Marvin White denies making threats at his child’s daycare center

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Every once in a while, I type a headline and then ask myself if I ever dreamed I’d be crafting that specific collection of words, in that specific order.

This story was the most recent one to spark that thought.

Bengals safety Marvin White, whose Thursday arrest was the meat within the Pacman-CedBen Cincinnati arrest sandwich, denies engaging in the behavior that resulted in White being busted for disturbing the peace.  Specifically, White allegedly caused a ruckus and made threats at the daycare center his child attends.

White’s agent, Kevin Conner of Universal Sports Entertainment, has released the following statement to PFT on White’s behalf:  “I would like to sincerely apologize for the recent unfortunate situation.  I have never been arrested during my career in the NFL.  I didn’t make any threats while I was present at my children’s daycare.  I have been there on numerous occasions and several autographed photos of myself with my kids are present.  In addition, I have been invited by management to engage kids and parents through positive interaction and school activities.  I am looking forward to putting this situation behind me.”

White has 19 career starts in five NFL seasons.

12 responses to “Marvin White denies making threats at his child’s daycare center

  1. This team, instead of being called the Bengals, should be “The Cincinnati I want to apologizes”!

  2. “I have never been arrested during my career in the NFL.”
    Can I get a slow clap for this guy who hasn’t been arrested in 5 years. I am glad he pointed out “IN HIS NFL CAREER” and not his entire life. Who would have guessed it? A bungul, arrested?! Can’t be.

  3. Any post arrest statement that comes from a players agent or defense attorney should be viewed as smoke screening fluff, mitigating any facts of the event.
    The standard operating procedure is; Don’t talk to the police, deny everything and let your agent/attorney deal with the press. Brandon Marshall has this down to an art form.
    Life in the Big Leagues.

  4. Jerry Hughes, Stephen Hodge, Cory Grant, and Marvin White really doing a good job representing TCU this weekend.

  5. The Bengals are officially imploding. No quarterback. Ocho making threats against the coach. Pacman (again). Cedric Benson (again). Maybe we should rename them the Cincinatti Inmates.

  6. After a short investigation into who designed the current Cincinnati Bengals uniform, I have narrowed it down to 3 suspects: A six year old with severe ADHD, a stripper who wants to go to fashion school, or the cast of “Glee”.

  7. Oh, you autographed something? Free to go. Guess what, just cause you’re an athlete it doesn’t make you immune to crime. I really wish some of these jerks would have had to get a real job

  8. When will this organization learn that getting talented players on the cheap, because bad seeds won’t work?

    Spend the money and do it right, Mr Brown.

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