Animosity over 18-game season becomes a distant memory


With major issues including a revenue split and a rookie wage scale reportedly worked out, and the NFL lockout apparently almost over, it’s worth noting one frequent topic of pre-lockout conversation that never became a major issue: The 18-game season.

Given the heated rhetoric from both sides before the lockout, most NFL observers figured the owners would make their demand for an expanded regular season a centerpiece of any deal — and many figured the players would eventually cave in. Some NFL insiders, including Colts President Bill Polian, went so far as to say an 18-game season was a done deal.

But from all indications, the owners have been the ones to cave in on the 18-game season. The animosity on this issue is mostly gone, not because the players are any less opposed to it than they were before, but because we rarely even hear about the ownership side bringing it up anymore.

We don’t know whether and to what extent the next Collective Bargaining Agreement will leave room for the possibility of expanding the regular season in the future, but based on everything everyone is saying about the state of the negotiations, it’s no longer a front-burner issue, and it might not even be a back-burner issue. It’s more like a non-issue.

For NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, that has to be considered a disappointment. Goodell consistently said a two-game preseason and 18-game regular season is the way forward for the NFL, and he consistently claimed he had the fans on his side. But the fans consistently said otherwise, and it appears that the owners decided to listen to the paying customers. The 18-game season may reemerge some day as a major issue of contention in the NFL, but it never emerged as a major issue of contention during the lockout.

93 responses to “Animosity over 18-game season becomes a distant memory

  1. I was wondering what happened to the 18 game season. It may reemerge some day, but if this CBA is 10 years it won’t be until then.

  2. First of all, how do you know it wasn’t addressed?…we don’t know specifics of the deal yet (if there even IS a deal)

    Secondly, if it is a non-issue, not surprising..why? Cause who does it affect the most????that’s right, the fans. and who do they care about LEAST…the fans.

    Sitting through 4 dreadful preseason games doesn’t hurt the players (they still get paid) or the owners (they still make their money)………it just hurts the fans…..who have come dead LAST in all of this.


  3. speaking in absolutes like “never emerged as a major issue of contention during the lockout” is assuming that the a) the lockout is over b) the owners won’t throw that curveball in an hour or so. until this is done and signed, i’m a non-believer. both sides could decide to take a dump on the negotiating and just leave.

    i wish it were done. I am ready for some football

  4. The 18 game thing was just a negotiating ploy. It gives the players something to cling to as a small victory at this point.

  5. As a fan I would rather see 18 regular season games and 2 preseason games, but if there will be only 16 regular season games there should only be 2 preseason games. Preseason games are a ripoff for the fans.

  6. I have often wondered what would have happened in may of 2008 if the owners had put in the 18 game schedule that the CBA gave them the right to impose instead of opting out of the CBA.

  7. it’s a lot better for the players to only have a 16 game season.i wish they would have found a way to eliminate a couple of pre season games though!

  8. A double win. I’m against the 18 game proposal and especially against Roger Goodell. He had the most asinine arguments for the 18 game season, I’m surprised I didn’t hear more outrage about it. I never heard a single fan that was for it.

  9. I honestly cannot imagine why a fan of the NFL is opposed to an 18 game regular season. Why would a real NFL not want to see 2 more games that count. The preseason is boring and waste of time for an NFL. With maybe the exception of the dope who records the games and focuses on each portion of the game, so he can call into a local sports talk show and pretend he is an expert in hopes that some magical NFL executive is going to show up on his doorstep and offer him a GM job.

  10. I wonder if this was just a smokescreen? Something the owners set up to seem like a big deal, that in reality was nothing more than a bargaining chip, something to “give in” to the players in exchange for getting concessions from them in return.

  11. 18 games is to long. It is just to hard on players and we would see to many backups playing.

  12. I’m wondering if the fan disapproval of the 18 game schedule had more to do with the timing of the polls on the 18 game season. I think most fans would like 18 games, but at the time would have taken 16 games and no lockout than 18 games and risk of a lost season. Take the poll again after the CBA is finalized and training camp starts and the results may be different.

