Report: Progress made on rookie pay scale


We’ve all reached the point in the NFL lockout where we’re kind of sick of reports about progress being made and we just want to see a done deal. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore the reports of progress.

So we’ll pass along what appears to be good news from Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated, who tweets that there’s been positive movement on both sides today regarding the rookie pay issue.

Frankly, even a small amount of positive movement today should have resulted in a meeting somewhere in the middle. As we reported on Monday, the two sides really weren’t that far apart in the first place. The differences between the owners and the players on rookie pay were about a relatively small amount of money and would affect a relatively small number of players.

So with one week to go before the July 21 meeting at which the owners are hoping they can vote to approve a new deal, let’s hope they can wrap up the rookie pay scale today.

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  1. Here’s hoping everyone has a “positive movement”. No fun being bound up…

  2. Talk of “scales” brings us to that strange reptilian creature in the accompanying photograph.

  3. Yeah it seems like i have seen this movie before and i already know the ending!

  4. De Smith already has his phone ready to call players that this progress is not true. I swear, when the deal is actually done, the NFLPA* will still deny progress.

  5. It’s not hard because of the rookies, it’s hard because the veterans won’t be able to use the overpaid rookies as a baseline anymore.

  6. From what we know has been proposed, this is no where close to what we all expect when it comes to the rookie scale. Still going to be overpaying for college stars, not NFL stars.

  7. Despite the fact that we football fans may live or die on each update 85% of the rest of the US may not know a lockout is going on and if they know don’t care.

  8. Is it the 17th or the 21st that there is supposed to be a deal… Or is it the 15th?
    Or is it August?
    Are they really close to closing the deal? Or are there still a lot of issues to be ironed out?

    I feel like every day there is a new article out about when it’s supposed to be done, as if these reporters are throwing out guesses like Mega Millions lottery ticket numbers…

    I think this issue has been exhausted as far as media goes. And it’s becoming exhausting as a fan. Giving them attention is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. There should be no articles about it until there is a deal done!

  9. Okay, Okay, enough is freakin enough!

    I dont care abou t freakin progress!!

    It is going to take someone here that frequents this forum to execute the following. (I personnaly will abide, however, I don’t have the time to organize…)

    What I am trying to say is this:

    We are the ones footing the bill. With out us, the FANS, there is no NFL – I know you guys already know this and I am not being condesending, so hear me out.

    Here’s the plan, “FANS HAVE THERE OWN DEALINE.”

    If these clowns come out of the July 21st meeting with no apparent agreement, then that should be the fans drop dead date for this freakin league. If no deal is done by July 21st, then we, THE FANS , all walk away. I mean we ALL walk away.

    Just think about it. If we could refrain from attending or watching any games that may be salvaged this season (even if they agree on a deal that would save the entire season) if that deal is not at least agreed upon by the July 21st (NOT JULY 22ND, – NOT “wait we are close” BS – JULY 21ST! FIRM – No freakin exceptions!!

    We pay the freakin bill and we need to be heard. But like I said, we ALL must walk not just a few.

    Now I would be the first to say it would be difficult for me to do. I love the NFL.

    However, the thoughts of these clowns toying with our emotions and the passion we have for this league, would make it easier to cope with.

    It’s pretty simple in theory, because if we don’t go or watch on TV- They wont have our billions to to fight about in their sand box.

    In short – No FANS – NO freakin money!!

    I say someone here should take this and run with it – I just dont have the time to organize such a feat…

    Again, we ALL have to walk to make them realize who the real freakin bosses are…

    It would work if we ALL got together on the same page. It really would…

    Enough is freakin Enough !- Let the REAL Bosses be heard!!!

    Your thoughts are encouraged….


  10. Let me see if i get this….They are working new CBA to satisfy everyone (Player and Owners) and Chris Johns is already holding out!?

  11. “We’ve all reached the point in the NFL lockout where we’re kind of sick of reports about progress being made and we just want to see a done deal”

    I’d stop the report here…

  12. The pay scale isn’t the problem. It’s the number of years they sign for. The league wants 5 or 6 and the players want 4.

  13. And Harold Camping says the world will end on 10/17/11 and Rex Ryan predicts the Jets will win the Super Bowl (again)

  14. On a side note, great choice of picture to accompany this latest tease. Cam Newton sure does look good in that Panther blue. I can’t wait to see him develop. Go Panthers!

  15. why does that pic of Cam Newton look like it’s from the 80’s. Time for new uni’s Panthers.

  16. Just wait. DeMo will make an announcement that “we’re NOT that close”. It’s not a done deal yet. He will screw it up before the owners meet on the 21st.

    No more tease please! Just report when (and if) the deal is done.

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