Colts are up as “worst moments” hits home stretch

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PFT Live returns on Monday, which means that the “worst moments” series returns, too.

Next up?  The Colts.

The Colts came to mind after watching the Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel profile of John and Jim Harbaugh, given that Jim was the quarterback of the Colts when the team nearly pulled off what would have been a stunning upset in the AFC title game.  (We talked to him about it during a fairly recent episode of PFT Live, and he didn’t seem to be all that happy that we brought it up.)

Though that moment surely is in Jim Harbaugh’s worst four, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see if it makes the Colts’ worst four since the last work stoppage, which are sure to include at least a few that surely prompted Peyton Manning to come down with a case of bitter beer face.

Until then, feel free to make some suggestions in the comments.

25 responses to “Colts are up as “worst moments” hits home stretch

  1. Their worst moment was when Bill Polian used his influence with the Competition Committee to get the rules changed for Peyton and his receivers after they were roughed up by the Pat’s.

  2. Vanderjagt’s “Wide Right” shot in the Jan 15th playoff game against the Steelers, only to hit it from the same length live on David Letterman’s show.

    Drafting Jeff George after trading tons of players for the pick to the Falcons…only to trade Jeff George to the Falcons a few years later.

    Trading Jim Harbaugh to the Ravens.

    Tobin vs. Kiper at the draft.

    Jim Mora’s “PLAYOFFS?!?” rant.

  3. worst moment is yet to come for colts fans. #18 retires?….nope….the day polian has a heart attack or pops a blood vessle screaming at someone.

  4. It’s hard to believe but I think that their worst moment came when they were the best team in the NFL. They had a chance to go for the first unbeaten season and they QUIT on their fans, themselves and on each other. I was a great fan of Peyton and the Colts up until then, and I have rooted against them since they QUIT and will always root for whoever is playing the Colts. Their worst moment showed the character of their team and organization from top to bottom.

  5. Next ‘worst moment’ … having to pay Peyton so much of your cap space that they can’t field a decent team around him. Unless he can convince the other guys to play for free. Good luck with that.

  6. Loss to Pitt in 06 playoffs
    Loss to any team during the playoffs
    mora rant..PLAYOFFS??PLAYOFFS??
    Not drafting Ryan leaf
    Drafting Etman and Corryatt with 1st 2 pickd in draft.
    benching players when 14-0!
    pumping in fake noise through out the stadium since their fans are soft and quiet
    Manings int vs Saints
    Kenda’s husband not handling the onside kick!

  7. Two things were worse than the infamous “PLAYOFFS?!” rant, for me, as a Colts fan, and they both happened in the playoffs.

    1.) Getting annihilated 41-0 by the Chad Pennington/Herm Edwards Jets in 02-03 Wild Card Round.

    2.) Lamar Smith running for 209 yards on 40 carries (both playoff records at the time) against the Colts in the 2000-01 Wild Card round.

    Mora should have been fired after that, I was 9 and I knew that. However, they kept him around, and the “PLAYOFFS?!” rant happens the next season. Thus, if they can him after the Lamar Smith incident, the playoffs rant never happens.

  8. @ jackbauerqb1….you know what man?, you are correct with that astute comment! i always liked the colts because they are fun to watch but after that total p@#$y move i never did like them as much.

  9. Behind the scenes:
    When Jimmy Irsay allowed the Polians’ to “let go”, ‘downsize’, ‘layoff’, “retire”,ect… all the employees who had been with the Irsays for years, bled blue during the rough years , and Irsay gave his ‘word’ that they were safe, your one of ‘my ‘ people, no worries. Just so Bill can say that it is “his” team that he built. (which it still is not so) Also, so that Chrisissy could ‘feel’ comfortable at work!!! The humorous part is that all the changes started with football operations, and since then ‘their draft’ has been adequate at best.
    Look it up: Their last great draft, was in 2006. That is when the staff ‘changes’ started.

  10. Most of the worst moments have to be pre-Manning, still, think of the team Manning has had to work with, and only 1 SB ring? If that’s how the Manning era ends, Colts fans will have to be very disappointed.

  11. Definitely, Jim Caldwell resting the Colts starters when they had a chance to go 16-0, and Manning visibly unimpressed, some locker-room tension about it, and then it fell apart for the Colts in due fashion in the playoffs.

  12. Or did they make the Super Bowl that year and lost to the Saints?

    Lol, oh well, still, it in itself was a worst moment, that benching of starters, the Manning unimpressed, and the lost chance of 16-0.

  13. @Stairwayto7

    Do they really do that? Yikes.


    Conversely, that was one of my favorite NYJ moments in recent years. If you told me the QB of that team would be one of the greatest of all time I would have laughed until I died.

  14. GG Eden says: Jul 17, 2011 11:50 PM

    Definitely, Jim Caldwell resting the Colts starters when they had a chance to go 16-0, and Manning visibly unimpressed, some locker-room tension about it, and then it fell apart for the Colts in due fashion in the playoffs.
    Congrats on getting it right.

    Manning was indeed upset. Someone earlier suggested he had something to do with it, not true at all.

  15. Peyton Manning’s happy feet any time he feels pressure. He moves like my dog does when she has to drop a deuce.

  16. Also, that fantasy football ad from a few years back, where Peyton holds up a little trophy and says, “This is what I play for.”

    Because it’s true: Peyton shredding some hapless team for stats when he’s up by four touchdowns is a whole lot more common than him winning a playoff game.

  17. It’s quite clear that Kevinfromth doesn’t have a clue about quarterbacking mechanics…

    Happy Feet would be Mike Vick with the confused look on his face and not sure which is his hot read, trying to get out of the pocket.

    Manning’s “patting of the feet” are perfect qb mechanics so he can throw at any given split second.

  18. ahhh…the Manning-face. That right there sums up many low points for the Colts. I miss that face…it’s been rare to see over the last couple of years as his play has been remarkable for the most part. But against the Pats in the first part of the ‘oughts, that face was on full display for all to see…every year. (Thanks to Ty Law!)

    The liquored up kicker is a low point…well several actually.

    Polian whining and complaining to anyone that’ll listen annoys me to no end…his place in the competition committee is a huge conflict of interest in my opinion.

    And as others have mentioned…pussing out on going undefeated spoke volumes. Even though my Pats blew it…and least they had the nut to go for it.

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