  13. Non-story. The only thing the owners care about is revenue. They knew from the outset that extra games would make the players foam at the mouth and used it as a negotiating chip to peel more revenue away from them. Two extra games means more revenue, but also more expense for the owners. By ostensibly “caving” on this issue, they get the revenue at the end of the day without incurring the expense. Heads the owners win, tails the players lose.

  14. 18 Game schedule would have ruined the game. Each loss would not matter as much as they do in a 16 game schedule, that’s what makes the NFL the best sport in the world is that EVERY loss HURTS. And if it aint broke DONT FIX IT!

  15. The owners were never serious about the 18-game season. It was just a bad faith position designed to give the owners something to give up in exchange for the players agreeing to a smaller piece of the pie.

  16. I thought it was pretty obvious from the beginning that the 18 game schedule was just a bargaining ploy.

    “Ok, sure, we’ll back off the 18 games if you back off this other thing”

  17. Tomorrow or later day we’ll no doubt see in a big headline:


  18. Yeah, I am not sure that it wasnt just a ploy. Something to make it seem like the owners opting out of the old CBA was about more than just the revenue split.

  19. I’ve read somewhere that the NFL is looking to add the number of Thursday night games. Perhaps this is how they are adding additional revenue without the impracticalities of an 18 game season.

  20. I always thought an 18 game season was something that the owners didn’t want as badly as they were letting on.

    A barganing chip, makes it seem like they made a concession. For instance, contact in TC is an issue right now…..and the players say they won’t budge…..but the owners can say that they’ve already made concession on this issue by limiting mini-camps and forgetting the 18 game season.

  21. I think it’s something that will be brought back up in the future.

    Part of the reason I don’t think it was pushed was because the players wound up taking less money which curbed one of the owners arguments of needing to increase the pie to make everyone happy.

    Also I think the NFL wasn’t ready to effectively push the 18 game schedule from a PR and safety standpoint.

    So what I believe you’ll see happen is more rules and even more focus on safety and in a couple of years the owners will be armed with data to argue the game is safer than it ever was so you’ll be able to handle an 18 game schedule.

  22. Everyone here realizes why adding 2 games makes the regular season more meaningless, right?

    There are 162 games in baseball and some teams are already out of the race by July.

    To add 2 more games would mean some teams are out of playoff contention even faster, especially if a team starts 6-0 or something.

    The reason why preseason game prices won’t go down is that people WILL pay them. That’s infuriating.

  23. The 18 game schedule was probably the most reasonable and meaningful issue in this whole charade. You have to be working with pre school logic to come to the conclusion that 18 meaningful games and 2 meaningless games was less desirable than 16 meaningful games and 4 meaningless games.

    But then, they’re football players and fans, so I guess we can’t expect too much.

  24. If it were about the fans, preseason games would be at least half off. and they’d close the upper tiers of the stadiums. And give away tix to summer camps and such. When you go to spring-training for baseball you don’t pay regular season prices. I went to Tampa a few years ago and sat 3rd row behind the Yankee ‘dugout’ and the tix were like 35 bucks or so.

    However the preseason is extremely necessary. It’s where bubble guys make the mark and make the roster. Live scrimmaging allows you as a coach and a team to know where you are at.

    As a whole the NFL is wonderful, why tinker? The major problem with Capitalism is this idea that you have to increase profits annually, there is nothing wrong with stability, and the success that comes with that. Instead they want more more more more. .02/

  25. It’s a 20 game season not an 18 game season. Ask any season ticket holder that has to pay full price to 10 home games.

  26. Personally, I’m all for an 18 game season, but there are certainly logistics and scheduling to work out for that to happen, however I have a different take on the owners zeal to get the 18 game schedule in place…

    Has it occurred to anyone else that the owners made a big to-do about wanting to have the 18 game season prior to the negotiations simply to have something to ‘give’ away when they actually sat down and started negotiating ?? Seems logical to me. Make a big deal over the added revenue, the fan’s zeal for wanting 18 games, how great it would be for the game and then be able to put it on the shelf as a tool in the negotiations….

