Carolina’s Steve Smith teams of choice: Baltimore, San Diego

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Late last season, Carolina’s Steve Smith went to Panthers owner Jerry Richardson’s house and asked to be traded.

Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer confirms this with multiple sources, and we’ve seen it elsewhere.  Before the lockout started, the Panthers reportedly started to shop Smith around quietly.

While Smith has mostly stayed quiet on the issue this offseason, his desire to leave the team seems pretty obvious. And the Panthers seem open to the idea.

If Smith is dealt, Sorensen writes that his teams of choice include the Chargers and Ravens.   Basically, he wants to go to a playoff contender.

The Chargers were rumored in connection to Smith earlier this offseason, and make a lot of sense because they could use another veteran receiver.

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  1. Smitty isnt goin any where now, too late in the year, plus sorensen said on wfnz radio its doubtful now bc it so ate now. Plus smitty never said it in public #rumers

  2. If Smith is willing to sign for CHEAP… I’m sure both Baltimore and San Diego would be willing to see how much he’s got left.

    But considering he hasn’t done much lately, and is known for running the wrong route or just quitting on a route hanging his QB out to dry… he can’t expect much money from teams like that.

    Baltimore just traded for Boldin last year, and drafted a receiver in the first round this year. The Chargers tagged Jackson AGAIN, and Rivers seems to do better with bigger receivers. Jackson, Floyd, even Kelley Washington… all bigger guys.

    I think teams would rather take a risk on Terrell Owens with how well he played last year on a team that was going nowhere…

  3. Doesn’t work that way in the NFL, you make the best based deal on what’s best for your team. You think Ozzie or Smith will give the Panthers premium draft picks or try to get him on the cheap. Whatever team gives them the best deal, that’s where he will go, period. This isn’t the NBA.

  4. It must have more to do with the cities itself than the teams or QBs because Balt & SD are far from the only 2 teams one could consider contenders every year and much as I think Rivers is a very good player, he’s not the only QB who is on a fairly consistent playoff contender. NE, GB, Pitt, Atl, NO, etc.

    I mean really, WRs should want to go to Indy #1. They’re contenders every year, they pass a lot and play indoors 9 games/year and play warm weather opponents in their away games that aren’t in a dome. Granted Indy doesn’t make a lot of trades and seldom makes any splash in FA because they prefer homegrown talent but same could be said for Balt & SD.

  5. I would love to see what happens if he throws a punch in practice in Baltimore. He might have to be carried back to the locker room with his head inside his helmet on a seperate stretcher from his body.

  6. I say you send him to Dallas and match him up with Dez, Miles Austin and Jason Witten and trade Sam Herd and Roy “I can’t catch the ball” Williams

  7. watermelon1 says: Jul 17, 2011 10:00 AM

    …….Baltimore just traded for Boldin last year, and drafted a receiver in the first round this year. The Chargers tagged Jackson AGAIN, and Rivers seems to do better with bigger receivers. Jackson, Floyd, even Kelley Washington… all bigger guys………..

    Baltimore drafted a cornerback in the first round – Jimmy Smith. I guess you got it wrong because the WR they drafted in the second round also has the same last name – Torrey Smith.

  8. Smith is a native of California (LA) so it is natural for him to express a preference to play for the best team in the state, with the best QB on the West Coast.

  9. He can go to Baltimore and be on a playoff contender. If he actually wants to get to a *Super Bowl* again, he might want to look elsewhere.

  10. I think Ozzie would consider him for a one year, incentive laden deal for a low round pick. He’s been having injuries, may have lost a step, and definitely on the downside of his career.

    Plus we are looking to resign Marshall Yanda as a top priority and then a pass rusher to help out Suggs on the other side.

    An aging/smallish reciver isn’t on our radar.

  11. Yo trickbunny…,you know as well as anybody that getting to the Superbowl is really tough and impossible to predict. Lets say Aaron Rogers tears his ACL….you think Green Bay would be a good pick for Smith?

    Injuries, judgement calls by refs, one missed assignment is all it takes to change a team’s fortunes for the entire season. Picking a Superbowl contender right now is a crap shoot

    “Elsewhere” could be “anywhere”.

  12. How many AFC Championship Games the Chargers been to in their entire History? 2 lol. How many Super Bowls have they been to or won? lol a whole bunch.

    Chargers a Playoff Team? I hope they let some of those young good WR they have go and bring in the Old Man, Chargers are and always have been way overrated, just ask Dan Foust.

  13. AJ Smith has traded for vet recievers before (Keenan McCardell & Chris Chambers) but I don’t think this one will happen unless we lose Floyd and Smith is willing to restructure his contract and take a lot less money.

  14. I’d love to see the Redskins get him. Maybe for McNabb? But we need a bunch of free agents before the Redskins can be called a SB contender. Maybe if San Diego gets Smith they will be willing to let the ‘Skins have Vincent Jackson. The right QB passing to Moss and VJ would put us in the playoffs again.

  15. I see it as wanting to be with an elite organization, mores then a contender. He’s on the downside of his career but could have a short rebirth with the right organization. He been in Carolina awhile he dosnt want to regret leaving so Baltimore and SD are safe choices that also are expected in the post season.

    @goawayeverybody to be honest I’d still rather have mason starting.

    He’s turning into what stover was. Past his prime but still so consistent. I wouldn’t mind having another vet around in case mason gets hurt. But he still needs to be able to stretch the field. I’d save money and cut boldin and re-sign TJ. Get stallworth again cheap. And give more throws to our 2 new young guys

  16. It kills me that players think they can dictate where they go while under contract. It’s even worse when owners give baby his bottle.
    Any player publicly saying he wants a trade to a specific destination should be shipped off to Cincinnati.

  17. Perfect fit for smitty is pittsburgh. They need another threat at wr with ward growing old. Wallace takes top off defenses leaving smith to run free underneath a mis-match nightmare. Plus he physical and can block.

  18. he would look good in the purple and black with the dark visor catching 60 yard bombs from bazooka joe. hes coming to the charm city

  19. @snnyjcbs

    You look like an idiot when you say the Chargers have been to 2 AFC Championships, when in reality they have been to 4 AFC Championships (and 1 Super Bowl loss). ..and who is Dan FOUST?

    Why even bother posting when you’re not even close to being accurate?

  20. While the Chargers don’t have a great past, every team that has won the Super Bowel had to Win it for the first time! Rivers is excellent, if they get Smith they will be a better team. As far as Rivers having trouble throwing to Smith because he prefers taller recievers, he throws to Darren Sproles and Mike Tolbert. I think Darren is 2 feet tall and Mike is 3 feet tall! If the whole team can play at a high level and play mistake free football, they can win it all!

  21. Steve Smith deserves a ring, he is a special player!! He is like Gary Payton of Point guards, he needs to sign with like the patriots or even the punkass steelers and get a ring.

  22. @deucedeuce13

    am i reading that right or did you say cut boldin? man you must be crazy.

  23. joetoronto says:
    Jul 18, 2011 6:16 AM
    If he sings with the Chargers, he’ll instantly be a pre-season Super Bowl champ.


    What song is he going to be singing? Blame Canada?

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