Report: Shanahan “serious as hell” about Beck despite organizational dismay

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The offseason of John Beck has dragged on so long that we’ve had the backlash to the backlash.  Columnists and teammates alike have stuck up for the guy recently, saying he deserves a chance.

Of course, there are still some folks who have their doubts within the Redskins organization.

When we broke down Washington’s free agent wishlist this morning via a report on, we neglected to mention some interesting notes on Beck.

“[Shanahan] is set on Beck,” one source told Jason La Canfora. “That’s his guy. He isn’t just saying it for the media or to blow smoke. He’s serious as hell about it.”

Apparently Shanahan’s “unwavering” support has some in the organization “dismayed.”  The Mastermind is resolute.

It looks like we’ll have the regular season of John Beck too.

65 responses to “Report: Shanahan “serious as hell” about Beck despite organizational dismay

  1. I Love it! We are watching the destruction of the Washington Franchise. Dictator Shanahan wasn’t asked to leave Denver for no reason!!! Hopefully, he can stick around in DC till that team is a complete disaster! ‘GO BOYS!

  2. Apparently Shanahan’s “unwavering” support has some in the organization “dismayed.”
    Being im not a Redskin fan..this should be fun to watch this Season…

  3. “Serious as hell” is pretty serious………no getting around it. I’m not sure you can get more serious than that. Maybe “freakin serious as hell” or “serious as f-ing hell”

  4. You should never write the word “mastermind” in the same story as one that mentions Mike Shanahan.

  5. If Shanahan is “serious as hell” about starting John Beck in 2011, then he must be “serious as hell” about drafting Andrew Luck with the first pick in the draft next year too.

  6. As much as I hate the Dawg Killa, now I’m thinking we should have tried to get him. He sucks too but Beck will suck more and longer. Too bad I’m not talking about a porno movie hahahaha!

  7. Just before the draft, Jason La Canfora reported that his inside sources told him that the Redskins were planning on trading up to # 2 to pick Gabbert.

    Then the Redskins didn’t even take Gabbert at 10.

    So take it with a grain, guys…

  8. Okay, once again Rosenthal gets people all worked up over nothing. Shanahan is not quoted as saying he is “serious as hell”. That is LaConfora’s statement, so why try to mislead the readers Greg??

    And I agree with the earlier comment about LaCanfora always being wrong. He was terrible as the Wash Post beat reporter. If you followed him you would see the daily backlash he had on his stories.

  9. Isn’t he supposed to be serious about his Quarterback, he is the freakin coach of an NFL team

    oh wait sorry, Redskins, this is quite a change. Now who is this Beck kid

  10. He was serious as hell in Denver when he traded for the entire Cleveland brown front line of first round draft busts! He was serious as hell on Easter Sunday with Donovan.

  11. I think LaCanfora misquoted his source. I think what he actually said was:

    “He’s seriously crazy as hell”.

  12. I recall Shanahan doing good things with a Stanford QB before…
    Redskins #1 for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.
    But I really could care less.
    Go Broncos!!!
    #15 to the rescue! Tebow time!

  13. I’m serious as hell when I say that Shanarat has done nothing without John Elway, and should never be referred to as the mastermind

  14. To be fair, Beck never had a chance to show what he could do. That said, I foresee another long season. I also foresee another season without a Super Bowl for the Eagles.

  15. I think this is probably Shanahan’s way of looking at the big picture.. He tried in the draft to undue some of the previous mistakes and mentality of overspending. He could look at John Beck as a sacrificial stop gap for this year. He probably see’s the Redskins in a better position next year to make big moves on big things.

  16. @eaglesfootballfan

    Looks like the Eagles will once again NOT Win a Super Bowl. Seriously, ur team every year gives u Fans false hope that they can actually Win a big game. As bas as it is to be a Skins fan now, It has to be painful to be an Eagles fan and know they have never Won a SB and never will. That window is almost shut

  17. jaggedmark says:
    Jul 13, 2011 4:57 PM
    You should never write the word “mastermind” in the same story as one that mentions Mike Shanahan.
    Unless it’s “Shananhan is the ‘mastermind’ that took a 10th ranked overall defense (2009) and turned them to a 31st (2010) the following year…”

  18. As A Redskins Fan I will say this…..Dont You believe it!!!!….On the other hand if this is true,Shanahan is clearly putting his job on the line! And why would he do that to get Andrew Luck if he wont be around.I`ll bet you that Rex Grossman will be the starter on week 1.Sure Rex is`nt great but he knows that offense,ask Dallas.He threw for over 300 yards and had 4 touchdowns against the team everybody says is great!!!!!!!…..

