Mike Martz says Bears could be ready for Hall of Fame game in one day


It was only 36 hours ago that Florio warned PFT Planet not to count out the Hall of Fame game just yet.  Some comments from offensive coordinator Mike Martz certainly support his case.

Martz told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the Bears would only need one day to get ready for the game if necessary.  He said that wouldn’t be ideal of course, but they could get it done.

This flies in the face of the growing concern from Bears and Rams staffers that told Yahoo! Sports they doubted they could get ready for the game quickly.  Ultimately, it won’t be up to Martz or any coaches. It will be up to the NFL.

One day is an extreme example, but Martz’s words are a reminder that the Bears and Rams could probably figure out how to play if they are told to so.

13 responses to “Mike Martz says Bears could be ready for Hall of Fame game in one day

  1. That’s because Martz wants another opportunity to beat the Rams, even if it is preseason.

  2. Really ? This is also the guy that said the Bears were strong at WR last year. Nuff said.

  3. Oh he’s ready… ready to put the practice squad on the field, because there’s no way Chicago is ready from day 1. Half of the Bears’ O-linemen don’t have a position yet (Carimi, Chris Williams, Frank Omiyale, J’Marcus Webb).

  4. rayvens says:
    Jul 14, 2011 10:08 AM
    Dosent take much practice to get sacked 7 times and throw 5 picks.


    7 sacks & 5 picks? Cutler will be in mid-season form in no time at all….

  5. That is because he is going to treat it as practice and just throw a bunch of the new guys out there to see how they do. No game plan. That is probably good from a learning standpoint. But for people out of shape, it is injuries waiting to happen.

  6. If he can get a bunch of rookies and 2nd-year players ready to play a game in one day without having any OTAs or contact with anyone all offseason, then there’s no reason for training camp at all. Just have everyone show up the week before the first game, give them a general idea of what you want to do, and let them go play. That’s how I coach 6-year olds. I thought it was different in the NFL.

  7. fcs34 says:
    Jul 14, 2011 10:52 AM
    Really? I though it would take about 5 minutes to get ready to play the Rams.

    Apparently it took you 5 seconds to type something lame

  8. They could work out a CBA one day before Opening Day and play too

    Sure, the quality of the game would be crap, and the players would be subject to a much higher chance of injury – but likely neither the players or owners care about that

    It’s all about revenue – not the quality of the product on the field. Fans have to pay full price whether the teams have had a chance to practice or not.

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