Chicago paper claims HOF game has been canceled


With the NFL and the players nearly at a full and complete agreement on a new labor deal, the question becomes whether the dominoes will fall in a manner that allows the Hall of Fame game to be played.

Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Sun-Times reports, citing an unnamed league source, that the August 7 preseason opener between the Bears and Rams has been canceled.  In the same story, however, Mulligan writes that several Bears sources weren’t aware of the move.  Mulligan also has a quote from Hall of Fame official Joe Horrigan, who said he was told by the NFL that no games have been canceled.

The unnamed source explained that the current time line won’t allow the Bears and Rams to open training camp until July 27 or 28, giving them 11 or 10 days, respectively, to prepare for the game.

Even under that schedule, we believe the Hall of Fame game can and will be played.  It’s a glorified scrimmage.  The starters make a cameo appearance.  Yes, some players may not be in “football shape,” but it’ll be for the teams to figure out who’s ready and who isn’t and to get them ready to play.

The league and the players have made it clear lately that the clock was regarded as approaching 12 in order to salvage the preseason revenue.  Not some of it, all of it.  So why would the league walk away from a prime-time game on NBC that will surely set television ratings records?

If it creates a hardship for the Bears and the Rams, so be it.  The entire lockout has created a hardship for every team.  Now, they all have to deal with it.

29 responses to “Chicago paper claims HOF game has been canceled

  1. If the players had been willing to just take their mouthful of Castor oil like a man instead of acting tough, as if they had some real leverage in this, we could have been done with it weeks ago.

    After all, the owners took their Castor oil like a man in the last CBA without all this drama.

  2. The players have all been raving about how much they don’t like OTA’s and they think they have too many activities in the offseason, so I don’t want to hear anything about how they aren’t in “football shape”. The way the players have been talking they are all ready to go. We shall see… And Mike Mulligan you are full of it… Only reason that things have been moving closer to a deal and both sides actually started negotiating in good faith is because both sides were about to loose out on the one thing they care about, MONEY!!

  3. Nobody else has reported it.

    The league should give us some clarification, though. Let the fans know if it has been cancelled, we deserve to know.

  4. If true, it sucks. The HOF game always marks the beginning of the football season for me.

  5. The Bears should probably consider cancelling any game that Jay Cutler might decide to play in.

  6. can the city of Canton sue the NFL for breach of contract with the money that the city will lose?

  7. I coach a middle school team. We have our first league game on August 18 and cannot start practice until August 1st. If we are expected to have a regular season game that counts against our record with 18 days of practice then the NFL can play a game that doesn’t count at all against them with 10-11 days of practice.

  8. Who cares might as well have the browns play the broncos, two garbage teams playing. Let’s open the preseason with at least one respectAble team

  9. Who cares? Cancel the entire preseason, they are a joke and a complete waste of time. As long as the regular season is good, i could care less.

  10. No Hall of Fame Game….nobody gives a rats a$$ about this game anyway. Ever check out the stands…NOBODY’S THERE.

    And who cares which Bear or Ram rookies stink or look good. Any sponsors of this game need a good psychiatric evaluation.

  11. So, with the limited prep time for this game will there be any compensation? I get that its just a scrimmage, but it is broadcast at a national level.

  12. Perhaps they shift the HOF game to Wednesday (8/10) to give the Bears and Rams three extra days to prepare for that game (so NBC keeps that game) with the pre-season games involving the Bears and Rams scheduled for Saturday 8/13 pushed back to Sunday 8/14 or Monday 8/15 (Bears don’t play their third pre-season game until Monday 8/22 anyway). I would think NBC would insist on the game being played even if it were a few days later.

  13. i wish they would just not do pre-season..its almost as bad as some junior highschool football..i look at the pre-season like a 4 week pro-bowl game that gets worse every week..just drop pre-season and do a training camp in its place..i would rather have my team know its play book and coaches and get in shape so they are up to speed and no one gets i really dont want to watch teams just run 2 plays on offense and defense for the entire pre-season..

  14. You All can pontificate ad nauseum regarding the value of preseason to you, fact remains that it is valuable to the owners, coaches and most players.

    This one will be of particular interest to many on the business side of football since it will be a gauge to the effect of the lockout on fan interest.

  15. Canceling the game would kind of screw this year’s inductees into the HOF. The game usually is not very good by whoever is playing, so just play the game and honor the inductees. It doesn’t matter if they’ve had a few days to practice or not.

  16. @waccoforflacco

    Apparently you’ve never been to one or actually seen one. The stands are anything but empty. While they may not be able to fit 60,000, it’s 22,000 seats have ALWAYS sold out. More than you can say for about a quarter of the teams in the NFL’s attendance last year. Maybe we should cancel all of the Chargers, Bengals, Lions, Bills, Raiders, and Bucs games since they were actually blacked out last year.

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