  19. Don’t forget, Beck has only been in the league for a few years and was a 2nd rd pick. He came out of byu with a lot of potential. He hasn’t had an opportunity to show what he can do. Also u have to remember the coaches who drafted him in Miami were fired after his rookie year so he hasn’t been with a head coach who really has believed in him. He has the leadership qualities needed in a qb and if the skins can put some weapons around him like rumored earlier today, the kid will be a big surprise to everyone.

  20. “Redskins=Raiders East”


    OUCH! No need to get ugly!

  21. Now, don’t slag me for saying this, but if this guy somehow becomes a certified Top-10 QB in this league (a miracle, I realize, but you never truly know, do you?)…..

    Where would his comeback/emergence compare with guys like Warner, Brady, Plunkett, Beuerlein, etc.????

    Those guys came off the veritable scrap heap too…..

  22. there were a couple of years where i won my fantasy league just by picking whatever no name running back the the broncos were going to start. but shanahan seems to have lost his grasp on reality. of course as soon as he proves me wrong i will say i always new beck would be a great a qb. maybe i’ll put him on my fantasy team. a late pick but you never know

  23. @ smootysmoot

    Hey some simple math for you 12 yrs, 3 playoff games, 1 win. Keep bringing up what happened almost two decades ago that shows where your mind is. Now go place a call to your spiritual adviser Vinny Cerrato.

  24. Perhaps, the beginnings of “Suck for Luck” in DC? At least if that’s the case, Skins fans can look forward to this overrated buffoon being out the door this coming January, if not sooner.

  25. Hey guess what, guys. Mike Shanahan isn’t reading this thread, so think about this:

    Maybe he knew he wouldn’t have a full off-season, or maybe even much of a training camp, with a rookie QB if he took one in this year’s draft…

    Maybe he thought he’d have a better shot with someone who already had a year in the system and who has some physical talent and leadership qualities…

    Maybe he realizes that if neither Grossman or Beck work out well this year then the team will be in a good position to draft someone next year…

    From where I sit, I’d say Mike Shanahan probably has a better grip on reality than most of the “fans” who are blasting him on PFT.

  26. Give Mike Shanahan 2 more yrs and I believe the Skins will be on the top of the division for many yrs to come..I think if kyle doesnt work out this yr then they need to look elsewhere for an o coordinator….

    Let’s go Skins

    Hail biatchessss

  27. Just what if John Beck actually turns into a good but not great NFL caliber QB? I’m not saying he’ll be on the Brees or Rodgers level, but he could be a good game manager who doesn’t turn the ball over. That probably is wishful thinking but hell I’ve seen crazier things happen in the NFL.

  28. @skinsfaninnebraska;

    Maybe all of us guys already knew that Shanny wasn’t reading this thread

    Maybe we doubt his judgement on QB’s seeing that virtually every decision he has made in this department has been a disaster. Try to remember that he didn’t draft Elway.

    Maybe we all remember that his hand picked replacements for Elway included such future hall of famers as Brian Griese and Tommy Maddox.

    Maybe we all remember that Shanahan hasn’t won a playoff game in 11 years.

    So maybe we aren’t completely crazy in questioning his judgement.

  29. “That window is almost shut” I have been hearing this for almost 9 years now from Redskins fans. At some point when do you realize you can’t see the window because the basement door IS shut.

    Anyway I feel bad for the non moron Redskins fans. And i feel bad for fans of the NFC East. I like it when all the teams are good (even Dallas). The Eagles play 6 games a year against these teams and when they are all good thats 6 really good football games a year. The last decade though its only been at max 4 good games a year. Hell The Eagles beat the Redskins on one play last year. And if not for a cheap shot in the first game the Birds probably destroy you twice.

    Oh and for all you Redskins fans who think your team will tank enough to get Luck, good luck with that. Between Buffalo Denver (though Denver could be good if Tebow is for real) Miami and the browns are all going to gunning for that pick. And your dumbass owner spends just enough money to get you that 5th win witch gives you the number 4-10 pick.

    On a side note. Please tell “the Mastermind” to just cut Fat Al when the lock out ends so we don’t have to watch every team in the league say no before you end up cutting him anyway and he comes to philly for 2% of the money and dominates all year long. Its funny how players go to washington and suck balls then leave and all of sudden they are good again. Its like a bottomless talent pick in DC.

