Report: Owners, players will meet Monday after all


The owners and players will meet again after all.

Short after a report surfaced that the two sides were unlikely to need face-to-face sessions again, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports the two sides will indeed meet again on Monday and Tuesday.

It appears the meetings will be to go over some issues we haven’t heard a lot about before.  (We recommend reading Florio’s post on this possibility from Friday night.)

Mort reports players want $320 million in lost benefits from the 2010 season restored. They also want the franchise tag to only be allowed once per player, instead of being able to use it in successive years.  (That could be a nod to Brady antitrust plaintiff Logan Mankins, among others.)  Workman’s compensation is also reportedly an issue, as are the two hanging lawsuits.  (The antitrust suit and the television revenue.)

This news seems to come as a small surprise to some.  NFL outside counsel Jeff Pash told Albert Breer of NFL Network that the “principles” did their job, and that the CBA was in the hands of the lawyers now.  The league’s network reported no further face-to-face talks were expected to be necessary.

Something clearly changed in the meantime.  We don’t think there is any reason for fans need to panic, but it’s a reminder that it’s not a deal until it’s a deal.

Consider this report lukewarm water.

UPDATE:  More Mort: “Main point : NFL/NFLPA need more hard negotiations on unresolved issues when hoping tough stuff was over.”  He says there is still optimism for a deal by Tuesday or Wednesday.

33 responses to “Report: Owners, players will meet Monday after all

  1. Considering the money on the table is $4.3 Billion (potential damages from the TV revenues and the benefits).. I’m not surprised. I think the players are willing to settle for the benefits rather than hope for the lottery ticket win of the TV revenues going through Judge Doty and review)

  2. have the players decided to reneg like the owners did weeks ago?
    great just great..
    just do the deal..damn
    just when you thought it was done, was this not brought up earlier or is this a last minute idea by the lawyers representing the players?

  3. What about the fan issues!? We demand cheap beer, padded seats, and warmer weather in December on gamedays.

    Otherwise, NO DEAL.

  4. Wait!!! This is my supprise comment!!!! ” (.)(.)”
    I cannot believe they haven’t agreed yet! ()
    Or what can the laywers think of next?

  5. So does Free Agency still start this week? Because I can deal with this crap if we still get free agency.

  6. You mean after all this talk about “financial framework complete”, and deal is just being written up to be signed……we still have a disagreement about $320 million……really…..where did that come from? Preseason is at risk now…..$320 million….unbelievable.

  7. I bet the lawyers blew something up now the two sides are meeting to fix it.


  8. “Pash told Albert Breer of NFL Network that the “principles” did their job, and that the CBA was in the hands of the lawyers now.”


  9. players: gimme! gimme! gimme! Oh, we also don’t want to practice, study film, or be held accountable for our actions off the field.
    Finally we DEMAND better safety but refuse to wear the better helmets that are available, use the provided padding, or tackle without leading with the crown of our helmets.
    That is all… for now

  10. I want lingerie football games at half time instead of stupid bands and midget football. Ohh wait, wait, I’ll settle for real midgets dressed up like the actual teams playing.

  11. I completely support the use of the franchise tag on a player only one time. Teams need to offer a serious contract to the guy if they want him to stay.

    If not, another tweak to the current system is the 1st time you franchise tag a player, he gets the average of the top 5 salaries. The second time, he gets the average of the top 3 salaries at his position. The 3rd time, he gets the salary of the highest paid player at his position.

  12. Deal Breaker!!! I love football, but the players an owners are gonna feel the wrath of the fans this yr whenever the season starts, im not going to a single game this yr. I hope both players and owners lose a lot of money this yr for the sake of fans. If that happens they’ll learn to deals on time from now on.

  13. What about the fan’s benefits. I don’t want to miss a game because it’s on the NFL network. Rip off.

  14. You guys are idiots! The labor situation is over. If they decided on all these issues and let something come in the way of a deal now, I promise you that they’ve lost another fan! I’m done with this stupid back and forth that people in the media post about. Nobody at PFT or ESPN know what they’re talking about. Even the damn NFL players are lost. It will be done by Wednesday at the latest. Steel Kurtain said so………..

  15. I don’t like this play by the players…they decided to decertify…they can’t get everything back due to their actions. If they lost out on bonuses this year, it’s on them.

  16. They still have to unravel the antitrust lawsuit and get the agreement of the retired players on the legacy fund.[ Carl Ellers group] D Smith allowed them to enjoin in the antitrust suit. If they do not agree to the new terms of the proposed CBA , they can prevent the union from reforming, which would stop an ageement [in its tracks]There are other issues unresloved also.!Its not over tell its over ! Folks …don’t believe the hype until it is signed, sealed and delivered, or you will just be disappointed.

  17. The players won’t be satisfied until they get absolutely everything. Their stupid leader (DeMo) will screw up the deal before it’s a deal.

    Greedy jerks! Give them an inch and they will demand a mile.

  18. Where gonna need you to come in on Sunday too… Ummkay…
    That be greaaat!!!
    It’s like Bill Lumberg is running this thing!
    Like Nike says “just do it” for f%#* sake!!!

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