More details come out about Cedric Benson’s arrest

So remember the part of the Cedric Benson arrest story that said he caused bodily harm to a family member?  The family member part wasn’t true.

Benson was charged with a misdemeanor assault with injury after he allegedly struck a former roommate.  It gets a little weirder from there. According to the affadavit, the roomate was talking on a cell phone on a street corner at 5 a.m when Benson approached him.  (Just your normal 5 a.m. meetup.)

Benson allegedly told him they “need to talk about their problems” and then repeatedly hit him in the face.   The police report said the roommate was bleeding from the mouth and possibly lost teeth.

“The two had difficulties resulting from Mr. Benson asking the former male roommate to leave his home a few days prior to this incident,” Benson’s lawyer said to KXAN in Texas.

Something tells us there’s more to this story.  No matter what it is, Benson’s free agent stock just took a hit.

70 responses to “More details come out about Cedric Benson’s arrest

  1. Isn’t he also a nut case? You know … emotional breakdowns. Can’t wait for his playing days to end. He’ll be running drugs across the Mexican border with Jeremy Shockey.

  2. As an Austinite and a lover of all things Longhorn, I think it’s time for Ced to stop making his visits here. Whether it’s racist lake cops, frat assbags downtown, or a bum roommate, bad luck/decisions follow #32 everywhere he goes in this town.

  3. At the draft when he was interviewed right after being taken I recall him complaining about the process, saying it was demeaning and unfair. Dude has a self-pity complex and his emotional/mental health seems to be questionable at best.

  4. Possibly lost teeth?

    “No occifer – I don’ts know if I had teef there or not, maybe, um …Dag, I can’t remember.” said the meth-head.

  5. As a life long Bengals fan (1979-present) this team needs a major enema. Starting with Mike Brown, we all know Katie prob needs one, to Marvin, to the irresponsible players who keep making the Bengals the laughing stock of the NFL and to every non-sports fan period. This is the 1st year I could really care less if they play or not.

  6. I would not be suprised if Cedric Benson stopped by the ATM machine for a $200 withdrawal at 430 am.

    Nothing good happens if you gotta get money of an ATM machine in the middle of the nite…just like meeting your buddy at 5 am.


  7. I love Benson’s mug shot(s), he’s always smiling as if to say “see, I’m not such a bad guy. This is just a big misunderstanding”

  8. Fonetiklee says: Even money says drugs are involved.
    Or maybe M. Irvin might have found someone to support.

  9. Mike Brown is smiling the Grinch who Stole Christmas, why you ask, because he will be able to get Benson resigned for pennies on the dollar. I’m thinking 3 years 13 million.

  10. edsbay says: Jul 18, 2011 2:12 PM

    I would not be suprised if Cedric Benson stopped by the ATM machine for a $200 withdrawal at 430 am.

    Nothing good happens if you gotta get money of an ATM machine in the middle of the nite…just like meeting your buddy at 5 am.

    You can meet your buddy at 5am and its all good. You know, if you are meeting up to get on a 6am flight or something. Apparently Cedric didn’t like the new security measures at airports and decided to take the bus to prison though.

  11. Benson probably knows the lockout will end very soon and he just wants to get a last few beatdowns in before Goodell can start fining and suspending him again.

  12. Yes, the “more to this story” is the fact that this male roommate of Benson’s is in fact a male room mate.

    Get the picture, yet?

    Please allow me to highlight 2 of the 3 words in that phrase, “male room mate”, to assist in comprehension for any of you who are slow on the uptake:


    Also, I don't care what kind of yardage this bum wracks up on a losing team — he's a drama queen, and a quitter, and a liar and a drunk and a crybaby, and the Bears were smart to cut ties with him when they did.

    I'm just surpised he didn't end up on the Vikings.

  13. Millionaires walking around punching people in the face is awesome!

    I wish Dan Snyder would be more like this instead of using his wallet. He would be so much more effective and respected.

  14. captainwisdom8888 says:
    Jul 18, 2011 2:07 PM
    I’m glad there’s no shortage of role models in the league…pffff


    NFL players aren’t supposed to be role models – parents are, anything short of that is your failure as a parent.

