Aqib Talib expected to remain with Bucs

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When Aqib Talib was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in March, it was widely expected that the Bucs would wash their hands of him as soon as the league year started. But that no longer appears to be the case.

Several more recent reports have suggested that the Bucs haven’t made any decision about cutting Talib, and the most recent report, from Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, says Talib is prepared to attend training camp whenever the lockout ends and will likely remain with the Bucs throughout the 2011 season.

Talib has previously run afoul of the league’s personal conduct policy, and it seems likely that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would suspend him for the latest incident, in which he is accused of shooting a gun at his sister’s ex-boyfriend. But it’s not clear whether the new CBA will change Goodell’s power to suspend players, and it’s also not clear to what extent acts committed during the lockout will be subject to the personal conduct policy.

So it’s unclear what Talib’s status with the league office will be. But when training camps open, he’s expected to be there as part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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  1. Being convicted in Court is our country’s legal standard. The NFL, however, like any sports league – or high profile public enterprise, must, necessarily, maintain a higher standard than that to protect its brand, image and credibility as a responsible member of society. If Talib fired a gun at the guy – in anything other than a justifiable or self-defense situation, the league has little choice but to impose some kind of sanction on him.

  2. Good…Innocent until proven guilty. Besides, we need him. If some knucklehead put his hands on my sister, I’d want to pop off my glock too, but I’d have my fluncky (posse) do it for me.

  3. Roger Goodell would suspend him for the latest incident, in which he is accused of shooting a gun at his sister’s ex-boyfriend.
    WRONG!…Remember he told the cops he didnt shoot the gun, he said it was his mother who fired the gun. wat a standup guy…

  4. This is probably because the Bucs are loads under the cap and don’t want to have to replace him

  5. It should be a very interesting “off season” for the Bucs once Free Agency starts. They have so much money to spend that you have to figure just about every free agent worth anything will have to consider the Bucs. The three teams that will have to spend like drunken sailors during the free agency period in order to meet the new salary floor are, Tampa, Cincinnati and Buffalo. Where would you rather play?

    In addition, the Saints and Falcons will be pushing fairly close to the salary cap just trying to re-sign their current players and maybe one or two free agents. I am not a Bucs fan, but they should be able to set themselves up as a legitimate contender in the NFC South for years to come with a good run of young free agents this year.

    They should target young up and coming players and front load their contracts, that way they can get even more help next year. I don’t know the contract status of Josh Freeman, but if they want to think outside the box, they should offer him an extension now and use some of their vast cap space in 2011 to pay him. He is a franchise QB.

  6. The Buc’s should cut Ronde and sign Mama
    Talib. Her and her son would be the scariest duo in the league

  7. you gotta be a little crazy to play in the nfl. if he’s convicted in court, then he’s suspended & in jail.

    until then, the BUCS would be CRAZY to let him go (all the players want him back)

  8. He would re-define the cornerback position. If’s he gets beat, take a shot at the wide receiver. Literally.

  9. Every good NFL defense should have at least 4-5 felons in the backfield. And at least that many on offense. National Felony League,,,NFL.

  10. So Plaxico Burress accidentally shoots himself in a nightclub and gets two years in prison and Aqib Talib willfully fires at someone with intent to kill and gets to go back to his team? What’s wrong with this picture?

  11. I could care less what someone does off the field, I care what they do on the field. I know, the media NEVER says something that isn’t true, and I am sure that they didn’t blow this out of proportion… They would never do anything like that…. Keep Talib, we need him, the players and coaches love him! Plus, he hasn’t been found guilty.

  12. They should make it one of the terms of his parole.

    Nice draft pick there Bucs.

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