Carson Palmer laying low in Tahoe

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While the NFL world gets the champagne ready, a number of players and coaches are enjoying what should be their last days of freedom at the American Century Celebrity Golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

One of those players, Carson Palmer, has been in the news quite a bit this offseason without saying a word.  He’s going to keep it that way.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer went all the way to Nevada to track down Palmer, but the former No.1 overall pick isn’t talking.  Palmer said he is “laying low” and didn’t want to discuss his situation.  Palmer’s agent David Dunn was also mum.  Even his friends like Matt Cassel are staying quiet.

“Carson seems like he always does during this time of the year,” Cassel said.

It looks very possible that Palmer will miss the 2011 season.  We have to believe that some other solution is preferable than a guy missing a season of his career while the Bengals move on without him.

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  1. Unless the solution is to lock Mike Brown in a closet while someone else runs the team, I don’t think Palmer will play football this year.

  2. Sure Joe went all the way to Nevada to track down Carson. Once Carson said no comment he quickly packed his bags and hit the strip. What a waste of money for the Enquire. Are they hiring by any chance?

  3. Question: Doesn’t he have to turn up at some point to get credit for a years service? Or does “retiring” get him out of that commitment?

  4. ppl are hard on Palmer for no reason..He Plays for the Bengles! give him a break…i for one think he is the better than the following QB’s in the league;
    1. Sanchez
    2. Matt Cassel
    3. Kevin Kolb
    4. Alex Smit (no brainer)
    5. Tim Tebo
    6. D.Garrard
    7. C.Henne
    8. Jason Camble

  5. Petulant owners/GMs deprive the player with whom they are in dispute and the fans of an opportunity to see good players do what they do a la Barry Sanders. In a situation like Barry’s or Carson’s there should be an arbitration or some other intervention by the league. Oh well….

  6. There are 50 million reasons why Carson is stupid for forcing demanding a trade out of Cincinnati. I don’t care if it’s football purgatory, 50 million and an that Indian Hill Mansion he just sold ought to be enough for anyone to play for Cincinnati.

  7. 1) IMO he’s always been somewhat over-rated. He had the benefit of some really great WR corps that made him look better than guys without the same luxury

    2) He’s nose dived in recent years. He’s no longer the player he used to be.

    3) Honestly its on him not to miss this year. I have no problem with not wanting to play for the Bengals but he signed the contract to stay there and he’s made this frankly idiotic statement of retirement.

    Sorry but I just don’t get why now he doesn’t want to play for them. They’ve been a disaster for his entire time there. If he really had a problem he could have gotten out when he was in his prime and they were the most turd filled team in the league. He’s made his bed.

  8. “free Carson Palmer”, “he’s been held hostage long enough” people are either 1:ignorant or 2:just plain stupid. How many hostages do you know who signed one of the richest contracts (at the time) and is simply being asked to fullfill HIS commitment to a team when he knew full and well how it is run. He is a quitter and a snake. Do a little research and you may learn that he was paid the remaining balance on his signing bonus last year.. He took the devils money, not just out of college but again a few years into his Bengals career. Wonder if you would all scream the same if any of your random QBs punked out and decided he wanted to play elseware NOW. Screw his contract, fans, organization, teammates… He is selfish, overrated, totally devout of any leadership ablility and I for one (like many who actually live in Cincy) am glad he’s retiring.

  9. How do you lay low at a celebrity golf tournament? I think you mean he just doesn’t want to talk about his football situation.

    Isn’t that where Big Ben had his first “incident”?

  10. rayvens says:
    Jul 15, 2011 3:48 PM
    ppl are hard on Palmer for no reason..He Plays for the Bengles! give him a break…i for one think he is the better than the following QB’s in the league;

    2. Matt Cassel


    cassel is only getting better and id still take him over palmer as is

  11. Trade him to Detroit, Cleveland or St.Louis.. So he can still be stuck in the mid-west in a crappy organization.. Be careful what you ask for..

  12. eagles83 says:

    I like Henne, but I think Carson could put the Dolphins offense on the charts.

    Well, it would certainly have defensive backs from the AFC South dancing in the endzone.

  13. opinions of articles aside, PFT always comes through when it comes to posting a pic with a article.

  14. “We have to believe that some other solution is preferable than a guy missing a season of his career while the Bengals move on without him.”

    Tell me again why we should feel sorry for a guy who signed one of the largest contracts in the league and then decided halfway through the contract to quit on his team and say trade me or I’ll retire. This despite the fact that he has been injured multiple times, come up small in big games, and completely underperformed the last two years (probably because of his 2008 elbow injury).

    The shots that Mike Brown and the Bengals take from the public are mostly self-inflicted and deserved. However, Carson Palmer has no right to demand a trade considering his pathetically poor play the last two years and the fact that Palmer is one of the few players that Brown and the Bengals have legitimately treated well. The Bengals went to Palmer with three years left on his contract and gave him one of the largest contracts in the league. The owner and coaches were loyal to him, to a fault. They never even considered signing or playing anyone else the last two years, despite Palmer’s inconsistent play.

    The most frustrating thing about watching Palmer the last seven years has been his seemingly lack of competitive spirit that he showed on the field. Fitting that now he is showing that same lack of competitive spirit off the field.

    As a Bengals fan, I can excuse Palmer for not winning, because frankly, were used to it and much of that is the organizations fault. And I truly believe his 2008 injury ruined what could have been a great career. What I can’t excuse is him quitting on his fans and his teammates. He’s done nothing to deserve a trade and Brown won’t give him one.

