Bush could be moving closer to finally surrendering his Heisman Trophy


Last September, former USC running back Reggie Bush publicly relinquished his title as the 2005 Heisman Trophy winner.  But careful inspection of the exacts words of his press release reveals no clear commitment to actually hand the hardware back to the Heisman Trust.

Regardless of whether Bush has been relying on some sort of goofy, self-serving loophole, the fact remains that Bush has yet to pack the prize in foam peanuts and send it back to New York City.  It now appears that Bush could be moving a step closer to taking care of that specific piece of business.

Paul Pabst of The Dan Patrick Show, who is working the story even while the guys are on vacation (I’ll be back in the chair on Thursday), reports that the Bush family has recovered the trophy from the San Diego Hall of Champions, which previously had planned to display the thing.

“The San Diego Hall of Champions [on Friday] returned Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy to the Bush family,” the group said in a statement released to Pabst.  “In doing so, the organization feels it is best to direct any further questions to the Bush family or the Heisman Trust.”

Pabst also reports that, last week, the Heisman Trust contacted both Bush and the Hall of Champions to request that the trophy finally be returned.

Two possible explanations exist for the transfer back to Bush’s family.  First, Bush plans to finally return the thing, and he decided that it made more sense to come directly from him.  Second, the Hall of Champions decided they didn’t want to be in the middle of this one, and thus they handed it over to wash their hands of it.

If it’s the former, it makes plenty of sense.  The allegations that ultimately resulted in the current conundrum first arose days before the 2006 draft.  No matter what the Texans have said after the fact, Bush’s handling of the situation contributed to the team’s decision not to make him the top pick that year.  With Bush back at a critical juncture of his career, as the Saints try to decide how much of an $11.8 million salary should be offered for 2011, it makes no sense to allow his marketability to be undermined by a fresh question as to his honesty and trustworthiness.

Put simply, Bush gave up the title, but he apparently has tried to avoid giving up the trophy.  With the media focusing aggressively on the situation (thanks to guys like Pabst and Brooks of SportsByBrooks.com), Bush apparently is realizing that his effort to apply the Heisman stiff arm to the Heisman Trust could end up being an albatross around his neck.

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  1. Is there a dumber guy in sports than Reggie Bush?

    All he had to do was pay back the money he and his family scammed off those wanna-be agents/marketers while he was at USC. For less money than what he spends each year on getting his cars detailed the whole thing would have stayed underground. Forever.


  2. Don’t do it!!!! Getting paid to play is wrong, but, you were rewarded for being the BEST player that year, and you deserve the trophy, and regardless what you did OFF the field was wrong, it did nothing to ENHANCE your performance… not like it was steroid or HGH … so therefore, keep it, and tell everyone else where they can stick it

  3. Why is it, whenever Bush’s name is mentioned, with the USC thing, and the improper benefits, and now with giving back the Heisman, his family is always involved?…His parents basically considered him like a lottery ticket, or a thoroughbred…

  4. Unless there’s some agreement he signed that says he really doesn’t own the trophy, he should keep it. Even better, put it on EBay.

  5. It simply goes to show character. He tried to play with words and manipulate the situation. Now, he gets called on his BS. He couldn’t or wouldn’t abide by the rules at USC (Nor could USC for that matter) and he still steadfastly refuses to do the honorable thing.

  6. USC…the O$U (buckeyes) of the West.

    Nobody really know who pays their player more, is it the Trojans or Buckeyes? Lets wait for the latest Forbes Magazine college ratings to come out.

  7. If Bush treasured that hunk of metal so much, he would have never given it to the San Diego Hall of Champions in the first place. Nobody cares anymore. If I was Bush, instead of sending it back I’d sell it to a scrap metal yard then send the Heisman Trust the procedes from the sale (5 buck maybe?) along with the receipt.

