Re-signing Davin Joseph is the Bucs’ top priority

Last we heard from free agent guard Davin Joseph, he was telling the media that he’s in wait-and-see mode regarding whether to re-sign with the Buccaneers.

The Bucs aren’t as wishy-washy.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, re-signing Joseph is the team’s top priority. An underachiever to this point in his career, the former 23rd pick in the draft is expected to be a better fit for new offensive line coach Pat Morris’ power-based system after struggling in old assistant Pete Mangurian’s zone-blocking scheme.

In late June, Joseph said he wanted to see the Bucs retain veteran free agents like linebacker Barrett Ruud and tackle Jeremy Trueblood before deciding whether to come back. Tampa may be hard pressed to keep Joseph if he follows through on that approach.

Ruud isn’t a good bet to return, and Trueblood seems 50-50. NFL teams will have a 72-hour window to re-sign their own free agents before the free-for-all begins. Joseph is the top free agent interior offensive lineman on the market. If he doesn’t see Tampa re-signing its supposed core veterans during those three days, it will be awfully tempting to sign elsewhere with his phone ringing off the hook.

12 responses to “Re-signing Davin Joseph is the Bucs’ top priority

  1. this needs to get done. ruud isn’t worth anything near what he wants and trueblood isn’t worth anything. trueblood spends sundays looking at the yellow laundry in front of him and walking backwards 5-15 yards at a time

  2. The longer this lockout lasts, the more likely it seems that the Bucs will resign Ruud.

    In any case, Davin is not the GM. Money talks and the Bucs have a lot to spend, I think he’ll be back paving the way for Mr Blount.

  3. We would like him back, not gonna lose any sleep if we dont get him back. Want Ruud back back more than Joseph, in the end, Freeman still ran for his life last year

  4. If Trueblood will take back up money, which he was by mid season maybe Davin will come back. But why didn’t the Bucs try to sign him before last year?

  5. Trueblood is one of the worst RT’s in football. Not really likely the Bucs resign him. The only reason could be that he is a LOT better in a power scheme. But even then nearly every FA RT should be looked at for improvement.

  6. He didn’t like the Bucs’ ZBS, but he has yet to try his luck at LG in Green Bay, opposite Josh Sitton.

    Do you like the playoffs, Davin?

    I know you do…have a seat, bud.

    Let’s chit-chat.

  7. Like it was said by bradentonbuc, unless Jermey “false start” Trueblood takes back up money, then he’s gooooone. As for Ruud, Mark D isn’t going to overpay for guy that only good attribute is barking the calls in the D huddle…

    Joseph is going to get a huge payday from us. He’s not going anywhere with the young talent we got.

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