  27. Expand the playoffs. NCAA basketball does all the time and no one ever complains it’s too much basketball.

    No regular season increased work load. More games to get revenue from. More football for the fans. Everyone wins.

  28. In the previous CBA, the owners could have adopted any schedule that did not consist of more than 22 games, with or without player approval. That could be 18 and 2, 18 and 4 or even 22 and 0. I wonder if that will be in the new CBA, and if not would that be considered a concession on the owners side?

  29. 16 games is fine. Let’s just get this thing going so we can have football the next 10 years.

    I would rather have the rookie pay scale than 18 games anyways…. 16 games have worked fine for years… and not changing it to 18 games wouldn’t mess up the record books.

  30. I think fans would love more regular season games but not if it means watching backups and we all see how decimated the teams tend to be come week 17.

    I was annoyed by Goddell’s hypocrisy. We aren’t idiots, you can’t tell us the game is too dangerous and then start increasing the number of games.

    Its also insulting to tell us the extra games are because we don’t like paying full price for preseason so you can’t sell tickets – how about dropping the prices!?

  31. As a Jets season ticket holder, I don’t like paying the same price for 2 pre-season games as for each of the 8 regular season games. All they have to do is maybe cut the prices in half(or even more) for the pre-season games and there would be no complaints coming from the fans.

  32. Goodell is garbage. He somehow in that glad-handing jock-sniffing brain of his thinks that because fans want a break on pre-season priced that meant they want an 18 game regular season.

    What “fans” did he have on his side? His wife and kids?

  33. I love your pro-player comments. Suggesting the owners “caved” is ridiculous–just as ridiculous as suggesting that the 200K “lockout insurance” supposedly to each player made the owners want to negotiate—I think the players caved the day that the 8th District Court upheld the lockout.

  34. The magic secret sauce of NFL football, and why it is more popular than every other pro sport combined, is because EVERY regular season game means something. The NFL regular season is almost like a 32 team playoff tournament.

    It is a formula that works. Don’t mess with it. No expanded/enhanced schedule. No expansion teams.

    32 teams play 16 games each. It’s almost religion.

    The one thing fans DO want is to not have to pay full freight for preseason game tickets. There’s a 100 percent consensus on that.

  35. Exactly. The issue is not, and never has been, the NUMBER of regular or pre-season games. It’s the NFL’s insistence on charging full pop for exhibition games, which are basically scrimmages. Goodell must know this, but apparently can’t bring himself to say it. So he blathers on about how the fans have some deep, abiding interest in 18 regular season games. They don’t. They just don’t want to get ripped off by paying full pop for scrimmages. The NFL could easily handle the issue by reducing the price of exhibition game tickets, and all would be well. But of course it won’t do that. So the rip-off of those supposedly precious fans will continue.

  36. Fans don’t want to pay full price for four pre-season games. Turning two of those into regular season games isn’t the solution they had in mind.

    Also, I’m always puzzled when I see “We’re gonna have football again!” Um, we didn’t NOT have football. We didn’t lose any games. So unless you call obsessing over every free agent rumor and tracking the progress of a fourth-round pick in two-a-days “football,” I’m not really sure what we missed.

  37. Revenue is the same regardless of a 16/4 or 18/2 format. With a 16 game format your “stars” get to play two less games. Those same “stars” control the union and could care less about the rest of the league. Just ask Brady, Manning or Brees or any other brat who ran to court when “their” union was letting them down. The bottom line is this..The players are overpaid spoiled brats who have a superjock mentality. Guess what…Nobody cares about the individual player..we care about our “team”. They don’t understand this…

  38. No, the owners want 18 games. Assume 200 mil. for pre-season games vs. however much they would pull in for two more end of the year, win or go home games. It’s about money, but it makes sense to me to cut two preseason games for two meaningful games.

  39. Making baseball have an 18 game season makes better sense than football anyway. In football, all the games count whether it’s 12, 14, 16, or 18. At least you don’t have some loser with 75-80 losses making the playoffs and dragging the season out year round. Baseball is not a pastime it is a waste of time. Come on football season!

