Players seek reduction in training camp contact


So what is still left to figure out in the labor dispute?

Both sides sound confident a deal is on the way, but the two sides still need to figure out settlements in the remaining Brady antitrust case and TV money case.

Speaking on ESPN Saturday, Chris Mortensen also indicated that players “won’t give in” on the remaining player health and safety issues still on the table.

We know about the reduction of OTAs and offseason practices.  Mort also reports players want less contact during camp and to “basically eliminate” two-a-days.  We’ll have to wait for an agreement before we see the fine print, but it’s fair to expect the players to get what they want here.  

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has focused on player safety, and these sort of changes don’t need to be approved by coaches who would be more likely to blanch at reduced camp contact.

74 responses to “Players seek reduction in training camp contact

  1. jeez….tell me something the owners got in all this?….all I keep hearing is “players won’t budge”….what a bunch of whining rich kids.

  2. yeah, they need less work and more money……poor guys must be worn out…..

  3. maybe if they wanna get rid of two-a-days, they could practice for 8 hours once a day, like regular folks work 8 hours, instead of a morning practice, 3 hour break, and afternoon practice…..

  4. Thats crap! Reduces OTA’s, ok. Camp is for getting in shape! Suck it up! Two a Day’s does not mean helmet on helmet! If I were the owners I would have my coaches back on this one and hold tight!

  5. Players also requested a reduction in film study and practice time. Coaches requested a reduction in whining. Owners requested a reduction in taxes for their billion dollar companies. Fans requested a reduction in BS from all of the above.

  6. I’m w/ the players on this one. I think the quality would get better since their bodies would take less of a beating from each other and the heat. And less injuries.

  7. I am in agreement with a reduction in some of the mandatory offseason stuff for sure. That said, the players’ condition when they go into TC this year may convince me more or less on that since they have basically had 0 mandatory anything so it will be interesting to see what kid of shape they are in now.
    I am not in agreement with reducing anything as far as training camp though. Most smart coaches give vets some days off and they know that 2 a days all the time aren’t usually good. Plus TC is their first real practices as a team, full on that is. I think it’s silly to ask for reductions there.

  8. Really come on guys put the big boy pants on and and go out and practice like you want to win and be better conditioned so you feel fresher in live action. Jeez now they sound like babies (whaaaaaa I do want to work out all day pamper me) As you can tell now this pisses me off.

  9. QB’s wear flags.
    Kickers and punters wear skirts.
    Two hand touch for everyone else.
    No moving blocks.

    Problem solved.

  10. BREAKING NEWS: Players also want a free to use supply of maxi pads to prevent any leakage.

  11. mathsimillion says: Jul 16, 2011 10:46 AM

    I hope they argue for a snow cone machine on the side line as well.


    I almost spit up my coffee laughing so hard at this.

  12. Dear Lord…the players better cave on this one. How the heck are coaches going to have productive off seasons otherwise?

    Imagine no OTAs for the rookies…no chance they would be ready in time.

    I’d rather see scrubs play then cave into them on this one.

    Personally, I would also rather see MORE OTAs in the off season. And htey should be televised too to the fans can build excitement for the upcoming season! 😉

  13. The next headline should read:

    “Fans want a reduction in ticket prices for preseason games”

    Aren’t they getting this deal done for the “fans”?

  14. I mean really? What little girls. U get paid millions……MILLIONS. get ur a$$es out ther and do that 2 a days u little sissys. What are u guys a bunch of punters and kickers?

  15. kevinwi says: Jul 16, 2011 10:47 AM

    jeez….tell me something the owners got in all this?….all I keep hearing is “players won’t budge”….what a bunch of whining rich kids.


    Revenue split, or simpler yet , money.

  16. The new practice methods involve ‘visioning’ a play unfolding in your direction … and then the players explain to their ‘life coach’ what they would have done if they still had a pair.

  17. Practice? We sittin here, I suppose to be the franchise player, and we in here talkin about Practice. NOT A GAME, not a game, we talkin about …. Practice.

  18. whaaaa, I don’t want to be dead at 42 cuz my brain has turned into a jello pudding.

    C’mon, guys. It makes me sick to watch athletes who have no knees and can’t walk, or who die young, or whatever, because they gave it their all on the field on Sundays for a few years. No amount of money is worth that. We fans have got to accept that changes are coming, for the sake of the players’ health.

  19. This is just another reason I’m selling my tickets. When are they going to ask the owners to pay for their college if they left school early? Overpaid and self entitled.

  20. Two-a Days are how you get your body in “contact” shape.

    No way can they get rid of that aspect of training camp- and not see a dramatic effect upon actual game day performance.

