As expected, UFL delays season by a month

The UFL originally had planned to launch its third season in August, at which time there possibly would have been no NFL football.  Ongoing financial issues, coupled with the expected return of the NFL, have prompted the UFL to delay the start of the 2011 season by 30 days.

The league announced the development on Tuesday.

In a letter to fans, Commissioner Michael Huyghue blamed the development on the “uncertainty of the NFL and NBA lockouts,” explaining that they have created “a destabilizing, negative impact throughout the professional sports industry.”

In the end, it’s all about dollars and cents, or the lack thereof.  Last week, Huyghue told PFT that the league would move forward with the 2011 season, despite $50 million in expenses and an estimated $10 million in revenue.  Pushing back the schedule won’t reduce expenses; the question is whether the league will be able to raise more revenue over the next 30 days.

During a Tuesday afternoon conference call, Huyghue cited the need for more revenue, the end of the NFL lockout, and ongoing financial issues as further reasons for the decision, per

There’s also a chance that the UFL will try to sell all or part of the league to the NFL, which could then operate the five teams as an NFL farm system, with some games televised on NFL Network and possibly with the NFL relationship making the league more attractive to one of the other broadcast outlets.  Whether the league is interested in acquiring a football league with an expected operating deficit of $8 million per franchise remains to be seen.

Maybe the league can close the deal by agreeing to never apply the franchise tag to Michael Huyghue.

10 responses to “As expected, UFL delays season by a month

  1. i think it would be a good idea..every other sport has a farm system..helps them find the starters and the an owner i would like could draft players and send them there with a nice little developmental contract and see how they do..if they start to seem like they could be a starter bring them up..or you could use them as a trade cookie to get an already proven star..all linemen and wr’s and qbs would really benefit from this cause they could show what they are capable of..instead of just sittin on the bench and doin special teams over and over again or just being on the pratice squad…sometimes you have a gem but you dont know it because you have a veteran starter that you think gives you a better chance to win..but this way you would be able to see if the young kid has it as well and it doesnt hurt your teams record

  2. Would it not make more sense to kick off the UFL season on time to get money that otherwise would go to the NFL?

  3. This is all a ploy to hide the world from the Superbowl caliber god-like miracle football talents of Colt Brennan, the side-armed little WAC warrior. He’s already been blackballed by the Redskins, Raiders, and Texans. Now he needs to go to another pseudo-league to get tape time!

    Oh I feel so vindicated, huh Cult? 😉

  4. Buy the UFL, expand to 8 teams, each team is populated by developmental members of each division.

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