  40. “To add 2 more games would mean some teams are out of playoff contention even faster, especially if a team starts 6-0 or something”

    If a team is 6-0 in 16 game schedule would it not be harder to catch up to that team because there are less games left in the season compared to an 18 game schedule.

    So therein if we were playing an 18 game schedule the 6-0 team does have a head start, but there are more chances for a team to come back by adding two games to the schedule.

  41. Remember when footbal ended in December? Jeesh, that was a long time ago. I’d like to see the season be 14 games and end in early/mid Jan. Playing the championship in Feb is as absurd as World Series in November.

    But in any event, it’s nice to see the NFL take notice that the fans did not agree with their stance and apparently fan response factored into the negotiations.

    Good to see and lookin forward to football!

  42. They should expand the season and the rosters at the same rate. Which would work out to about 9 extra players on a 53 man roster. Then limit the number of snaps any player can take over the season. Average out the number of snaps a player would take in a 16 game season, then make that the limit. If a coach wants to have his key players available late in the season, he better give them some rest earlier. It would cause teams with big leads in a game to rest their starters, giving the backups more playing time and probably making the score closer and the game more interesting.

  43. the fans dont care about the 4 game preseason…but the bubble players do…..the first and last games of preseason are for those guys to put something on film for the rest of the league….the established players dont want it because they could lose their jobs to those guys….the fans dont want it cause you have to pay for bad football

  44. For those that hate a 4 game pre-season …
    Then do not watch pre-season. The preseason is for THE PLAYERS (ESPECIALLY ROOKIES) AND COACHES!! I personally LOVE watching pre-season games and watching players fight it out for the last spots on a team. Its 4 games that gives the coaches the ability to make smart decisions as they cut their teams from a 90-man roster to a 53-man roster and gets the players in the correct mindset and physical readiness for the season. How many times has teams started bad and it’s dismssed as they are not in “mid-season form” yet? Now imagine adding 2 more meaningful games with 2 games less practice? The quality of the NFL in the beginning of the season will even be MORE dreadful.

    BTW, EVERY major American sport has a pre-season, no one seems to be crying over that.

  45. As an English NFL fan, I would of course like to see the NFL play more games around the world.

    I know its not a popular view, but there it is.

    I would have liked a 17th game to give 16 fixtures a year played in cities like London, Mexico City, Berlin, Toronto, Tokyo, Beijing and yes, even LA. This would have also meant places like MIN, BUF and JAX wouldn’t be under so much pressure to lose their franchises.

    Players wouldn’t need to play any more than 16 games if they didn’t want to, if the gameday rosters were expanded to 61 guys including the practice squads.

    I understand why American NFL fans don’t want games played overseas, but if that is the case, please stop calling yourselves ‘world champions’.

  46. > lennydpocketqb says:
    > Jul 16, 2011 2:17 PM

    > Rookie pay scale > 18 games. Players got
    > tricked on that one. Owners won that round.

    Logic fail.

    Really? You think that putting in a 18 game schedule and further risking injuries and shortining NFL careers is more important than shifting money to the vets and retired NFL players from over-bloated rookie contracts ???

    Please tell me that I misread your post.

  47. It’s funny. I think the NFL was so hard pressed about it because all they saw was dollar signs, but when they posted polls on their own website, and saw polls posted on other popular sports sites like this one – and the results ALWAYS were heavily against the 18 game season idea, they realized it was something they had to drop.

    I mean, it’s pretty embarrassing when a poll on your own flagship website skews heavily against what your fearless leader is pounding the pulpit in support of. Also, their own “experts” were against it as well, see for yourself:

    Given all of the opinion favoring the 16 game season and opposed to the 18 game season it’s really a no brainer for the money hungry owners to just drop it rather than shove it down the publics throats.

  48. if you don’t like preseason games don’t watch them. the preseason is for players trying to make a team not for fans. is watching college football or arena football a ripoff? no it isn’t. just because the best of the best aren’t on the field the entire game doesn’t mean it is a ripoff.