  15. cincinnasti says:
    Jul 15, 2011 4:36 PM

    Trade him to Detroit, Cleveland or St.Louis.. So he can still be stuck in the mid-west in a crappy organization.. Be careful what you ask for..

    As a Browns fan, let me be the first to say “No thanks.” The Browns are trying to develop young guys. Don’t really want or need an aging QB whose best days are clearly behind him. The Browns already have one of those as a very expensive 3rd stringer, and definitely don’t need another.

  16. As a huge Bengals fan, I have supported Carson through the years. I don’t think his skill is overrated, as he can play very well when the pressure of the game is gone ( 4th quarter, down by twenty, 1-12 looking for meaningless wins) I think his problem is lack of leadership and self confidence. I wish him well…. somewhere else. I’m not burning his jersey, just want people who want to be part of the Bengal turnaround. Not people looking to blame THEIR lack of winning on being a Bengal……

  17. One of my complaints about Palmer is that he isn’t saying anything. If he is upset about Bengals management (duh) like we fans are, then be a leader. He doesn’t have to go balistic, just admit he asked for changes and was told they wouldn’t happen.

    He could have still been diplomatic and general, but the fan’s focus would then shift to pressuring ownership for changes.

    As it stands, we don’t know what he or other players feel is lacking from Mr. Brown.

  18. Palmer is over rated and over paid. He signed the contract he is walking away from… More power to the Bengals for refusing to give in to a quitter. They would not have got that much for him anyway.

  19. I never heard him gripe when the Bengals were paying him millions. They might not be very good last year but he had a lot to do with that.

  20. Speak for yourself GIBoxer5. I too live in Cincinnati and Palmer was dealt a bad hand from the beginning. First off he signed his extension in 2005 before Odell Thurman was kicked off the team, Chris Henry decided to get arrested 15 times and jump out of a truck, when Chad was known as Chad Johnson instead of the clown he became over the following years and lastly when Marvin Lewis still had a pair of balls before letting Mike Brown take them away.

  21. He really never been the same guy he was before the knee injury. Another guy with “unlimited” potential that has never lived up to the hype. Like most of Pete Carroll’s USC QB’s.

  22. The Bengals aren’t moving on without him. They are finished since Mike Brown was too stupid to trade him and get something (anything) so they could possibly “move on” without him.

    Palmer can continue to lay low, rest up and save some franchise in 2012.

  23. well at least his little shack sold… under market, a paltry 1.9 million. No sympathy from this Bengals fan. Time for some ginger-kid Dalton workout stories instead, PFT?

  24. Yeah, there’s a solution. He could man-up, stop being a bitch, come play football. If he’s tired of losing he needs to look in the mirror first. His poor play last year wasn’t solely responsible for the teams’ losses last year, but it contributed significantly.

  25. This shows why the Bengals are the Bungles.

    Why in the world would you want to keep a guy on your team that doesn’t want to be there? That will retire or cause a huge distraction? Trade the guy and move on.

  26. Wow, are you guys really forgetting how great a career he’s had so far on the worst franchise in football? Put him on teams like the Steelers, Ravens, Eagles, etc. and you’d all be singing a different tune.

    Didn’t he throw 29 TD’s last year, and this was his worst year in the league? I’m a Hawks fan, and I think Hasselbeck has only done that once in his career (2007). Give the man a line, and a running game and watch him soar.

    Matter of fact, we’d love you in Seattle. Come on Pete!

  27. I say get what you can for the guy. He’ll be the next Kurt Warner in zona if they play thier cards right.

  28. Why would Mr Brown want a QB to start for him that doesn’t even want to be there? Carson obviously isn’t going to give it his all. This is why the Bengals are where they are IMO.

  29. They are not trading Palmer. It is painfully clear that Mike Brown would rather be right than have a successful organization.

  30. I got a better idea…Let Carson play and make the Bengals sit out this season. Heck that would be an improvement for the Bengals.

  31. That’s pretty tacky of this site to put that picture up on a generic article about Carson Palmer. One could even say, “childish”.

  32. Being a lifelong Bengal fan[hold the jabs please] I know that Mikey boy will not give in to Carson so he will get nothing in return after Carson retires. Jordan Palmer already refers to his brother as a former teammate. Dhani Jones,on Rome is Burning said he is gone. He is living in San Diego now and the Bengals will as a organization blow another major situation….if miracles do happen maybe they can trade and get something in return but I doubt it.

  33. I dont like the bengals, but much respect to ownership for not giving in to this over paid cry baby who signed his contract and wants out. F- him gor quitting.

  34. Ummm cincinnasti, I think that’s palmers point as he wants to play for a better organization – all 3 of those you mention are better than the bungles.

  35. Before you. Blame. Mike brown no matter how much he deserves remember carson reportedly only wants traded out west namely san fran or arizona and mike browns not dumb enough to trade him to the division his team faces this season carson knows every last defensive alignment and weakness think before u react we wanna win not be potentially embarrassed by our ex leader

  36. Time to trade Palmer and his brother and throw in Chad with them. Lets move on why bring him back if he doesnt wont to play for you, he will not give you 100% and it will be a waste of another year that has been 20 something sence the Bengals have won a playoff game.
    Bengals have a good group of young talent on the team, Dalton, Green, Gresham, Shipley, Simpson, these guys will be the face of the Bengals for atleast the next 5-6 years. TRADE PALMER AND GET SOMETHING FOR HIM…

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