Almost nothing can derail a deal now


As another week of negotiations comes to an end, all signs are that a deal between the NFL and its players is so close that those in the room can practically taste it.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer reported Friday evening that an agreement is expected on a new deal early next week, and there is almost nothing that can stop it now.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke briefly to reporters today and, although he wouldn’t come right out and say it was close, certainly seemed to be pleased with the progress that has been made. Jones is staying in town over the weekend to keep working toward an end to the lockout next week.

All expectations are that the owners will vote to approve a new deal on Thursday in Atlanta.

55 responses to “Almost nothing can derail a deal now

  1. Oh boy, I can’t wait to debate which side won and which side lost.
    My money’s on the Fat Cats.

  2. demoron will not give in easy. he will continue to use this as his 15 minutes of fame cause once its over he goes back to irrevelancy

  3. Perfect. It’s about time. I’m craving any kind of football talk minus lockout and James Harrison.

  4. I wonder if there is any combination of owners with enough stones to help block this deal when they vote on the 21st. I don’t care which owners they are, something tells me they’d all become the anti-“America’s Team” for years to come if they try.

  5. This is the first time in the whole 4 months that they’ve decided to work through a weekend. That can only be a good thing meaning that a deal is indeed finish-able soon.

    The only problem I have is that the Owners meeting should be bumped up to Tuesday :).

  6. Yesss! Finally! Allah Akbar!

    It’s “allahu akbar”, and its not a phrase I would use with elation. Good work all sides to finally (we hope) get a deal done.

  7. “Almost” ONLY counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. and the derail in this case has a name= Lawyers

  8. REALLY….
    Like they couldn’t have done this same exact thing months ago?!?

    I guess the plan was to torture and string us all along from the beginning but who cares…. I WANT SOME FOOTBALL!!!

  9. Famous Last Words……I guess nobody is aware of a certain Mr. Murphy who can strike at anytime. I won’t believe it until its all said and done and the fat lady is singing.

  10. eastsideballa says:
    Jul 15, 2011 7:13 PM
    Yesss! Finally! Allah Akbar!


    Don’t understand the 56 dislikes. Well done as far as I’m concerned.

  11. I’ll believe it when I see it. Even then I might not give a damn, though. After we fans have been taken on a ride by all these greedy millionaires and billionaires I might just decide to stay home on Sundays.

  12. ……and Mikey will be soon changing his underwear when it comes across. Said a long time ago wake me up when it’s July 15 so here we are after so many meaningless wasted stories all with the same ending, “…and we all are waiting for the lockout to end.” Now I wonder if all those laid off will be rehired with back pay. These people make in a year what most of the top execs piss away after dinner. Take care of the hired help owners, instead of the shleps who got you in this mess.

  13. like i said, I will believe it when I see photos of the players practicing at their team facilities!

  14. why are these lawsuita complicated, “Your Honor, my clients would like to withdrawal their suit”. CASE DISMISSED

  15. Does this mean that everyone will now…bow….

    Reach back, pull out their wallets, and then
    ….throw it at them ?

    Not Me…..Count Me Out !

  16. As someone who has hated the likes of Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder, I say a big “Thank You” to Jerry Jones for your leadership in getting this thing across the goal-line.

    I’m about to throwup in my mouth now.

  17. Being a Redskins fan, I’m happy Jerry Jones is staying over the weekend. Just in case one of those lawyers start talking smack to try and derail the progress, Jerry’s there with some Texas Justice. Every time some idiot attorney opens his mouth, he’ll be drowned out by the sound of a shotgun racking.

  18. sorry…but any fan who was ever the least bit bothered by this whole thing was wasting a lot of time and energy on nothing. i personally would not have gotten worried for another month.

  19. This is fantastic news. I had no freaking clue what to talk to my wife about during Sunday’s in the fall and winter…

  20. eastsideballa says: Jul 15, 2011 7:13 PM

    Yesss! Finally! Allah Akbar!


    All those thumbs down show how racist and ignorant pft planet is. Same thing goes for all the comments about Cam Newton.


    Take that comment of yours and shove it up yours buddy. stfu

  21. How about The Rapture? That could derail them, no?

    Strike that. What am I thinking? All these guys will still be here.

  22. Not sure why Jerry is trying hard to get this season going. This year will be the fall apart year for the overrated cowgirls. Rebuild begins next year. Romeo is crushed again, Dez and coaches begin to really clash, and the OL has to bring on Barron to hold Orakpo again. Cry boys, cry….you will dwell in the cellar for years to come.

  23. touchdownroddywhite says: Jul 15, 2011 7:27 PM

    I wonder if there is any combination of owners with enough stones to help block this deal when they vote on the 21st. I don’t care which owners they are, something tells me they’d all become the anti-”America’s Team” for years to come if they try.


    Why would enough owners vote against it when they just took the players to the woodshed?

  24. And… Exhale, breath. Thank you for restoring order in my chaotic life. I can stop taking anti-depressants (just kidding). I love the NFL and I’m going to have a few well-deserved drinks. I won’t be driving tonight. Good night.

  25. “Almost nothing can derail a deal now” except for a few boneheaded players, a few boneheaded lawyers and a few boneheaded owners…wait…we’ve got the recipe for a deal NOT being done, don’t we ???

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