  49. I was, and am all, for 18 regular season games. More (meaningful) football is good! However, they should expand the rosters too, to allow reserves to be worked in during the course of the entire season. That would add an entirely new dimension to game planning. I dont remember any complaints when they changed from 12 to 14 or 14 to 16. And they’ve added how many new teams now since the last increase in regular season games, 4? No one seems to care that the 16 game season made it easier to break older records. Just like new rules increased the amount of passing, which made it easier to blow away the old QB records. Time moves on. The best way to look at those stats anyway, is on a per game basis IMO.

  50. The 18-game season was dead over a month ago when the owners caved on it as part of the “worst offer in sports history.”

    Since I’ve been scolded by some of you for saying this ever since then… let me now say…

    told ya

  51. If I’m a season ticket holder why wouldn’t I want 2 more meaningful games than 2 meaningless games for my money? 18 reg games 2 preseason kinda makes sense.. also if the players are bigger,faster, & stronger the games alil safer.. why not?

  52. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of the starters logging more playing time in those last two preseason games. That has clearly been a recent trend.

    Why any fan would not want to see two more real games replacing two games that don’t count is beyond my ability to reason. I’ve concluded that those fans are complete idiots.

  53. Sorry, I am against the 18/2 season. The records that are in the books that have been there for years would be demolished. Players would have 2 more weeks to get more yards, interceptions, touchdowns, etc. Players trying to earn a roster spot, wouldn’t get a fair chance with only 2 games…. I agree, leave it how it is, but, feel free to lower ticket prices… I am sure they will shoot up soon with the new salary cap (whatever it is)

  54. victorjtorres – a lot of fans are for it moron……I being one of them. As a season ticket holder there are 2 options…..cancel 2 of the preseason games outright or make 2 of them real games…….of course, 1 would never happen (because of lost revenue) so 2 seems like the only real option.

  55. sojumaster – its not that simple moron…….season ticket holders dont want to PAY regular season prices for worthless, meaningless games. I am fine with having 4 preseason games as long as i dont have to pay for them. It is a rip off. That plus the fact that they have lost their relevance.

  56. Implying that we don’t already have a 20 game season.

    Owners don’t want to change the amount of games, just the importance. If three was an 18 game season, we would watch it and we know it, as NFL fans religiously watch the 16 reg season games already. The only difference would be going from 16 watched games and 4 forgotten to 18 watched and 2 forgotten.

    Remind me again why fans complain about this.

    I have a ton of fun watching every reg season game on sundays, for the entirety of the season—I know I would have fun in game 17 and 18.

  57. derekjetersmansion says:
    Jul 16, 2011 2:03 PM
    To add 2 more games would mean some teams are out of playoff contention even faster, especially if a team starts 6-0 or something.

    Completely backwards. More games means more opportunity to make up for a bad start, not less.

  58. Anybody that was against the 18 game season I guarantee was not a season ticket holder. I don’t care if there is 16 or 18 regular season games but to charge us full price for two preason games that we see the starters for two quarters if we are lucky is an absolute crime. So if 18 regular season games means only one pre-season game I am all for that and so are my three other season ticket partners I sit with at each home game.

  59. Only ignorant fans would be opposed to an 18 game season. That crap about it “being too much on the players” is a load of bull. THEY WOULD ONLY PLAY 18 WEEKS OUT OF 52!

    They would still have 34 weeks off, especially if they get their way with the off season contact issue!

    These guys are paid millions, and the whine over 2 extra weeks (with pay???)?

    Most fans are for the 18 game season…the media only acknowledges the ones against it. Football has the shortest season of the 4 main sports…and the players are acting like a bunch of wusses.

    And don’t hand me that bull over football being more gruelling…people who think that clearly have never been to a hockey game.

    The truth is, we need a 24 game season at this point. And frankly, I do not care about the “health” of the players. They get paid the big bucks to put their bodies on the line.

