Randy Moss in “freakish shape” in bid to keep career going


The fall from grace from Randy Moss in 2010 must have been humbling.  One of the greatest receivers of all time suddenly went from a Pro Bowler to irrelevant, unable to make a consistent impact with the three times that tried him.

We’ve wondered if Moss’ career would even continue.  He clearly wants to keep playing, but will teams want to give him a shot?  And will Moss still want to play if the best contract he could muster is a “cheap” one-year deal like for $2 million with nothing guaranteed?

According to his agent Joel Segal, Moss is motivated to put last year behind him.

“Randy has been working out, two-a-days, all spring and summer in West Virginia,” Joel Segal told NFL.com. “He is determined, motivated and quite frankly has a huge chip on his shoulder. Whatever team ends up getting Randy, they’re going to know they’re getting the old Randy Moss. He’s not just coming in to be on the team, he’s going to be Randy Moss — a difference maker.”

(Sources confirm that “two-a-days” in West Virginia do not include a P90x session with Florio.)

Moss is now 34.  His agent’s job is to make his client sound motivated, but the eye in the sky doesn’t lie.  Last year’s film is going to make it hard for Moss to get a big contract.

The lockout has probably worked in Moss’ favor.  First and second year players that would normally develop during OTAs may struggle to take a step forward.

That should help Moss get a job, but he probably will have to wait for the first big wave of young free agents to sign first.  It’s an unfamiliar position for Moss, but his play last year likely will make him an afterthought to most teams.

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  1. I will assume this post is some legal issue, so you can tell the NFL every single post today wasnt about the lockout. Oh wait, the lockout was mentioned in post, so,..try harder next time.

  2. I saw Moss play a lot last year, and physically I think he still has plenty of gas in the tank. Menatlly he sort of checked out after the trade and cut, but for the Titans he was still drawing constant double coverage despite not getting passes thrown his way.

    I think he still has 2 good seasons left in his body if he wants it.

  3. Im sorry but i would not want Moss anywhere near my team…..High risk-no reward, he’s better off taking a paycut and being the #2 or 3WR on the Patriots.

  4. You know who else is in “freakish shape” and looking to keep their career going….Sidney Rice, Malcolm Floyd, Vincent Jackson and Santonio Holmes. Oh, they are all FA too. You’re in a loooong line Randy, and you are near the end of it.

  5. Moss still has some gas in the tank for probably 3 more years max, I wish the Steelers would pick him up.


  6. I seem to remember hearing last year prior to the start of training camps, that “Moss was in the greatest shape of his career” as well.

    That turned out well……

  7. Moss has unreal talent. always has.. but when his ego got bigger than the game, everyone saw it. thats why he ended up in oakland.. it took belicheck and Brady to revive him. even though it was only for a year or two, then even they had to ship him out.

    I can never back a player that shows no heart on the field. No matter the situation players should want to WIN. When i see elite talent like Moss or hanesworth take plays off & basically lay down for opponents (literally for FatBert), they can never earn my respect again.

    I’d take TO over Moss any day of the week. at least that deva comes to work.

  8. Jus what the Ravens need this season. On a team with other veterans with the same realistic goal in mind, plus not too far from WV.

  9. One thing about Moss – when he wants to play, he’s one of the greatest ever. I wonder if age has caught up to him, or he just pulled one of his hissy fits last season.

  10. His shape and psychical ability have never been the issue, it’s the lack of a full-time shrink on his staff that makes him so unappealing.

  11. Would doubt any team would sign him before the first week so they wouldn’t have to even guarantee a “lowball” contract.

    Some team will sign him.

  12. How great of shape does he really need to be in when he only tries on one or two plays a game? …and those couple plays are when he see’s he can get open easily anyway

  13. Redskins should sign him, and resign Santana. Big Moss and Little Moss.
    Big Moss up the sideline, Little Moss in the slot.

  14. Redskins should sign him, and resign Santana. Big Moss and Little Moss.
    Big Moss up the sideline, Little Moss in the slot.

    John Beck and Rex Grossman QB Battle = 1-15

    But next years’ QB class is stacked so I get what the skins are doing

  15. so many people were counting out moss when he was traded from the raiders to the pats in 07 and look what happened. he can and i believe he will do it again which is why i will reach for him in fantasy leagues this year. not saying he can duplicate his record setting 07 season but he will play like he has something to prove.

