Mort says new CBA will be good for ten years


We know a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is expected to be ratified soon by the owners and players, but have wondered how long it might last.

Per ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the new labor deal will be good for ten years.

Citing multiple sources familiar with the negotiations, Mortensen reports that the decade-long agreement will give the players somewhere between 46.5 and 48 percent of the revenue generated by the NFL. There is a specific credit for the players allowed if three new NFL stadiums are constructed, including one in Los Angeles.

The sides agreed on a format for free agency rules on Friday. Mortensen reports that the market will most likely open on July 25, following the three-day window for teams to re-sign their own free agents.

According to Mortensen, the owners have conceded to eliminate all two-a-day practices from training camp. Teams can instead conduct a helmet-less, non-contact practice in place of a second full-contact workout on the same day.

As the finalization of a new CBA approaches, details will continue to trickle in.

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  1. reillyb1 says: Jul 16, 2011 8:02 PM

    Does this mean when I’m 27 I have to go through this again?
    Possibly, but at least in that year, the NBA will finally have negotiated their CBA.

  2. I really gotta wonder how many out of shape players are going to show up to their respective camps this year. All of these guys don’t have the same work ethic. And I’m sure some players saw this as a mini vacation.

  3. The cap man, the cap!! what is the cap??? What are the accounting rules for the new CBA?? Inquiring minds MUST know.

  4. Well, it’s done then. Everything Mort reports happens just like he says it will…..

  5. So…the NFL is settled but the NBA may not ever air again.

    Life is GOOD.

    Now…if we can just sh*tcan NASCAR….

  6. Please tell me the “no two-a-days” thing is JUST for this year so they can ease the players back into football shape. Not allowing coaches to conduct two-a-days again ever for the length of the agreement is a horrible thing for them to have conceded.
    COACHES are the ones who really got screwed in all this since they didn’t have anything to gain financially in the CBA and are ALL losing a lot. No players, no practices, no contact with players, yet how much you wanna bet there will still be 100% responsibility on them for the team’s record? Were I an owner I would probably give any head coach a mulligan this year, especially 1st year guys with 0 HC experience like Shurmur, Rivera, etc.

  7. Nascar…what’s a Nascar…we have football back. You know, I could watch a little bit of Nascar if they didn’t have those country bumkin talkin boogiede boogiede announcers. Man that makes me turn the channel quick. The stupid WWE fights they have on the track between two skinny old dudes that are mad at each other. And the boring 3 hours of nothing in between the start and finish. Maybe they will lock out for a couple of years. Bring on the NFL for real sports entertainment.

  8. “a specific credit for the players allowed if three new NFL stadiums are constructed, including one in Los Angeles.”

    I’m confused, did you mean to say “a specific credit for the *owners*”

    Since I don’t really understand why the players ought to receive a greater part of the pie if the owners take on risk in the form of debt in order to construct new stadiums which would presumably increase the total amount of revenue the league brings in (which will result in more money going to the players, since they get a cut of the total.)

    It seems like “building stadiums” and other things that grow the game are the sorts of things that the players union would be willing to give credits to ownership over, since “growing the game” is good for the players and they are not actually in position to do it themselves when it comes to things like “stadiums.”

  9. What could possibly go wrong with players getting more money and practicing less?

    — signed Albert Haynesworth

  10. I definitely have to say, though they may not have been able to get a deal done quickly like Tagliabue/Upshaw were able to do, this one definitely seems like it was given more thought. It was obviously rushed last time, thus the owners opted out early. Hopefully both sides will be satisfied for years to come.

  11. No two-a-days, really? What babies these guys are. Money is making them soft. What are they going to do, take their big lazy fat a$$es and sit around and play the Madden to get ready for games? Sheesh-get the skirts out.

  12. All the suckers trying to argue against the draft will have to shelve their lame arguments for another decade.

  13. re: “dccowboy says:Jul 16, 2011 8:27 PM

    The cap man, the cap!! what is the cap??? What are the accounting rules for the new CBA?? Inquiring minds MUST know.”

    I heard it is $120 million + $3 million exemption = about $123 million.

  14. As the finalization of a new CBA approaches, details will continue to trickle in.

    I hope warm water trickles in.

  15. Texans win afc south with 11-5 record and blow up the playoffs… Piss on the colts. H-TOWN TEXAS!!!

  16. In ten years, 90% of the current owners will have expired from old age, and 95% of the current commenters on this site will be homeless.


  17. contact on the second practice of two a days is the source of more concussions per time played than games. after a full contact session in the morning, players are not as sharp or in as control of their bodies as they are in the first session. why don’t we quite with the pseudo-masculine comments. everyone bemoaning the lack of manliness in players would curl up and cry like a girl if a nfl player hit them at 10% of their strength

  18. @dccowboy

    Not sure if anybody answered this already, but I read somewhere on Thursday that it would be 120 million plus a 3 million dollar player exemption. So around 123 million but dont hold me to that.

  19. If you have ever done two a days you will agree with negotiating them away for good! Hell I’d support a law from congress banning them. This is going to limit injuries to your favorite players and the teams will put a better product on the field…a healthy team

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