    Throughout this whole thing, the media has claimed that the players want nothing but what they have previously had under the CBA…that’s a load of crap too.

    Take a look at the things leaking out…the players are robbing hte owners and you people are so happy about getting football back that you don’t care.

    But rest assured, when ticket prices are high, blackouts are going strong and teams suck because players don’t want to have OTAs anymore, you’ll be whining for something to change…again.

    Just like you did when Haynesworth got his big deal.

  60. ya-if i were self-employed and my boss TOLD me he wanted me to work some extra hours, i would feel like i could tell him to go f himself…

    Don’t cave owners! it’s a matter of principle!
    Make the player remember that without you they have nothing!
    I take that back, they have something, they could go to work for wal-mart or jiffy lube.

  61. Fans don’t want an 18 game season?

    I’ve never met a fan that is opposed to more football.

    The people in this poll must be the same fools that don’t want a playoff in college football.

  62. As a season ticket holder I really HATE having to pay full price for 2 preseason home games. The value is not there and it is boring as h3II.

    The players are still playing 20 games. Just make 18 of them count. Get it done.

  63. golonger says: Jul 16, 2011 1:30 PM

    First of all, how do you know it wasn’t addressed?…we don’t know specifics of the deal yet (if there even IS a deal)

    Secondly, if it is a non-issue, not surprising..why? Cause who does it affect the most????that’s right, the fans. and who do they care about LEAST…the fans.

    Sitting through 4 dreadful preseason games doesn’t hurt the players (they still get paid) or the owners (they still make their money)………it just hurts the fans…..who have come dead LAST in all of this.



    I love that people are still crying “greedy owners/players don’t care about the fans” even though the fans lost absolutely nothing because of this lockout. So many people on this site want to complain about anything.

    The 18 game season has a much greater effect on the players and owners then it does on the fans. If you don’t like Preseason games, don’t go. Jesus.

  64. I will still watch a preseason NFL game over a meaningful major league baseball game every time. That pretty much sums it up for me.

  65. @revischrist24 says:Jul 16, 2011 2:27 PM

    As a Jets season ticket holder, I don’t like paying the same price for 2 pre-season games as for each of the 8 regular season games. All they have to do is maybe cut the prices in half(or even more) for the pre-season games and there would be no complaints coming from the fans.
    As a Jest season ticket holder they should PAY you to attend that sorry teams games…..I mean after all when was the last time you dopes won a division much less a Super Bowl!! Don’t worry you guys will win it all again this year…Rex guarantees it again….ge thats a 3 peat!!

  66. stop complaining about the preseason being 4 games. could be longer like other sports but it isn’t. football is great the way it is. if there was 18 games, do you think there would be starters playing those games or would they take games off like they do now, essentially making it seem like preseason? there is now reason to change it because if they starters didn’t play in those extra games, you would complain about that too.

  67. The reason ‘fans’ are not for the 18 game season is they are NOT season ticket holders. If you polled the PAYING fans they’d 90% agree that having us pay for 2 meaningless games FULL price is wrong!

    Next poll on the 18 game season find OFFICIAL SEASON TICKET HoLDERS who have had their seats 3+ years and you’ll see.

    Non season ticket holders can kiss my rear!!!
    You turn it on for free and stay at home. You should get NO SAY couch potatoes.

    I hated the last poll as it’s all from people that don’t spend a dime.

    Try spending $100 per ticket for two games that cost the same as a regular game, but you get no value.

    Eat me non ticket holders!!!!

  68. Without the preseason, what would have become of Tom Brady who had to fight for a roster spot? How about Terrell Davis who earned his spot in the preseason? If you don’t want to pay for preseason games, either don’t go or dont be a season ticket holder.

  69. As a fan who likes to watch the younger players play and discuss with friends about who is going to make or not make the team, I enjoy the pre season.

    In fact people like to say how the games are a rip off i tend to believe the opposite. In fact some of the hardest play goes on in the preseason. Sure the guys who know they are going to make the team don’t play much and not really hard when they do, but that doesn’t bother me.