  16. I wouldn’t want to be the team that signs him but has questions at QB. Moss will only be long-term happy playing with a guy that can get him the ball.
    That was not a problem with Brady. A problem everywhere else.

    Moss might take the best offer given but that certainly doesn’t mean he’ll be happily content midway thru the season. Frankly, he should eat some humble pie and go back to N.E., where he knows the system, knows he’ll get the ball and will have a legit shot at a title, though I’m not sure Belichick even wants him back.

  17. doesnt matter how great of shape you are in when you dont even try for the ball.

  18. His physical condition is not the question – it has never been the question.

    What kind of shape is he in between the ears?

    That is the only questions when it comes to Moss.

    His physical ability with, say, Jerry Rice’s mental commitment and attitude? Now THAT would truly have been “freakish,” and who knows how great Moss could have been. But the space between Moss’s ears has forever been childish and egocentric, stunting the growth of what could have been something really special.

  19. Totally agree that Moss played last season without the motivation a player needs to excel. Problem is, most receivers drift that way when they get written out of the game plan. Makes you wonder what the Pats and Vikings were thinking when they decided not to throw to him, but still started him. Doesn’t make sense. One thing about Moss, again, like most receivers- all you have to do to get him motivated is get him the ball. But unless he is a WR who loves to block in the run game, most guys will do what Moss did. If offenses would stop considering Moss a “big” receiver and just think of him as one of the small ones, like Jackson or Jennings, just a speed guy on the outside, with very little blocking responsibilities who just has to demand a consistent double team, especially one of the safties,….then Moss’s value jumps out at you.
    all this media talk about Moss’s performance last year is misleading.
    just look at the highlights. and that was with minimal targets.
    hmmmm. the team that takes him this year for minimum salary and a legit QB, will be playoff bound.

  20. Jackson Maclin Plax Moss w/ Vick and McCoy in the backfield. Get ready for it.

  21. I know we have Julio and Roddy but adding Moss will def cause match up problems for anyone who faces the Falcons. IMO Moss was able to flourish in NE due to Wes Welker and Stallworth to run freely underneath. With Mike Turner seeing soo many carries it might loosen the defenses up and make them rely heavily on D-line play to create pressure verses sending 6 and 7 people on a blitz. No Def coordinator likes to see there cornerback one on one w Randy or Roddy then to throw Julio in the mix .. Could possibly turn into the NFC’s version of what the Colts used to be or what the Saints are now… Moss will prob cost a hell of alot less than ray Edwards and will prob be more productive. Hey BTW Georgia Dome weather is pretty nice in December opposed to NE 😉

  22. There were stories about Randy being in freakish shape last year as well. The problem is he can’t jump anymore and has grown a pair of alligator arms.

  23. As much trash as people talk about Randy Moss you people would die to have him.. Just face it he runs one route .. Arguably the best down field WR to play the game.. He took plays off… Like anyone Who HAS played football has done and if you say you haven’t YOU ARE FULL OF CRAP.. it’s a hard sport to play.. I personally want to sit by every Moss hater when he scores on your team and rub it in accordingly

  24. “…unable to make a consistent impact with the three times that tried him.”

    Indeed, those were trying times… 🙂

  25. His attitude has been in “freakish shape” since the start of his career.

    Doesn’t seem to have helped him lately.

    Good luck, Randy — I do hope you can latch on somewhere!

  26. Dear drgfri, get some new material. You are niether creative or funny. It’s ok, we can deal with your obsession with the Jets, but come up with something close to witty!

  27. Please sign him again Vikings.


    He wouldn’t come back to the Vikings…

  28. I see many fans saying that Moss had “mentally checked out” last year and wasn’t motivated.

    Seems like those fans “mentally checked out” if they weren’t aware that the whole reason Moss went from team to team was that he was trying to convince some team – any team – to sign him to an extension before the lockout.

    So it’s not a question of whether Moss “would not” play at a high level because of lack of motivation – we know he was motivated.

    It’s clear that Moss “could not” play at a high level – which is why the Patriots cut him and improved once he left.

    All he did for the other two teams he played for was get the coaches fired.

    Coaches probably aren’t keen to let him do the same for them this season.

  29. Ultimately, he’ll be remembered as a selfish front-runner who never won anything.

  30. If he is in that kind of shape and wants to prove himself, there is no stopping him period.

    He will be a NY Jet.

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