Report: Owners made “significant concession” on rookie wage scale


Earlier this afternoon, MDS shared a report on progress being made as to the contentious issue of the rookie wage scale.

Albert Breer of NFL Network describes it as “major progress.”  Breer also points out that there aren’t many other remaining issues.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports writes that the owners made a significant concession on the rookie wage scale, something we’ve been saying for days that the owners should do, especially since the players’ proposal as of Monday already represented a win for the league.

Our guess is that the league assumed the players would go the rest of the way to the owners’ position on the rookie wage scale.  When the players made it clear they wouldn’t, then the owners finally decided to compromise.

Regardless, Cam Newton won’t be smiling when he realizes how much less money he’ll make than last year’s No. 1 overall pick, Sam Bradford, who used his windfall to buy a ping-pong table.

In an on-air update moments ago on NFLN, Breer (sporting the Michael Scott in lieu of the Jim Halpert) tiptoed around saying that a deal is close.  But Breer made it clear that, once the rookie wage scale is worked out, there’s not much else standing in the way of getting this thing done.

In fact, Breer reports that, if the rookie wage scale can be put to bed on Thursday, there’s a “50/50 chance” that the parties will be presenting a handshake deal to Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan on Tuesday.

And now stay tuned for the daily dose of cold water.  Feel free to start a pool as to which player or reporter it will come from.

Today, I’ll go with Mort.

56 responses to “Report: Owners made “significant concession” on rookie wage scale

  1. Now THIS is the report I have been waiting for. If in fact the owners did make significant concessions on the final contentious issue, we WILL have a full season this year with at least a 3-week preseason.

    You can write it down.


  2. Okay, Okay, enough is freakin enough!

    I dont care abou t freakin progress!!

    It is going to take someone here that frequents this forum to execute the following. (I personnaly will abide, however, I don’t have the time to organize…)

    What I am trying to say is this:

    We are the ones footing the bill. With out us, the FANS, there is no NFL – I know you guys already know this and I am not being condesending, so hear me out.

    Here’s the plan, “FANS HAVE THERE OWN DEALINE.”

    If these clowns come out of the July 21st meeting with no apparent agreement, then that should be the fans drop dead date for this freakin league. If no deal is done by July 21st, then we, THE FANS , all walk away. I mean we ALL walk away.

    Just think about it. If we could refrain from attending or watching any games that may be salvaged this season (even if they agree on a deal that would save the entire season) if that deal is not at least agreed upon by the July 21st (NOT JULY 22ND, – NOT “wait we are close” BS – JULY 21ST! FIRM – No freakin exceptions!!

    We pay the freakin bill and we need to be heard. But like I said, we ALL must walk not just a few.

    Now I would be the first to say it would be difficult for me to do. I love the NFL.

    However, the thoughts of these clowns toying with our emotions and the passion we have for this league, would make it easier to cope with.

    It’s pretty simple in theory, because if we don’t go or watch on TV- They wont have our billions to to fight about in their sand box.

    In short – No FANS – NO freakin money!!

    I say someone here should take this and run with it – I just dont have the time to organize such a feat…

    Again, we ALL have to walk to make them realize who the real freakin bosses are…

    It would work if we ALL got together on the same page. It really would…

    Enough is freakin Enough !- Let the REAL Bosses be heard!!!

    Your thoughts are encouraged….


  3. That’s what I guessed. Players weren’t going to make more concessions. If the owners want to save the hall of fame game it’ll take some concessions. Hopefully it continues

  4. LOL. This whole thing is so unbelievable ridiculous that even the PFT writers know that the optimistic stories mean nothing because of the impending cold water.

    My guess for cold water is Mike Silver. If anything pro-owner happens, expect Silver to say the exact opposite.

  5. I’d rather read these back and forth conflicting reports any day over the Michael Irvin “I want to support a gay football player” articles any day.

  6. If Albert Breer was on fire. I would pissed on him to save his life. Keep up the work buddy… your doing a great job!

  7. We need a fan association to drop the hammer on these people. Come on, with Facebook, Twitter and everything else that the web offers fans should be more organized. After all, without us they don’t exist… Stop being peasants football fans!

  8. Anyone offering negative commentary on the talks at this point is just looking for media attention.

    Zero attention should be paid to it.

  9. Not getting my hopes up. The longer this takes the less I care about Football. I feel like the season is already somewhat ruined. I guess listening millionaires argue and hold the game hostage can do that to you.

  10. The good thing is that this info comes from Freeman. Freeman has always been pro-player in this thing and his sources come from the players’ side. Without that link, one could think this info could be coming from the owners. Of course each side always thinks it’s the one making the concessions and it shouldn’t have to make any more. Coming from Freeman, we can take it that the players are saying the owners made significant concessions. So it’s more likely to be true than just PR spin.

    Both sides have to negotiate to get a good deal. But there comes a point where a deal is on the table that both sides can grudgingly accept and instead of fighting tooth and nail to get every last drop of what you can get, one side has to be the bigger man(collectively) and just yield. Let the other side feel like they “won.”

  11. Have the retired players’ issues been addressed. Many of which cannot receive or have to pay an obscene amount of medical insurance because they were NFL players.

    Lomas Brown recently said that players should get lifetime healthcare. I don’t know if I would go that far, but at least something could be done to lower the premiums so that players who have significant issues don’t have to decide whether to eat or have health coverage.

