Your upcoming labor talks schedule


With an apparent last minute power play in the works, we still have some important labor talks left to go.

So what’s the schedule for the upcoming days?

On Sunday, lawyers for both sides are communicating but not meeting face-to-face.  The lawyers will be back at the table together Monday in New York, according to Albert Breer of

Meanwhile, the NFLPA* executive committee will get together in Washington D.C. on Monday afternoon to go over the latest CBA details.  Both the NFLPA* and the NFL will then wait for the direction of federal mediator Arthur Boylan on where to go next.

Both sides will meet with Boylan on Tuesday, but the location is uncertain.  It’s possible the league and players won’t meet face to face Monday.

“The parties will be in touch with Judge Boylan to give him a report on developments in advance of next Tuesday’s session and will consult with him on how to make the best use of the time before our league meeting on Thursday,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Breer.

The owners hope to vote and ratify an agreement on Thursday the 21st when they meet in Atlanta.

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  1. It’d be a good counter/stat if you could figure out exactly how many days the players & owners have spent in the same physical room negotiating. It seems like it hasn’t been that many given the length of the lockout. I know things are done when they’re not physically together but this ‘hard work’ line seems like its getting overused.

  2. When the owners and players define what they’re engaging in as “hard work”, what they really mean is “its hard to agree on anything”.

  3. This stalemate is emblematic of the financial crisis in our country as a whole. We allow ourselves to be held hostage by these overly entitled business men and the players who are paid too much and then wonder why nothing gets done. This issue is so insignificant in the larger picture. Our professional sports teams are becoming something that we as a society can do without if they want to continue to rape the fans with the outrageous fees to attend. This is so like the financial crisis in the federal government when you have the American public held hostage by those who are uncaring and unmotivated since they already have more than the general public could ever hope for.

  4. guess you can’t post links here, but the Boston Herald’s Ron Borges thinks there’s still ALOT of problems. Guys, this concerns me greatly…puff me up with some positive reinforcement

  5. I have a question….How many people out there still think we are going to have the Hall of Fame game ?…………I would bet the number is really dropping fast !!..or ….a deal this week ?…again…
    dropping fast, are the numbers….

  6. The fact they are not meeting face to face around the clock is a positive sign.

    If you have a drop dead date in mind- the owner’s meeting on Thursday- would you be working on the schedule they are if you were close to an agreement or far away from an agreement?

    If you take emotion and frustration out of it, isn’t that the reasonable way to look at it?

    It will done by Thursday, and the Hall of Fame game will not be cancelled.

    I’m not saying that so I can say “I told you so”, it just really seems to be the only logical conclusion to reach.

  7. The owners voting on a deal is the easiest, quickest thing to make happen among a dozen or more other things that also have to happen before the lockout ends. If the parties arrive at a handshake deal Tuesday afternoon, the owners should be able to vote via conference call later that day.

    Pretending that Thursday is a big day in all this is pretty dumb, unless you’re not aware of this new thing called a telephone.

    Other things that need to happen before lockout ends:

    1. Unresolved CBA details (read who pays into Legacy Fund for retired players is outstanding)

    2. Details involving settlement of Brady antitrust case (including $320M 2010 unpaid benefits)

    3. Details of settling 2011 TV revenue case before Judge Doty, his approval of settlement

    4. Judge Nelson approves settlement in Brady case

    5. NFLPA re-certifies and approves new CBA

  8. as as much as I love football, I’m willing to sacrifice the HOF game……just GET er’ DONE!…so we can be done with this Brett Favre like coverage……IT’s ALMOST DONE!…..alot of work to be done!…..It’s almost done!….er, could be a snag!!….It’s just about done!…..uh-oh! unnamed player says deal not close at all!!!…’s almost done!…..sides taking break from talks to go to Grand Canyon!……Jerry Jones says, “just got to circumsize mosquitoes”…..Ochocinco says, NO! more like circumcising King Kong!!…..I CAN’T STAND IT NO MO!

  9. @dryheaveone: Hey, you forgot about the cold glass of water thing! Can’t leave out that possibility. lol

  10. @Meyerla I completely agree. Especially since all this “hard work” should have been done in March and preserved a full offseason with no lockout.

  11. Add #6 to 123 makarov’s list…what to do about cedric benson and pacman. ha #7 whether to issue paper bags for us vikings fans. ouch. No, the bears will be worse? lions better?

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