New rules seminar tentatively slated for Friday


We’ve heard some rough estimates that unrestricted free agency could start by Monday July 25, with teams able to re-sign their own players starting on Friday. That timeline sounds a little aggressive.

Judy Battista of the New York Times that a “labor seminar” for league executives will be held Thursday and Friday, should a labor agreement be ratified Thursday.  They will go over all the new rules.  It’s hard to imagine transactions allowed that day or even the next day.

Battista and ESPN’s Adam Schefter noted that a memo was sent out to all 32 teams Monday detailing plans for the week. Teams were asked to bring up to four key personnel members per club to the meeting in addition to owners.   Agents will also have to be briefed.

It sounds like the rough timeline we wrote about when the “Transition Rules” were reported by ESPN are basically still expected.

This all assumes a deal is actually done by Thursday and we’re not ready to pop any champagne just yet.

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  1. If they want to start the season on time any timeline will seem a “little aggressive”.

  2. Move the owners vote to Wednesday… or is too much to ask the owners to speed up and get this over with ?

  3. Next summer when you are complaining about the slow NFL news as you anxiously anticipate training camp think back to this debacle when we all became ‘legal analysts’’ and armchair ‘mediators’ like a bunch of Nancy Grace fans…. GET THE DEAL DONE and let’s move on.

  4. I have a feeling it’s pretty much “Now or November” time. I know you don’t ever pay attention to the comments, but I would like to know if you’ve heard anything along those lines.

    I could see both sides digging back in if something goes wrong this week.

  5. I don’t understand in this day and age that they have to have a formal physical meeting to vote on this. Do they all wear grey wigs at these meetings as well? If a deal is done, why wait until Thursday? Have a prelimanary vote over email, conference call, skype,, whatever then discuss it face to face on Thursday if for some reason there aren’t enough votes so you can iron out what needs to change to get it to pass.

  6. Pop the champagne. Goodell and the owners said they will get a deal done in time, and they will get it done in time. They have too much to lose and with the owners getting their favorable money split and the rookie wage scale, they are willing to settle on the rest. That was what they really cared most about anyway. The whole CBA was called off because after Bradford got a guaranteed 50 million after the draft last year, the owners said “no mas” and the wall came tumbling down. Now they have virtually cut those dollars in half, have settled on a greater than 50% split and up to 53.5% split on dollars with the players, and made 4 billion on the ESPN deal and will be able to settle out of that for $325 million which is a deal. No, I can assure you, the owners will have free agency Friday and the league will be full blown come Monday the 25th. Hallellujah (if that is appropriate)

  7. I’m no longer just an NFL fan… I’m now a Paralegal, thanks to PFT and this labor situation. I may be a Litigation Lawyer after the NBA and the Dodgers are done!

  8. lacharger2112:

    I’m no longer just an NFL fan… I’m now a Paralegal, thanks to PFT and this labor situation. I may be a Litigation Lawyer after the NBA and the Dodgers are done!

    If you follow the AFC north you may end up a prosecutor as well, or at the very least a defense attorney.

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