    This is something that every NFL player should be concerned about because EVER NFL player will eventually be a former/retired NFL player. Though the league minimum is $340K this year, players the year before that got $325K, but players from the old days got much less than that. I don’t even want to imagine what Art “Fatso” Donovan made in a year. I believe a percentage of $9B can go to retired players for either pensions, medical care or both.

  12. Raidermick,

    To be honest, I didn’t read your entire post. Didn’t need to.
    Unless you have the means to brainwash a massive portion of the global population…give up the dream, dude.
    Just another restless day in the Raider Nation?

  13. No fan is walking away. When the football resumes everyone will tune in just as we always do. Wait and see, the rating will be almost identicle to what they were last season.

  14. @raidermick –

    Dude, calm down. Just enjoy the games. We’ll organize a fan lockout when they start missing games. I, for one, will be happy if the whole thing is settled on July 22.

  15. Be careful with your optimism. Don’t forget many power hungry attorneys are involved and the have their own interests at heart.

  16. I’m pretty sure Cam will still be smiling after getting a $30MM contract, even if it’s not $70MM.

  17. I’m anxious to find out about the agreement the parties reach on whether there will continue to be federal judicial oversight over the next CBA. If the owners made a “significant concession” to the players on the rookie wage scale, then where’s the quid pro quo, if any? No more federal oversight? Arbitration?

  18. My cold water bet: a player conference call from DeMo (the bald head nut, fishtailing in the cuts) where the details are leaked…

    Special kudos to anyone of you geezers that can name the rapper of the song I am referencing.

  19. I just hope this progress doesn’t get blowed out with some contrary report this evening or debacled tomorrow with player’s counter proposals.

  20. Hopefully they gave up locking the rookies into 5-6 year contracts to start, essentially making it difficult for more players to reach a second contract.

  21. Dear biblestudent,

    It says in the bible that women should not wear makeup. It also says that if a man disrespects his brother, than his brother has the right to take his wife.

    Are these things you might agree with?

  22. This is pretty funny. The owners really made fools of the players and the media on this one. This issue had absolutely zero impact on the owners’ bottom lines. Once the salary cap and minimum spend were set, that was really the only salary issue that mattered to the owners. This issue was just about how to divide up the salaries between veterans and rookies. The owners put this out there as a big issue so that they could cave and then win concessions elsewhere. Sure, they wanted a rookie scale, but so did the players so that the proven veterans could get a bigger share of the pie. Good negotiating tactic by the owners.

  23. “No, the ears are normal sized”, giggled The Newt, “but the medicine made the rest of my head grow real big.”.

  24. At least the Panthers will be smiling when they realize how much less good at football Cam is than Sam.

    Well….ok they may not be SMILING….

  25. If this deal does not get done, then I am done. Come July 21st if it is not done I will…..and mark my words…never watch another game of the NFL. I will not buy my teams stuff, favorite players jersey, and I will unsubscribe to the various networks that carry this stuff. I love the game but as someone who has not had a decent paycheck in two years I have a hard time feeling sorry for these players.

  26. Wow…check out all the thumbs down because I said I’d rather read stories that actually have something to do with football than read about a ego-centric former player who is trying to promote his own radio show going on about wanting to support a guy who likes to bang other guys.

    Are you guys sure you are really football fans?

  27. To:

    Wow, I did not know how freakin weak these repsponses would be. And to think I was addressing a group that actually had some freakin balls.

    To: Phillycheez –
    Sorry pal you need a Super Bowl freakin ring to address me on the same level.

    Oh geez, that is right, it was so long ago I almost forgot, 27 to 10 SB XV – We took it from you.

    To: deadeye
    Yea your most likely correct. And you have no balls…

    To: thephantomstranger
    Not so bad of a response except I am glad I am not in business with you. You also have no Balls

    All three of you are evidently from the east coast, no doubt. How can I tell? Because you are all freakin WEAK and you have no balls…


    It’s always a great day in “THE NATION”

    THREE RINGS!!!! Don’t that just piss you off?

    Actually, if not for us having to play against the Zebras as well, we would have at least 12 RINGS

    But the NFL realizes our greatness and has to step in to help see that we don’t string out like 10 rings in a row. That’s what they call parity…


  28. RaiderMick, you got my vote (and I love the proper use of the “freaking”)….

    Like the other post read, No-one would be able to pull off such a feat, since most Americans (IMMHO) don’t care about the issues but want to “get on with it.”

    I think, however, you like some many of us are at the point of saying, July 21st, “No deal? we’re FREAKING outta here… good ridance” Perhaps we would be a small number, but we would be the die-hards believing that the NFL cared about the average fan and the players remember where they came from…..

  29. @thebiblestudent

    The thumbs down comes from the fact that we know your true fantasies; why else would you have brought the up Irvin post up in this post?

    As Seinfeld is apt to say, “…not that there’s anything wrong with that”, but the fact that you have those fantasies and hide behind the Bible and throw stones at your own kind means you are a very confused and conflicted person and PFT Planet would like to see you admit that to yourself rather than throwing bigger stones at your own kind.

  30. MarkMaskeMarkMaske

    The full agreement in principle still could take a little longer. There are a few issues left. But it is within reach Friday.

  31. i hope the speculation is true,but i’ll be sure when the NFL and the PA announce they have reached a deal on tv!

  32. Significant concession? In the end the issue is way better for the owners than it was. That isn’t a concession. That is a rout.

  33. Ohh, happy day! let’s give the billionares credit for giving up a couple million more a year!
    Seriuosly, though, these rookies do make waayy too much money. make ’em earn it, and then let ’em have a mill a year.

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