“Vacation” over, time to get back to work

It’s been a great week down here at Hilton Head, South Carolina.  (I can now disclose the location since I’m in the process of escaping it.)  It was a working vacation, but a working vacation is always better than no vacation.

So now with the lockout almost over, it’s time to head back to the place John Denver dubbed Almost Heaven.  On Monday, PFT Live returns for a continuous stream of shows into 2012, and the looming free-agent frenzy that figures to test the fitness and conditioning of the NBC server hamsters.

Today, Rosenthal and MDS will be minding the store while we make the trip home, but I’ll also be making some cameo appearances.  Check in all day for the latest news and rumors and analysis as the lockout approaches conclusion and the 2011 season moves onto the radar screen.