  15. This is yet another strong sign that new CBA is just around the corner. Benson is wisely trying to get in all his pummeling before the CBA is signed, thereby avoiding the wrath of Goodell.

    Expect a sharp spike in player related violence leading up to the agreement, and a sharp decline once it’s signed.

  16. Cedric had always fantasized about his “room mate” having no teeth and he could no longer control himself.

  17. I’m not judging no one wat u do in yo personal life Its your PERSONAL life but….. The articail is suggesting that it was more if a domestic violence thing that was going on

  18. Hmm.. I was involved in an altercation which was purely self-defense. I left the person unconscious and with a few less teeth, however, did not strike him at all once the situation had been neutralized, and left. Four weeks later, 3 SWAT officers showed up at my door and barged into my home serving a warrant for ‘FELONY aggravated battery’!! The case eventually went to court and i was awarded a verdict of “Not Guilty” do to the testimony of numerous witnesses that were at the scene the day of the altercation. How the HELL did Cedric Benson inflict the same injuries, yet be charged with only ‘MISDEMEANOR assault’?! Oh yea, he’s famous.. I’m not! LOL

  19. @4gone

    Yeah, that’s what I am thinking. I mean how many almost 30 year old millionaires have male roommates that are not family or house staff?

  20. Cedric who? Oh… You’re talking about that un-employed, used to play in the NFL guy. Useless turd…

  21. I doubt this clown’s a millionaire. I’m sure he spends it before he even makes it. He’ll get busted for a dope deal or something within a year of the end of his career.

  22. You gave you ex-room mate (cell mate) money for drugs and it didn’t work out? What part of this is shocking to you? PS. Thanks for getting kicked out of Chicago.

  23. Let me see if a guy has a tarnished free agency stock, a troubled background, and no choice but to take small cash … he’s staying a Bengal!!!

  24. His old roommate was going to mop the floor and accidentally stuck Ced’s head in the squeeze bucket full of soapy water.

  25. Wait, his roomate? Had to of been pacman jones. connect the dots, afterall… it is the bengals.

  26. What we knew before this articles publication: Cedric Benson is a low rent pile of manure that can not keep his hands out of law enforcement bracelets to save his own life, career, reputation. That and he pretty much sucks on the feild as well as off.

    So What is new?

    We now know who Michael Irvin is going to publicly support, when they finally come out of the closet as an active player.

    Right said Ced

    I’m to sexy to sexy for football…………..
    Just give me my one phone call………….
    Cause’ I kicked my hommie in the balls………..

    I’m to sexy for the NFL………..
    My free agent stock just fell……………..
    Guess my career just went to hell…………

    Stay Classy Cincy

  27. Sounds like one of his Free Loaders/House Sitters didn’t want to leave Cedric’s “Off Season” Home….. Maybe he talked behind his back or try to sleep with one of Cedric’s Women.. so He let him have a knuckle sandwich!

  28. Mike Brown ought to just give it up. His whole team is a bunch of criminals. The league should make them move to Alaska. Then at least during the season they can be coooooool………. Close Em Down………………

  29. “the former male roommate”
    The FORMER male roommate??
    So she used to be a he?
    I know it’s probably just an awkwardly worded way of saying “the male former roommate” but it’s funny.

  30. Because who among us hasn’t had a dispute to be settled with a former male roomate at 5AM on a street corner?

  31. Umm…. how many NFL multi-millionaire stars have …….. “roommates”? Let me rephrase that; “male” roommates….

    Something clearly isn’t right, here

  32. Why does someone who made $4 million last year need a roommate? And, as said above, sure sounds like a lovers spat to me.

  33. With the arrests of 3, count ’em 3, Bungles in a one week span, I as a diehard STEELERS FAN am glad to see that it’s good to see the Bengals BEING the Bengals again.

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!

  34. Benson allegedly told him they “need to talk about their problems” and then repeatedly hit him in the face.

    Ya, we gotsa talk about yo busted face.

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