  21. Maybe the players should demand a stipulation that the more you’re arrested the less money you make.

    I would go for that over a reduction in training camp contact.

  22. Get it done so our Nat’l Violence League starts again. But I do not watch for the violence. Brady to Moss was awesome.

  23. How about we eliminate the “let’s bend over our biggest supporters and make them pay full price for garbage” Pre Season games?? There is no reason whatsoever to have this, 4 plays by starters and Junior Varsity comes in. It is an insult to fans and season ticket holders everywhere. I was hoping if nothing else, this new CBA would eliminate or reduce this garbage. As a 16 year Dolphin Season Ticket Holder, I called my Represenative yesterday and told him I’m done after this year. I can go to Craigslist or StubHub or TicketMaster every week and get great seats without having to pay for 2 garbage games. I love Pro Football and my Dolphins but I am officially finished with shelling out $1200.00 year after year for two POS garbage games. Let me know when a CBA does something for the fans, not just for the owners or players.

  24. I hope my team decides to practice 2 a days in hopes to get back in football shape. Any edge would help!

  25. I guess before the deal is set in stone, the players want to make sure they lose as much fan respect as baseball players did in 1994…

  26. Chiefs were in pads 30 out of 35 practice days and had fewer injuries than anyone.

    The Cowboys had soft, Wade Phillips style practices and got spanked every weekend until he was fired. Garrett took over, put them in pads and they went 5-3 with their starting QB out.

    Anyone who’s played sports understands that soft practice and soft preparation is never a good thing on any level.

  27. Just so we are clear: The players do not want rules to discourage dangerous hits during games, but they do want rules limiting normal contact outside of games.

  28. blackqbwhiterb says:
    Jul 16, 2011 11:00 AM
    maybe if they wanna get rid of two-a-days, they could practice for 8 hours once a day, like regular folks work 8 hours, instead of a morning practice, 3 hour break, and afternoon practice…..

    You’re stupid and all the people who gave you a thumbs up are stupid also.

    Typical ProTraining Camp Schedule:
    6 am- Wake Up
    7 am training room open
    8:15 Special teams meeeting
    9-11:30 Practice
    you have to eat, get treatment, taped and ready to go by 9.
    In that “3 hr lunch break” you have post practice meetings, treatment, lunch, then get ready taped and have pre-practice meeting.
    2:30-5 practice.
    Then weight lifting session, treatment and dinner before team meeting.
    7pm-team meeting
    7:30 Special teams
    8-10:30 Offense/Defense
    11 pm-Curfew.

    You would quit after the 2nd day.

  29. at ramofsteel, less injuries because of all the contact in OTA’s. Have you ever seen an OTA, or a Training camp day. There is very little contact. These guys are football players. These summer practices are two hand touch. Please let’s get real here about what these professional athletes can handle. These guys just want to spend more time on the golf course, or on a cruise while making millions. I say cut salaries according to how much “tough” summer training they miss. I am a firefighter, and we train to be the best at our jobs. Real training, real fire, real sweat. These guys really disgust me with this more money, less work garbage. Less injuries with less practice and conditioning….get real.

  30. So the same players that say Goodell is taking all the manliness out of the game are now whining that they have to practice too much?

    When I lived in Bethlehem, I would occasionally go to Eagles camp at Lehigh even though I’m not an Eagles fan.

    During two-a-days, they only wore pads in the morning.

    The afternoon sessions were shorts and helmets, no contact.

    By 4 o’clock in the afternoon, half the team was at Starter’s Pub doing shots of Jaegermeister.

    They seemed to survive two-a-days OK to me.

  31. I agree with hawkeye6, there’s probably going to be more injuries than normal. There’s also going to be some really sloppy football as well. Just because the job description says “professional football player” does not mean all of them live it as a professional. Guys will show up fat, weak, and slow.
    I’m going out and do something else on Sunday afternoon and watch some on the DVR, skip all commercials, and not buy any NFL gear.

  32. So, you guys wanna get paid hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year, have all the incentives of retirement after X, single digit amount, of years, be famous and [mostly] respected, AND have it easy come practice and hard work time? Oh…

  33. You have to practice tackling to be good at it. Year in and year out you see teams that had a “relaxed” training camp struggle. In addition, if you don’t have enough padded practices you’re more likely to be get hurt because you haven’t learned to make a clean form tackle or you’re just rusty at it.

    Listen, I’m all for improving helmet technology to reduce concussions as much as possible. However, this is tackle football, not touch. You can’t negotiate out the physicality of the sport without reducing league-wide ratings and revenue which leads to less money for the players. Players know what they are getting into when they sign their contracts. No one forces them to play professional football for a living. There is a certain long-term risk to their health they have to accept in return for the salaries they make compared to safer professions.