    I really enjoy rating the the players and trying to figure out who is going to make the team. I love watching the how hard the young guys try in the pre season.

    Also if you take away the pre season it will make life hell for the coaches. All we ever hear about is how the players don’t need 4 games to get ready to play. Well what if the pre season isn’t just practice for the starters. What if it is also a place where coaches can try new things and mostly figure out whos going to make the team in some of the most important positons. Taking away games from the coaches would be a terrible idea. That would give the coaches 2 less games to decide who was going to make the team. A lot of times those choices effect who wins the super bowl… ask the Packers, half their team it seemed like was thrid string guys who made the team based on how they played in the pre season.

    I think the clear route to go with the pre season is lower the prices for tickets. And stop making season ticket holder purchase the pre season games as well. Thats a simple solution. And for the starters who complain about not needing a pre season i say shut your mouth. You barely play any way. And in reality a lot that complain just don’t want some young kid getting a shot in the preseason and taking their job. I like the the pre season the way it is. I like the 16 game season the way it is. I even like how it is worked out with divisions playing eachother. These people have the greatest formula in american sports history and because of greed they trying to change it. Yes lets put the whole thing at risk because we want to squeeze a few more pennies out of it. This is quickly becoming the American way, screw everyone you can for a few pennies more. People need to realize this country wasn’t built on money it was built on the need to be free. Not on the need to be rich.

  70. “I honestly cannot imagine why a fan of the NFL is opposed to an 18 game regular season. ”


    I’m a fan of the NFL and I’m opposed to the 18 game regular season, and let me tell you why:

    1) The current scheduling formula is perfect and cannot be improved upon. Any change is automatically inferior, and an 18 game season would change the current formula.

    2) Injuries would go up, and the quality of football would go down as a result. This is one area where I sided with the players, 16 games is enough. Just ask any rookie trying to adjust from a ten game schedule, it’s brutal.

    3) Overexposure is a problem that baseball currently faces, and the assumption that people will automatically embrace a longer season is dubious at best. Part of football’s charm IMO is that the season doesn’t drag out forever.

    I probably could think of more, but there’s no point. Thankfully 16 is still the number.

  71. i like it how it is and the last 2 preseason games, especially, are important for the bottom of your roster…but they have to stop robbing us on the preseason games with full price tickets, its ridiculous

  72. The most common arguement in these posts made against an 18 game season is the prospect of more player injuries. This is such a short-sighted view IMO.

    Do MLB clubs expect their players to play all 162 games a season ? No, they have an expanded roster to take account of injuries.

    That’s all that needs to happen here, just expand the gameday rosters to 60 or 61, and give current vets the chance to opt out of the extra game(s) if they don’t want to play the extra games. Simple.

  73. while it is great they have abolished plans for th 18-game season; how are they addressing the 4-scrimmage (game) preseason which fans have to pay full ticket prices for?…10 more years hearing continuous complaining about 4 scrimmages in August where fans are ‘bilked’ for full prices seems like this issue may have gone by the ‘wayside’…It also seems the players have gained certain advantages in this deal like a reduction in OTA’s; increase of ‘helmetless’ practices; lack of 2 a days in camp, etc., combined with some of the regulatory and overreaction to the ‘safety’ issues (moving kickoff to 35, etc.) are going to turn the game in to ‘glorified flag football’…in long haul, this is not good for the sport…the other issue which I have seen not addressed as they inch closer to a settlement is how the retired players are going to get increased pension and benefits?

  74. Of ALL the pieces I have read about the lockout since it began lo these many months ago, this is the FIRST one in which I have seen the phrase:

    ‘paying customer’.

    Even though it is found in the completely absurd sentence “the owners decided to listen to the paying customers” – there it is.

  75. pittman2052 – you are a moron and don’t know what you are talking about. These players didn’t attain the positions they got because of the preseason…..that is not what preseason was originally established for in the first place. One can have preseason “games”, scrimmages..whatever you want to call them without them being treated like “real” games. Preseason was originally created to give players time to get in shape for the regular season…not needed any longer.

