We have an agreement on the rookie wage scale


More than four months after the first report came out that an agreement was reached on a rookie wage scale, an agreement was reached on the rookie wage scale.

Adam Schefter of ESPN was the first one to get the news out, and multiple reporters followed shortly thereafter.  Schefter said that some “t’s” had to be crossed and some “i’s” dotted, but the issue is no longer in the way of an agreement in principle between the owners.

NFL owners reportedly compromised on year five money for rookies.  The players gave a little on some renegotiation rules, according to Albert Breer.  This is easily the biggest breakthrough in talks in weeks.

There are still issues to work out before an agreement in principle on the CBA can be worked out,  but the rookie wage scale was seen as the biggest obstacle remaining.  Mark Maske of the Washington Post calls the deal “within reach” Friday, but believes a few more days is likely.

We’ve had our hopes raised too many times to get too carried away just yet, but it looks like we won’t be getting any cold water thrown on us tonight.