Redskins admit demand is down, may not build party decks

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The Redskins ripped out roughly 10,000 seats from FedEx Field this summer for a very good reason: They weren’t selling.

In what the Washington Post describes as a “rare admission” that demand for their product is down, VP of Operations Lon Rosenberg said on ESPN Radio that the removed seats were those season ticket holders “were not wanting to buy.”

He went on to tell Dan Steinberg and Mike Jones of the Post that taking out the seats had nothing to do with ticket sales and more to do with improving the fan experience.  Hmm.

Perhaps even more interesting, Rosenberg also says no decision has been made on building “party decks” for 2012 as the team announced earlier this offseason on their own website.  They want to get that done, but it’s uncertain how exactly they will replace the removed seats.

Seating capacity topped out near 92,000 last year, rising more than 10,000 since 1997.  It will be around 82,000 in 2011. It appears there are limits of fan demand and how many people you can squeeze into a stadium, even for a team as popular as the Redskins.

19 responses to “Redskins admit demand is down, may not build party decks

  1. Demand is actually down more because of the stadium experience than anything. Obviously poor performance has hurt, but the traffic and parking have been worse than you can imagine.

  2. Please spin the headline to read:

    Demand For a Better Redskins Team Is Up!

    – Dan Snyder

  3. Well, perhaps with Beck as Shanny’s new QB, they will sell those seats, oh wait, Skins fans thought McNabb was the second coming of Christ, they perhaps are as stupid as the owner….What a JOKE of an organization……

  4. Life long Skins fan…BUT…

    – $50+ to park

    -$125+ each ticket

    -$8 Beer

    -$6 Sodas

    -$9+ Cheeseburgers

    -10 years+ of Mediocrity

    -Suing season ticket holders

    They just don’t “Get it” – Keep scratching your head Danny.

  5. “jw731 says: Jul 15, 2011 10:19 AM

    Well, perhaps with Beck as Shanny’s new QB, they will sell those seats, oh wait, Skins fans thought McNabb was the second coming of Christ, they perhaps are as stupid as the owner….What a JOKE of an organization……””

    did you parents have any kids that lived? no redskins fans are as dumb as the owner,if you were a fan,you’d know that you bumbling moron!!!! skins will go to and win another super bowl before the eagles ever do!

  6. Maybe after 10 plus years of medicority has finally got to us die hard skins fans and we are tired of the same crap year after year. My family has had season tickets for almost 25 years and turned them in last year. I love the skins and can not stand what Dan Snyder has done to my team. I will not buy another jersey or pay to go to a game. I now will only watch from my silly 55 inch HD which Dan Snyder if you are listening would have been spent on season tickets again but I can not bare to watch anymore at your stadium. You better get you sh*t together or 5 years from now you will not have anybody in those stands. So, thanks for saving me money.


    1 die hard but furious fan.

  7. I have been a Skins fan for 35 years, but I have not been to a game since they left RFK. Every MLB, NFL, NHL event I have ever been to has the same problems – traffic, parking, and high prices for food and drinks. The only reason for putting up with any of this is to cheer your team to victory with 80,000 other fans. When your team has only had one winning season in the past 10 years it makes it tough to consider investing the time and money to attend a game at any stadium. If the Skins were consistently a playoff contender, Fed Ex would be filled with die hard Skins fans every home game – just like RFK used to. I am also strongly in favor of building a new stadium inside DC, with easy access by Metro.

  8. Danny Boy:

    Hire someone with NFL team experience to run and market your team, sponsorships and tickets, and let them do their job. You will be surprised at the results!

  9. Maybe if fans stopped paying those outrageous prices, the prices would drop. Some tips: pre-game your beer, eat elsewhere, bus/shuttle to the game, and just pay the ticket prices.

  10. So let me get this straight. The Redskins have a stadium that is less than 15 years old. They built it in a lousy neighborhood with poor access and the traffic problems that go come with it. They’ve played a grand total of one playoff game there since it opened. The Skins have put a consistently inferior product on the field and yet, there are at least some (such as graceandhayes and Little Danny for example) who believe part of the solution is to build a new stadium inside DC proper. graceandhayes, just get your checkbook out and make it happen then. I wouldn’t count on much help from Dan though. He’s got some season ticket holders and some newspapers to sue first. What a prince of a guy.

  11. Why do people still want to blame Snyder for that huge pile of junk stadium? JKC built it so he could have someplace named after his kids. The team was going to crap before Snyder ever bought it. And if JKC cared he would have left the team to his kids. Yeah Snyder is a moron in thinking he should be involved in football operations.

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