Plaxico would welcome the chance to stay in Miami all year

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The teams truly interested in receiver Plaxico Burress remain to be seen.  But there’s no doubt that Burress is interested in plenty of teams.

In an interview with WQAM’s Sid Rosenberg, Burress mused about the possibility of playing in the city where he resides.

“Just for me to be able to be somewhere I love, that I call home, and to live at one place all year around for the first time in my life, it would be a beautiful situation,” Burress said.  He later gushed about the possibility of teaming up with Brandon Marshall.

“We would be the best duo in football,” Burress said.

Of course, what Plaxico wants won’t matter, if a team in which he’s interested doesn’t want him.  Last month, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reported that the Dolphins are “absolutely not” interested in Burress.

Burress told Rosenberg that “a few” teams are interested, but he acknowledged that in 10 years of living in South Florida he has never heard from the Dolphins.

So while Burress said he’d be interested if the Dolphins “come knocking,” it would be a surprise at this point if they do.

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  1. I think the Lions will be the surprise team to pick him up. Plax playing opposite of Calvin? BOOM!

  2. This why the lockout has been such a pain.. The top news stories have been….

    A 34 year old receiver a month removed from a two year prison stint.

    ….and a tight end…I mean, quarterback who won’t be taken until the sixth or seventh round of the supplemental draft.

  3. Really??? So your saying you would like to make millions of dollars playing Football for the Dolphins after spending 2 years in jail??? No kidding, so would i!!!!

  4. What’s with the large amount of athletes vocally wanting to play for the Dolphins? Weather? No state taxes? As a Fin fan, I think I can attest that it isn’t their success.

  5. I have inside information on Plaxico Burress.

    My sources tell me he’s interested in 32 teams. However, do to the sensitivity of this information, I can’t disclose the names of these teams.

  6. Why are these free agents interested in the Dolphins? Don’t they understand that the Dolphins have blown chunks the last several years? Do they know something I don’t know?

  7. Is there a team Plax hasn’t said he’d go to? I don’t recall any… The guy will go where ever pays him to play. He’s been in PRISON for two years, ask any other inmates if they want at LEAST a six-figure check when they get out… This is getting old.

    Ps I’m just butt- hurt cause there hasn’t been a deal done yet.

  8. Dumb he’s making it THIS clear. It’s like dating the pretty girl in junior high. You can’t act TOO interested.

    He’s really shot himself in the foot.

  9. When he first got out of prison and seemed reasonably unassuming, I was kind of rooting for him thinking it’d be a nice little story to see him make a decent comeback….

    Things like: “We would be the best duo in football,” make me think I’ll probably root for failure.

  10. And paarrrr-teeee…

    Yeah, sign him up Dolphins. He’s got the right attitude to take you to the next level … down.

  11. and to live at one place all year around for the first time in my life


    Didn’t you live at Riker’s Island all year round, Plax?

  12. “We would be the best duo in football,” Burress said.

    Of course you would. Any team D.R. shops you too will be followed with a comment like that.

  13. At this point Plaxico would be happy to play anywhere if a team would want him. The question is going to be is anyone going to want him? I see no upside.

  14. I don’t love Burress at his age but if he came cheap we all know Henne could use another big red zone target – I am sick of field goals.
    B Marsh would still be the go to guy, Bess would still be the next guy with his sure hands regardless where he is lined up. Burress would have to compete for the #3 spot in targets with Gates and Hartline stretching the field and making big plays. Burress and Roberto Wallace are similar players but Wallace is still unproven and I dunno if he is ready to make the next step-if so we don’t need Burress but they could help particularly in the red zone which was a huge problem last season. Line up 3 WR’s who are over 6’4 225lbs in the red zone keep Fasano in as a blocker (his biggest strength) and have a single back and boom we have a productive red zone offence. Phillip Rivers has all big WR’s and look at his red zone production. Henne is no Rivers but even on 3rd down with a 6’4 and 6’6 WR out wide on each side, Bess in the slot or throw the speed deamon Gates in the mix somewhere and conversions should go up because teams have to really watch who comes out and will have a hard time defending all the mismatches so long as Henne learns to read the mismatches.

  15. nice smoke screen by the Dolphins. remember, they also said no way about trading for Marshall.

    Burress will be in Aqua and Orange this time next Tuesday. Revis cant cover both Marshall and Burress.

  16. he needs to calm down with the best duo in the league talk.

    A 34 year old WR who just missed two seasons so he could serve jail time should be more worried about whether he can even be effective anymore, let alone form the “best duo in the league”

  17. I would love to have Plax opposite of Marshall. It would definatley be an upgrade. But the dolphins wont take a chance on him, I think they are more interested in Stallworth.

    My opinion, I’d rather have Plax, He’s still 6’5 and can really stretch the field. I’d also love to have Reggie Bush. Man I can’t wait for free-agency!

    And for those of you wondering why so many players want to play here, quite simple really they all live here!

  18. Wake up dolphindad,

    You can line up Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitz in aqua/orange but without anyone capable of throwing the ball it will be another season for Dolphin fans watching Sporano celebrating FG”s with fist pumps.

    Looking like a last place finish for Miami.

  19. The real question should be how much Plaxico Burress has left at the age of 34. What is his condition, he shot himself in the leg so how is the injured hamstring. those are just a few questions surrounding Plax.

  20. goawayeverybody says:Jul 19, 2011 1:07 AM

    Why are these free agents interested in the Dolphins? Don’t they understand that the Dolphins have blown chunks the last several years? Do they know something I don’t know?
    Because they want to live in Miami idiot.

  21. About Plax, I think were decent at WR, plax is definately gonna be a beast I believe but, I think were good at that position, What Me Dolphins need to make their highest priority is resigning Ronnie, I believe their idiots if we dont get this done Pronto…..If Ronnie had the OL, like Bradshaw, Johnson, even NE,Or the Jets, we could be the best in the league, Ronnie, Thomas the understudy, heck id keep Ricky too, Lex, call it a day, but to sign bush, bradshaw, or almost any other, flat out ignorant. Ronnie is FN awesome, good to miami, good for miami, and for them to even blame his non production on his own ability is ludakris, anyone who says diffrently, they arent a real fin fan, their imposters trying, or hoping our boy lands on there team, watch his highlights, hes fast, he is a beast just like our other beast, just not as flagrantly young in the head. IE Bmarsh… But better we have them, then have to tackle these X factors…..Peace

  22. Plax does make the team better. There is no question that Plax is a better receiver than Brian Hartline so it would upgrade the receiving core. Question is how much is it going to cost to retain his services? If it is not an insane amount, then why not? If he wants big time dough (which I speculate he does since he hired Drew as his agent) I rather see Ireland spend the money on a guard like Marshal Yanda or maybe go after Eric Weddle of the Chargers.

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