    Secondly..most players that do well in preseason anyway are labelled only as doing so….how many QBs have we seen do well in preseason but it is dismissed as.”oh, its only preseason” or they fail miserably in the regular season.

    Preseason games are not a good basis for judgment in the first place.

  76. saxmachine69 – great moron…….why don’t YOU buy my preseason tickets………idiots like you just don’t get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….you are a know-nothing tool!

  77. Golonger, you have to be the biggest idiot poster on here. How did Terrell Davis even get to have a roster spot in the first place? I don’t know, maybe it was in the preseason playing special teams. If it werent for those preseason games, the Broncos probably would have never kept him around. Obviosly they made the right choice.
    How many guys have had good preseasons come out and actually play well in the NFL? I am sure that there are lots to chose from.

    You have to be even more of an idiot to believe that the preseason is for the fans. Saying dumb things like it isn’t a real game and I don’t want to pay for it is ridiculous. Don’t go if you dont want to see the backups playing. Don’t be a season ticket holder if you are going to complain about having to pay full price for preseason games. Nowhere does it say that the fans HAVE to see the starters battling it out in the preseason. It’s called a preseason for a reason. Do you get mad when the starters don’t play much towards the end of the season? Those aren’t preseason games and you still happily pay for those. Now do you see the B.S. you are talking about?

  78. pittman2052 or should i say…football know-nothing

    1) That is pure speculation on your really have NO IDEA how Davis got a roster spot….so shut your trap

    2) Your idiotic point about the preseason makes no sense

    3) It is obvious that you cannot even read…i never said the preseason was for the FANS

    4) Everyone agrees that the pre-season isnt a real game and every season ticket holder doesnt want to pay for preseason games……your comments are outlandishly stupid.

    5) Yes it is called preseason because the games DONT COUNT..which by factual comparison means THEY ARE NOT REAL GAMES

    6) Comparing starters NOT playing at the end of regular season because they have locked up a playoff spot is far different than a preseason game you tool…yes, they arent preseason because THEY STILL COUNT

    I have never in my life seen a PFT poster who is as much of a total lame-brain as yourself…do everyone a favor in here and go jump off a bridge so we dont have to read your lunacy again…

  79. oh…and i forgot..

    7) It is obvious you are a Squealers loser who hasnt the resources to even get NFL season tickets…if you did, you might understand. Paying for a 10 game package and having 2 of those be meaningless pre-season games which cost the SAME as regular season games is ridiculous. That works out to one paying 20% for crap. And…one cannot “opt out” of paying it. Get a life and a clue loser!

  80. Before the preseason, he had no roster spot. He made big plays in the preseason on special teams and earned his roster spot. Look it up dumbass.

    Tell me what doesn’t make sense about my comment about the preseason. Where does it say that you have to watch the starters play in the preseason? Again, you are a dumbass to believe that you are entitled to see starters playing in the preseason. The preseason is not for you. If you don’t like the preseason then do as I said. Either don’t go or don’t be a season ticket holder. The preseason is where coaches make final decisions on who they are going to keep and let go. They also use the preseason to try out new things in a game situation.

    You sit here and complain about not having quality football in the preseason because the starters don’t play, but you don’t mind them taking games off at the end of the season. Doesn’t that still count as games that dont have any quality to them in your book? Maybe you are too dumb to realize how stupid you make yourself look with the way you contradict yourself. Again, you are a dumbass.

    Yeah, I can’t afford to buy season tickets, but in reality, I still wouldn’t do it even if I did have the resources. I have better things to spend my money on anyway and still get a better seat than you at my house. I don’t need to buy overpriced beer, food, and other items to enjoy a game. I don’t need to be bothered by people I don’t like and having to wait in long lines to go to the restroom.

    Lastly, I am not a Steeler fan. I am and always will be a Baltimore Ravens fan. Again, if you don’t like preseason because of the price, then don’t be a season ticket holder. Do yourself a real favor and go play in traffic in the middle of the freeway. NOBODY will miss you or your dumbass posts.

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