  34. If less contact in training camp means less starting players going on IR before the season even starts, then I’m all for it. Its bad enough that we lose star players once the games really count. Its a real shame to lose them from “friendly fire” in practice sessions.

  35. I like how the lardasses that comment on here would have trouble doing 1/64 a days. I’m sure you wouldn’t complain if your favorite player blows out an ACL in an offseason workout.

  36. Odds that the players get the language to reduce ota contact: 100%

    Odds that succesful programs and coaches adhere to either the letter or spirit of the reduction: 0%

    Hope the first few whistle blowers enjoy bagging groceries. If the policy has no teeth it will be ignored. Especially by the “hoodie”. “thank you commish for this week’s fine. See you again next wednesday”

  37. @kevinwi

    Money, the owners got more money and a rookie wage scale(less money to busts). That’s all they really wanted anyway.

  38. I see players starting to getting injured, due to not putting in enough work in TC. They need to build up stamina, and get their bodies used to playing. I just don’t think this is a good idea.

  39. Relax people. Its probably a negotiating tool. The will “compromise” on two-a-days in exchange for something else. Just like owners did with “right of first refusal”.

    And relax on beating up the players. Unless your job involves risk of career-ending injury every time you show up, I dont think we can relate. And most of these guys aren’t “rich kids”; they’re mostly replaceable, league-minimum, non-guaranteed guys who are fortunate to get 3 or 4 years in the league.

    Besides, “what we talkin about? We talkin about practice. Not a game, practice.”

  40. Tackling in the NFL is so crappy as it is. They arm tackle like they’re still laying in high school. So, sure, let’s reduce contact even further. I’m sure that will improve the quality of the tackling.

  41. Somebody really made a brilliant move with the lockout insurance. Whoever made that move or came up with that idea deserves kudos. Playing that card at the right time really turned the tide of this negotiation.

  42. Two-a-days are really a hold-over from he days when players didn’t train during the off-season and they needed they needed to get back into shape. Today the players train year round so that shouldn’t be a big issue. If I were the owners I’d trade two-a-days for off season conditioning and fitness tests as a condition of payment.

  43. WOW….you guys really just love to bash these football players as soft babies and I dont get it. Lets see any of you do what they do to their bodies year round. I laugh at the guy who sits at his desk on his butt for 8 hours and is calling out people who run into eachother at full speed for a living. We all know you are all racist stuck up people who talk s**t over the computer and get mad when players dont sign your stuff. Get lives!

  44. @phillyforlife:

    That’s exactly my sentiment. I believe there will be a higher than normal amount of injuries this year.

  45. John Madden once said, “Play one down in a NFL game, and your body will never be the same for the rest of your life.” Amen!

  46. Sheesh…. are you kidding me??? I’d do 2 a days 365 days a year for the money these guys make… give me a break!!!

  47. No contact in practice will result in more injuries in early games and get paid anyway. What a Deal! Little rich crybabies got the owners to bend over without Vasoline.

  48. I can see less contact in camp, that sounds reasonable. Whining about two-a-days is a bit much, esp. with less contact.

  49. Really? What happened to football being a gridiron sport? Sounds like my high school wrestling practice was harder.

    I’d love to get paid even 50gs a year to play a sport and work 40 hours a week for 7 months while keeping in shape for offseason.

  50. If the players are fighting for safety, then I don’t want to hear anymore crying when they get fined for cheap shots and head hunting. More than anything else, THIS sounds like the issue could divide players (offense/defense).

  51. All these people talking like a 2 a day practice is a real hardship. How no one here could keep up and that this is a huge physical demand.

    Tell you what – instead of a 2 a day practice schedule for 2 months or so – why don’t they pick up a 60lb ruck, a rifle and spend a year in Afghanistan or Iraq? Do that day in and out in the mountains and then in the 115 degree heat. All for 2000 bucks a month. Then we’ll talk about who and what is and isn’t tough.

    I mean no one works as hard as a NFL player during 2 a days – right? It’s damned inhuman what they go thru….

    Quit your complaining, suck it up and be men. Seriously – all this crying over a job you CHOOSE to do. NO ONE forces you to play in the NFL.

    Hike up your damned skirt and do the practices and be happy it’s what you have to do.

  52. teal379 says:
    Tell you what – instead of a 2 a day practice schedule for 2 months or so – why don’t they pick up a 60lb ruck, a rifle and spend a year in Afghanistan or Iraq? Do that day in and out in the mountains and then in the 115 degree heat. All for 2000 bucks a month. Then we’ll talk about who and what is and isn’t tough.
    Kudos to you, teal. Thanks for putting some real perspective on this. And to hell with the fool that gave you a thumbs down.

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