to run something as large as a stadium. Solar panels cost more than they will ever save you in electric bills. In other words your spending a dollar to save a dime. Nothing will replace coal, oil and natural gas for at least the next 100 years and beyond. Spending valuable resources $$$$ on solar as well as wind power is a waste. It’s just making General Electric and other companies richer at the expense of the tax payer. GE would not make these losers without a government subsidy. Why? Because GE and others know they don’t work and are inefficient at delivering the power needed for a growing nation and economy. The politicians get campaign mony from these environment wacko’s to get them to pass ridiculous regulations and laws to force utilities and companies to buy and install this junk so as to appear environmentally friendly. Taxpayers be damned. No need to save the planet. It has been here for 4.5 BILLION YEARS and will still be here for another 4-5 BILLION YEARS regardless of anything we do or don’t do. WE HOWEVER WILL BE LONG GONE BY THEN.

  10. @ stull60060

    Glad I’m not the only EE on here. Every time some company makes an announcement about solar panels I try not to laugh about it. Snyder just needs some good news to cramp down the public’s throats after some minor hiccups in his management style like suing news outlets, his free agents, his draft choices prior to this year, suing ticket holders and his lawyer quitting. If any Eco warrior thinks those panels matter at all, their about as smart Vinny Cerrato.

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