Report: Economics of deal are essentially done

We heard for a long time that the revenue split was the primary bridge to cross to getting a deal done. Then it was the rookie wage scale.

Now it appears both issues are handled.

Albert Breer of reports the economics of deal are essentially “done” with a few small details left.  Breer writes that the players will initially get 47-48% of the revenue split.

Other issues remaining include the legacy fund for retirees, judicial oversight, and player safety.  Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe says that the “football” issues are going slower than expected.

Still, there wouldn’t have been a lockout if not for the economic differences between the side. They have apparently agreed how to divide up their $9 billion.

Getting that out of the way is yet another positive sign in a 24-hour period that has included quite a few such developments.

25 responses to “Report: Economics of deal are essentially done

  1. Positive.. Negative…Positive..Negative…Positive… My head is going to explode! Just sign the deal already!

  2. Yup. Now that the owners have realized that A) They would be losing money (200 million per preseason week, so that’s 110 million for the owners, about $3.75 Million per team), and the players revealed they had taken out lockout insurance that would mitigate the worst of the “Starve the players out” strategy (combined with the Doty TV damages.. if there’s one thing that the owners hate more then paying players too much, it’s paying players NOT to play), they’re a lot more willing to negotiate.

  3. Funny, we haven’t heard much from purpleman527, nudeman, lovesportsandsurfing, and others who insisted that this deal wouldn’t get done until mid-September at the earliest (or the whole season would be lost). Where are you guys?

  4. It hasn’t included anything but a bunch of possibly’s, essentially’s, close’s, etc. Haven’t we learnd by now it means nothing until the deal is done. I thought the rws was the last big issue. Then comes all this other stuff, player discipline, retirement, judicial overview…. That still sounds like a lot.

  5. I’m more or less waiting for some current shoot-from-the-hip player to say something that screws up the deal (cue James Harrison.)

  6. Well you guys are hearing from me…I’ve been saying for two months it will happen on or about the 15th BECAUSE it was a perfect fit for both sides…the Vets got out of mini camps and OTAs and the owners get their $800 million for the pre-season scrimmages for which they get full ticket prices. It also leaves the exact amount of time for the signing of free agents, draft picks, and a full training camp.

  7. Tonight’s headline:

    “Small market owner’s unhappy, talks will resume next week”

  8. Players bend on judicial oversight. Which likely will cause owners to bend on retiree matters.

    However, any word on this right of first refusal nonsense today? Man that would suck if they got that instituted.

  9. Judge Boylan meeting July 19
    Owner’s meeting July 21

    League year starts???

    Rampant craziness ensues as hundreds of players sign contracts for cumulatively billions of dollars.

    Training camps sprout up everywhere!!!!

    Can’t wait to crash the PFT servers.

  10. So wait. Economics are done. What are we waiting for then? The Politics?

    Sign it in principle so we can start free agency.

  11. There is no reason to rush to get this done until Tuesday’s meeting with the arbitrator. So expect more twists and turns over the weekend, with a few “No deal is close” statements coming from various journalists and players.

  12. I am ready for the FA period – the one time of year my squad are Champions 🙂

  13. burgandyandgold says:
    Jul 15, 2011 1:44 PM
    I am ready for the FA period – the one time of year my squad are Champions


    Last year must have been especially miserable for you huh?

  14. all you people who have taken the owners side of this lockout have been seriously annoying. players deserve their share and then some. its a violent game and we have all seen players carted off the field with serious injuries. some with their lives changed forever. i have supported the players all the way.

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