    Perhaps all of the bad karma all the fat cat politicans bring to the city is why that team sucks so much.

  30. Again, for people who don’t follow the Redskins, Jason La Canfora is famous as a Skins insider who never has any real insider information.

    As a beat reporter he had to get all his information from bottom of the depth chart players. Why, because the organisation got annoyed by his coverage and decided to lock him out.

    JLaC often went to bat for those roster fillers as though they were all-pros with some of the most rediculous puff pieces, typically filed just after the Redskins cut them and they disappeared into mediocrity at the bottom of another franchises roster.

    La Canfora has zero credibility. He is constantly shelling out the sort of predictions that could be made by anyone who has read a few sports sections and, unsurprisingly, they are nearly always wrong.

    I think the best entertainment he has ever given was during the draft when the NFL Network paired him up with Mike Lombardi. You could see it on Lombardi’s face, “Why the hell have you made me sit next to this cretin, wtf is going on about?”

  31. @damnskins703
    The problem is, can the father muster the strength to can the son if he doesn’t do well? The answer is no, it’s his SON!!
    Therefore, I hate to say it, but I don’t think it’s going to work out here. Ever know someone who went into business with his brother-in-law, or whatever? You need to deal with people who are “Outsiders” to you and yours, so you can deal in logic and keep emotions out of things, when it comes to business….

    Plus, like so many others already said, it’s Jason LaCanfora, so obviously he’s going to sign a QB and NOT start John Beck. After all, HE’S JOHN BECK….

  32. I just don’t see how this could ever work out.

    Even if the Redskins somehow manage to end up with Andrew Luck, and even if he proves to be the real thing, it’s hard to believe, given Dan Snyder’s impatience and his meddling impulse, that Shanahan would still be employed as head coach *after* the lousy lousy season that would be required to win the Luck sweepstakes!

  33. Let’s correct some errors here. When did Shannahan lose a SB with Elway? SB’s 21, 22, 24 I believe were coached by Dan Reeves. Shannahan coached Elway to wins in SB 32 & 33. Shannahan also did coach a win in the playoffs in 2005 which was 6 seasons ago.

    Just keeping things honest.

  34. Another comment, just wondering and some people have mentioned it, No off-season basically because of the lockout. What should Shannahan do? Draft a QB who not only has to adjust to the speed of the game and learn the system in a week because that’s how long they are probably going to get before training camp starts. Bring in a QB that basically has to learn the system in a week. Or use a guy that has been on the team for a year, is already signed, has observed the system, gone through the film and knows the terminology? Honestly, the third option doesn’t seem to be that bad of an option. Granted, there isn’t a guarantee of success but he is playing with house money here. If it fails, they are in a good position to draft a QB next year. If it succeeds, then all of you guys eat crow and he gets his genius label back. Either way he’ll get his genius label back because he’s making changes that are going to benefit the team in the long run. The one thing this team has right now is direction which it didn’t have before. It takes a couple of years before you can see it.

  35. @mdnittlion

    Here is some more simple math, Genius. 3 SB wins for the Skins, 0 for the Eagles

  36. @ smootysmoot

    Still embarrassed to talk about the last decade, the present and real future. Hey why don’t you call up a Chiefs fan and talk about SB IV while you at it, sure it happened over 3 decades ago, but in 10 yrs you’ll be saying the exact same thing “Remember when we won it all and use to be relevant to pro football, cause in my old age I’m starting to forget”. Enjoy the Basement of the Division once again.

  37. @mdnittlion

    Wow, u really got me. I don’t have a problem acknowledging that the Team I root for isn’t very good. Admit that u don’t know what ur talking about and that ur Team will let u down once again this year. Enjoy not winning anything meaningful again.

  38. @ smootysmoot

    Deadskin fans always like to throw gas on the fire call them out and you get the same typical DC sports line every time ya we’re not winning, but neither are you. The problem is the Eagles have been winning the past decade while that BS line about the Skins not being very good is what describes team that has a couple of down years not a decade plus drought of fielding a team just to sell tickets. Just admit you don’t know what your talking about, Snyder has the same management philosophy as the Bungals make money and winning is second and as always enjoy the basement of the division.

  39. Shanahan’s track record with the Skins didn’t start with some idiotic ramblings by JLaC. It started when he signed Willie Parker and Larry Johnson, and then of course #5. Then he yanked #5 at a pivotal moment and stuck in his turnover machine, Grossman. This did not go well.

    So…color me underwhelmed.

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