NFL says Hall of Fame Game isn’t canceled


Yesterday’s report that the Hall of Fame Game has been canceled is being denied by the NFL.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Jason La Canfora of NFL Network that the report isn’t true, and Joe Horrigan at the Hall of Fame says that he expects the Bears to play the Rams in Canton, Ohio, on August 7, as scheduled.

“We only know what we know,” Horrigan told NFL Network’s Albert Breer. “We had not heard it was canceled (as the Chicago Sun-Times reported Friday night), so we contacted Greg Aiello through email ourselves, and he replied that it was not true. Everything, as far as we know, is the same as it was. . . . The lockout’s continuing, but no games are canceled, and that’s the information we have. That’s led us to continue to prepare as if the game is going to be played. Our preparation, at this point, is pretty much complete. There’s nothing to suggest it won’t be played, so we’re probably more anxious than anything else.”

The Sun-Times report about the game being canceled said that information came from league sources but also said Bears sources weren’t aware of the cancellation. Howard Balzer reports that the Rams haven’t been told the game is canceled, either.

So despite that Sun-Times report, it looks like the Hall of Fame Game is still on, as long as the lockout ends next week. That’s good news for Horrigan, who says it would hurt the Hall to lose the game.

“We would lose a three-hour window of prime-time TV, with an audience of 10 million, to promote the Hall of Fame,” Horrigan said. “That’s one area where we can annually promote the Hall.”

28 responses to “NFL says Hall of Fame Game isn’t canceled

  1. This is the first milestone where the greedpigs could actually lose the only thing they care about – money. So they’re stalled. It’s a ‘hand in the cookie jar’ moment.

  2. Well we’re only about 3 weeks away from football, that’s the good news. The bad news is that it is a Goats and Bears game…

  3. I’m thrilled the game is going forward as scheduled. Who’s going to play? A bunch of All-Star retirees? These guys need to take care of business instead of just telling us they’re going to take care of business. I don’t want my team taking the field without at least five minutes of cohesive practice.

  4. I just don’t see the HoF game coming off with time in the calendar.

    It’s going to be 1-2 weeks after the owners approve a settlement until everything else is set in stone (court approval, NFLPA re-certified, etc).

    Unless the NFL unilaterally lifts the lockout without everything being signed, sealed, and delivered, the soonest football will begin is July 28, 10 days before the Hall of Fame game.

    Reportedly, there will be a 3 day window of personnel trades and signings before free agency begins. Trying to play a game one week later is a joke, considering there has been no coach-player contact let alone organized work out activities.

    This is the best case scenario. With the parties reportedly punting on the issue of who’s going to pay into the Legacy Fund, it’s not even clear to me Judge Nelson will approve the settlement.

    The Hall of Fame game is toast. They just don’t want to admit it yet. If we’re lucky, we’ll have an otherwise complete pre-season. If we’re not, even a deal next week could see one or two pre-season games cancelled.

  5. I’m pretty sure the viewers of the Hall of Fame Game know that the NFL Hall of Fame exists. Unless someone is watching the game without a clue of what football is, the Hall of Fame is losing the possible revenue from the people attending the HoF game.

    Who wants to watch Jay Cutler get sacked every 5 snaps and watch his receivers play with their butter fingers?

  6. Real football fans watch and appreciate preseason. The rest of you are fantasy football fanboys.

  7. Great googa mooga……what would we have done without the HOF game????

    Anybody know the current “ODDS” on the game?

  8. “Real football fans watch and appreciate preseason. The rest of you are fantasy football fanboys.”

    I think time is against Hall of Fame game being played, but I agree … I’ll watch each of the pre-season games of the Browns. Even when 3rd and 4th stringers are in there, it’ll be a chance to see Shurmur’s West Coast offense at work and how the new 4-3 looks on D. When the 1st and 2nd stringers are playing, who’s running the best routes in the new WC offense? How comfortable is McCoy (it’ll be much more akin to the O he played at UT). Is the right side of the O-line still a weak link? Kind of watch players and positions like a positions coach.

  9. As a Rams fan, I never like the thought of playing extra preseason games…but if ever there was a season to do it, it’s this one. The Rams are a young team, with a new OC and a lot of new guys they’re going to be counting on to contribute this season….the more practice the better.

    And if you don’t get excited for the HOF game…or any preseason game for that matter…you aren’t a real football fan.

  10. Just more unresponsible reporting by the media in Chicago. Every day we have to deal with the radio & print media saying, “My guy tells me…….” OR “An un-named source says…….” They throw a dozen darts a day and hope that one sticks every once in a while. Then they say – – – I broke the story OR You heard it here first.

  11. I see no problem with this game moving on, sure the players did not have OTA’s and they want to reduce the hitting in training camp so go ahead and play touch football. I like it last year when the players and former players gripe about Goodell is taking the hitting out of the game and the next minute the players want to take hitting out of the game.

  12. It’s usually a glorified scrimmage, but it’s at least FOOTBALL again. Play the game, honor the inductees, and we’re back to football finally.

  13. I’m an English NFL fan and I can say that I will definetly be watching the Pre-season. I think its great, last year I stayed up all night just to watch Tim Tebow’s debut, and to watch the Packers beat my Colts pretty badly, yet I still loved it. Its so interesting to watch low round draft picks fighting to impress, if you watch closely enough, you may spot some great potential who has no hype yourself.

    Or your a casual NFL fan, who just watches the normal games because you get fantasy football points.

    I get back from holiday on the 7th from Hong Kong, and will be extremely jet lagged, but I will still tune in to watch this Hall of Fame game, because I love Football

  14. The NFL Network airs every preseason game. I DVR every preseason game, and watch at least a portion of every preseason game and all of Pittsburgh’s games.

    Did you guys say you were football fans? It’s football … after a long, long dry spell (because I don’t watch CFL, UFL, or AFL). It’s a chance to check out your rookies and free-agent acquisitions, to see how your starters look. I’m busy, and can’t just fix my attention on that many games nonstop, but it’s nice having football as my soundtrack while I do other things.

    What kind of football fans don’t watch football?

  15. I love the people on here that whine about the lockout but then say they could care less about the HOF game. The HOF game means that there is football!

  16. Good Lord…….people care about a pre season scrimmage?

    You people are starved! Go outside and get some fresh air.

  17. From the comments, I see half of you could care less about pre season…. Well, you are probably the same “fans” that stop watching “your team” when their record is not good.

    I have watched EVERY game the Buccaneers have played, as well as EVERY snap… Including the pre-season. (Thank you NFL Sunday Ticket) Why? Because I love Football, and I love my team. I love to watch the players fight for their position, and make their spot on the team.

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