Reggie Wayne wants a new contract, but won’t hold out


Colts receiver Reggie Wayne is set to make $5.95 million in 2011, the final season of the six-year, $39 million contract he signed in 2006. He’d like to make more than that, and he’d like a contract that lets him know he’ll finish his career in Indianapolis.

But Wayne says he’s not going to hold out to get what he wants.

“I’m a Colt. What else I’m gonna be?” Wayne told the Indianapolis Star. “I’m going to go to work. That’s what I do.”

Although the Indianapolis Star story describes $5.95 million for 2011 as “below market value for a player of Wayne’s caliber,” that’s debatable. Wayne’s numbers in 2011 — 111 catches for 1,355 yards — were spectacular, but there are a lot of receivers who could put up spectacular numbers with Peyton Manning throwing to them.

Furthermore, Wayne will turn 33 this season. The Colts found out the hard way with Marvin Harrison that giving a big contract to a receiver in his 30s can be a costly mistake.

Wayne also surely knows that the Colts’ top priority will be a new contract for Manning, and any other deals they do will have to fit into whatever cap room is left. And so Wayne is ready to accept that he just needs to keep working hard and hope for the best.

“I’ll keep doing my thing,” Wayne said. “Hopefully I’ll get another contract.”

18 responses to “Reggie Wayne wants a new contract, but won’t hold out

  1. No doubt Wayne is a great receiver. But Revis made you look weak in the wildcard game last year. 1 catch for 1 yard. Step it up more if you want that deal bro.

  2. Reggie has always been respected amongst Colts fans. We’ve rarely had to tolerate prima donna wideouts.

  3. newsflash Reggie, at almost 6 million a year you are not underpaid. and is not just you anybody who makes the kind of money these guys do should never ever whine about being under paid. sure there are guys who make more than you who are not as good as you but that is life. nobody forced you to sign the deal you did so you and everybody else just needs shut up and make do with your paltry salary.

  4. This guy is a worker! His hard work and no-nonsense attitude will be rewarded by Jim & Bill. Just keep chopping word Reggie we love you bro!!!

    Go Colts!

  5. This guy is a worker! His hard work and no-nonsense attitude will be rewarded by Jim & Bill. Just keep chopping-wood Reggie we love you bro!!!

    Go Colts!

  6. He disserves one, as soon as the lockout ends he should call up his agent and the Colts office and work on getting one, but right now the main thing on his mind should be the lockout ending.

  7. I don’t think ANY QB can make a merely decent WR look SPECTACULAR…come on. Wayne is a talented WR. Period.
    Saying Manning MAKES Wayne “spectacular” is like me saying Brady MADE Moss.’s ridiculous.
    That said, I doubt Indy gives him a big extension offer.

  8. Reggie,

    Hold out for about 9 million a year. You deserve it and the only way you will get it is to withold your services.

    Remember the NFL is still a business first. Loyalty to the colors simply won’t work.

    Either that, or demand a trade to Denver !!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!

  9. Why didn’t any other receivers in Indy get 111 catches for 1300+ yards last year? I guess they don’t have any of the ‘lot of WRs’ that could put up those numbers with Peyton.

  10. Reggie pissed me off last year. His attitude seems to be more diva-like every season. You can also sense some coded attitude in his words. It seems like he’s just saying what he has to, and then when it comes time to get rolling, he will be upset about his situation.

    #18 is up first, Reggie. You’ll get what you deserve.


  11. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an extension if I were him. The Colts have this timed so he is up at 34 yo, and that will not be any big money contract at that age. Well played by Polian.

  12. As Schottenheimer said, most players who demand new contracts are hurting for money now.

  13. Metalhead:

    You ripping Reggie Wayne for those comments is the equivalent of me ripping you for saying I think I do a good job and would love a raise, but in the meantime I’m gonna continue going to work, giving my all, and hoping for the best. I rip holdouts when need be, but in fairness you have to praise the guys who handle this the right way. Which by all appearances Reggie Wayne is. And I am not a colts fan at all.

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