  8. Bush was the most exciting college football player in 2005 and EARNED the Heisman Trophy beyond a doubt.

    And equally beyond a doubt I agree with clintonportisheadd comment…….”Is there a dumber guy in sports”? Not sure about his claim to that “title” but he is an idiot and could have avoided this entire mess but he was too cheap. Now he has also earned the “Idiot” title.

  9. He won it outright. It didn’t matter what was going on behind the scenes. No player was as good as Bush that year. Why would he give back something he actually worked hard for?

  10. Bush should throw into the ocean and give the Heisman Trust the GPS coordinates. What a bunch of self-important tools. If Bush returns it, I will lose all respect for him.

  11. Why would giving the trophy back be the honorable thing to do? The Heisman Trophy isn’t for what is done off of the field. It is for what happened on the field. The NCAA dropped the ball by not suspending him. It isn’t Bush’s fault that the NCAA let that happen. Bush got to play and was voted as the best player that year. He deserved it and still does. I wouldn’t give it back and I hope he doesn’t give it back.

  12. I thought I heard a couple of MONTHS ago that the trophy had been picked up by Bush’s uncle. Is there any possibility that Pabst misunderstood the Hall of Champions? Maybe they issued the statement on Friday, but they weren’t saying that the statue was picked up on Friday?

    I swear I read that here (or the CFT sister-blog) months ago. I started reading this story thinking, “Now how could anyone know that Bush was getting ready to return the thing? His family already picked it up months ago. He would’ve had to say something about it… then we’ve got an anonymous source quoting Bush–who I don’t trust anyway.”

    I’ll see if I can find that link. Anyone else remember a note about the uncle picking up the trophy months ago?

  13. Us Saints fans don’t give 2 dog-damns about school-boy college stuff. Take all his college stuff. Ha ha. We laugh in your face. Cuz Bush helped get us what we longed for since 1967. A Super Bowl Championship. Just try to take that away from Bush! Ha Ha. Geaux Saints!

  14. Yeah, look at this link:


    In a story dated June 7, and quoting an earlier story from Pabst, there comes this paragraph:

    According to a person in management at the San Diego Hall of Champions, the Heisman Trophy was displayed there until just after the Heisman Trust’s decision to strip Bush of the trophy. “Reggie Bush’s dad came in right after and took it. That’s the last we saw of it.”

    So that clears up one thing, but raises another question. Since this is *also* Pabst doing the reporting back before June 7, I don’t think that he was confused about the Hall of Champions’ statement in this go around.

    So the question becomes, was the Hall lying before about it having already been picked up by Reggie’s father? Lying about that being the last they’d seen of it? Save for a flux-capacitor-equipped Deloreon capable of 1.21 Gigawatts of power, the thing can only be picked up once. So when was it?

  15. They should also give Auburn and Newton temporary replicas of the BCS Championship Trophy and the Heisman Trophy so they don’t have to go collect the real ones when the investigation concludes.

  16. Where’s the IRS in this? Certainly Bush would owe some taxes on the money/benefits he received.

    And this isn’t piling on. He’s another idiot who looks like he’s gonna skate. And I don’t like it.

  17. hobartbaker says:Jul 18, 2011 1:16 PM

    They should also give Auburn and Newton temporary replicas of the BCS Championship Trophy and the Heisman Trophy so they don’t have to go collect the real ones when the investigation concludes.
    I hope the NCAA isn’t going to cow down to media pressure like the did with Reggie Bush. Here’s hoping they are little more concerned with integrity then their image.

    I would hate to see a school and a kid get strip of an award and championship based on nothing more than continual rants of angry and vengeful arch rivals, blaring false media headlines and “unnamed sources” with unchecked accusations..SMDH

  18. salmen76 says: Jul 18, 2011 12:21 PM

    Us Saints fans don’t give 2 dog-damns about school-boy college stuff. Take all his college stuff. Ha ha. We laugh in your face. Cuz Bush helped get us what we longed for since 1967. A Super Bowl Championship.

    Really? Exactly how helpful was he? According to his stats, not very. And it seems NO can’t get rid of him fast enough to suit them.

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