Tim Hasselbeck thinks brother could land in Tennessee

Add Tim Hasselbeck to the list of people that think Matt Hasselbeck could land in Tennessee this season.

“It’s kind of been assumed that my brother Matthew Hasselbeck would be back in Seattle,” Tim Hasselbeck said on NFL Live Monday. “It is a very real possibility and it would be a bold move to see him as a Tennessee Titan. They obviously don’t want to start a rookie quarterback . . . it is a logical fit for him and I think it would surprise a lot of people.”

Co-host Mike Golic then jokingly asked Tim if he had inside information, with Hasselbeck saying we may know soon enough.

This is the second time that Tim Hasselbeck has helped to do the work of his brother’s agent. His intent in making the statement Monday could be for a variety of reasons.  They all come back to raising his brother’s market value and pitting the Titans against the Seahawks in a possible bidding war.

This is the point of the post where we’d usually chide ESPN for allowing such obvious pimpage and conflict of interest, but they have successfully lowered their standards enough that it almost seems harmless.  Way to go.

24 responses to “Tim Hasselbeck thinks brother could land in Tennessee

  1. I think it’s a decent fit. They could probably compete with him, but I could see him getting DEVOURED by the Indy pass rush twice a year.

  2. Why is this guy on ESPN?? He sucked! And why would anyone sign Matt to be a starter at this point in his mediocre (at best) career? Titans… Kerry Collins…? I just answered my own question.

  3. I hope Tennessee takes him, and quick! that removes him from the market before the Redskins do something stupid for the umpteenth-millionth time….

  4. Tim Hasselbeck was thinking about his father
    who he very rarely saw
    Thinking about Rosemary
    and thinking about the law
    But most of all
    he was thinking his brother could land in Tennessee
    /Bob Dylaned

  5. I get the point, but if he has information or an opinion, it is his job to give it.

  6. Tim Hasselbeck an ESPN analyst? Guess it’s only a matter of time before Cooper Manning is doing play by play on MNF.

  7. Man…..how far back did you have to go to find a picture of a Hasselbeck with hair?

    I’m thinking that’s his Pop Warner photo?

  8. if we want to win now, we make a run at mcnabb, not hassleback. titans fans r sick of being in rebuilding mode so its time to the front office grew some balls and spent some money

  9. Say what you like about Tim. Its been proven time and time again (see Trent Dilfer) that you can be an average QB and still be a good commentator. I like Tim. And hey, at least he has embraced his balkness. Matt probly still wears his hat backwards in the shower.

  10. He would be a nice fit with Johnson and Titans excellent ground game. But I think this is just posturing.

  11. Great- an aging undisciplined QB who averaged 2.5 turnovers teaching the young guy the ropes. No thanks

  12. nikhil balakumar-
    trust me, son- if you wanna win now, or ever, McNabb ain’t your guy….unfortunately, neither is Hasselbeck

  13. Ggreg, you’re pretty uppity for a guy who can barely string together a sentence without a serious grammatical, syntactical, or typographic error, but is ostensibly a journalist.

  14. Hasselbeck makes sense, no one will complain when Jake takes over in week five or six.
    If Jake struggles or is injured Matt reurns to handing off to CJ2K. (Please pay the Chris!)

    Defense is the Titan’s only chance of a winning season this year anyway.
    Coach Gray(Grey?) is ready, they should be stout.

    Oh btw, which Hasselbeck is married to the right wing wacko? They should fit nicely with the Nashville fans. They “look” likey the belong In Governors Square.

  15. So let me get this right: Hasselbeck offers commentary on the playing future of his BROTHER and you buffoons respond with “shut up, Tim,” “he sucked” and “lousy QB.”
    Obviously, you clowns know better.

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