Santonio Holmes is expected to be a hot commodity

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Last Thursday, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez told me during a visit to The Dan Patrick Show that the third-year quarterback would like to bring back as many of last season’s players as possible in 2011.

Mark may not get his wish.

There’s a growing buzz that receiver Santonio Holmes will be a hot commodity once free agency opens.  Already linked to the historically big-spending Redskins, other teams looking to comply with the heightened salary floor could decide to spend some money on a guy who made one of the all-time best plays in Super Bowl history, and who otherwise has a knack for showing up in the clutch.

That said, there are two issues that could cut against Holmes getting a gigantic payday.  First, the new labor deal still could give teams the ability to apply a “right of first refusal” to players who would have been restricted free agents under the 2010 rules.  Holmes, drafted in 2006, has five years of service, which would make him eligible for a “right of first refusal” designation if the new CBA gives teams that unwarranted (in our view) privilege.  Though Holmes would still get paid handsomely, another team may not be willing to take the time to sign Holmes to an offer sheet, if there’s any chance the Jets would match it.

Second, Holmes served a four-game suspension last season for violation of the substance abuse policy, which makes him one “wake-n-bake” away from a one-year suspension.  That risk needs to be reflected in any contract he signs.

Still, look for someone to get caught up in Holmes’ past performances, and to become intrigued by the ability to make it harder for the Jets to finally punch through the AFC title game and get to the Super Bowl.

30 responses to “Santonio Holmes is expected to be a hot commodity

  1. I’ve never seen anything from Holmes to make me think he’s anything more than a slightly above average WR. Mike Wallace did much better in his spot when the Steelers got rid. I’d love for the Redskins to continue to fail at free agency by splashing cash on this guy when there are so many other pieces they are missing.

  2. Dude makes plays and wants it when it counts. In the end that’s all that matters. If a team wants to win that is..

    And for all the haters talking about the locker room issues/wake n bake/etc: winning.cures.all.

  3. ‘Tone could definitely be a star in the right system. I miss having him in Pittsburgh. Honestly I never thought anything he did as a Steeler was all that bad, but it was the fact that little “incidents” kept happening.

  4. We all know he’s been blazing this summer.. With no threat of a drug test him and Ricky are sure to take complete advantage of their time.

  5. which makes him one “wake-n-bake” away from a one-year suspension.
    and who said drugs are bad?

  6. He’d fit right in with the Skins Free Agent signings, ala Haynesworth. Holmes is good, but to think he won’t get caught again is wishful thinking.
    The Jets also drafted a Rookie who has a court case already??? Edwards was a malcontent in Cleveland.
    Like Vincent Jackson, he can’t make any mistakes…

  7. grpatriot says: Jul 14, 2011 5:45 PM

    He’d fit right in with the Skins Free Agent signings, ala Haynesworth. Holmes is good, but to think he won’t get caught again is wishful thinking.
    The Jets also drafted a Rookie who has a court case already??? Edwards was a malcontent in Cleveland.
    Like Vincent Jackson, he can’t make any mistakes…


    SHUT UP u sound like a HATER… How do u know he will get caught again, do you hang with him, know him or ur assuming he will. Assumption are like Azz holes everyone has one!

  8. Get off that high hoarse already, you have a decent coach but still haven’t put together a SB Appearance.

    Joe Namath retire ions ago and I don’t see all the hype… #easssssyyyyy

    Atleast the Raiders were able to reach the SB in the new Millennium

  9. Ha, sounds like a “rumor” spread by his agent. Is he with Rosenhaus? That would make sense.

  10. “Assumption are like Azz holes everyone has one!”

    That is so far from the actual expression, only a Jets fan could have come up with it.

  11. Mike, even if the Jets are allowed to match a deal, couldn’t a team add a poison pill clause like, Santonio gets a 30 million dollar bonus if he plays 8 games in New Jersey in 2011, or something like that which makes it fundamentally impossible for theJets to match?

  12. Just because some retarded analyst said that Skins want Holmes does not mean they ACTUALLY do.

    He is an above average receiver but does not deserve a huge payday… and the days of Skins handing out huge contracts to overrated players are over with the new regime.

    .. don’t sat Mcnab, he didn’t get a huge contract.)

  13. Santonio was the biggest reason the Jets offense had any success, without him, they are done. Having other teams, especially teams willing to break the bank, is going to make it very hard for the Jets to keep him, and also bring back other important pieces like Cromartie, and Edwards…

    As a Pats fan, I would love to see Santonio in a Skins uniform, so that he doesnt play NE twice a year anymore

  14. The Redskins will not sign him. Just because they have had a past of signing big name free agents, this new regime has changed the culture. They didn’t spend big last year and won’t this year either. They will sign a second tier receiver or bring Moss back. They also wont go after Franklin at NT, instead cheaper Kris Jenkins to help teach Bryant and Neild to play the nose. Cullen Jenkins will make sense while Jarvis Jenkins gets acclimated to the NFL. These posts have unfortunately become a bash fest for opposing fans instead of what should be intelligent back and forth debates…..unfortunate

  15. I spoke to Santonio at a pool party (Play in South Beach) in Miami last week and since I’m a Skins fan…I asked him if Washington was even an option for him…His exact words were “you guys have a problem at quarterback, so no”…made sense.

    Oh well….

  16. If my Redskins are gonna sign this guy, they need to make most of his compensation contingent on performance and being ready/allowed to play in 14 or more games.

  17. No chance Dudes….After this summer …Holmes will be a Jet for Life…..No way they let him go…No. 1 priority for them.

  18. I’d like to have Holmes back, but I wouldn’t break the bank for him. The team was 3-1 without him, and they were a one-point loss to the Ravens from being 4-0.

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