DeMarcus Ware: Romo is Cowboys’ unquestioned leader

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Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has spent a lot of time playing golf this offseason, but that doesn’t mean his focus is off football.

In fact, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware told ESPN Radio in Dallas that seeing Romo emerge as the Cowboys’ clear leader, and the man who organized the team’s lockout activities, has been a positive aspect of the lockout.

“I did see something really good that came out of it,” Ware said, via Sports Radio Interviews. “Nobody had to work out. Nobody had to go out and do the OTAs or anything like that, but Romo took on that leadership role and said, ‘Guys we’ve got to get together.’ . . . Only one guy has really taken on that role of doing all that and that was Romo.”

Ware says he shares the widespread expectations that the Cowboys will have practices run by the coaches soon.

“I think everything is progressing,” Ware said. “The media’s saying everything’s progressing. Everybody else is saying it’s progressing slowly. I’m just ready to play.”

26 responses to “DeMarcus Ware: Romo is Cowboys’ unquestioned leader

  1. Now number 9 needs to show it on the field and the sidelines. It’s easy in practice, you just need to do it when it matters. This group of players have a lot of individual talent but are not playing as a TEAM. I love the Cowboys but until they play as a team they won’t win anything of note. Getting rid of Phillips was a good start to changing the culture of the franchise. Maybe with Room getting married he will be focused on getting the Cowboys to a Superbowl, because that’s all that really matters.

  2. Uh oh…..That’s the problem right there, he couldn’t lead flies to the dump. Mr. Celebrity QB.

    Let’s see watermelonhead come on an defend this J.A.G. (just a guy)

  3. Unfortunately, this will fall on deaf ears to the media pundits (i.e. Warren Sapp AKA wannabe Charles Barkley) who say Romo has no leadership ability.

  4. Why no articles about Freeney, Wilfork, Raji making statements about their QB’s leadership?

    Why? Because it’s redundant. We can see the leadership in Manning, Brady and Rodgers.

    We can see how soft Romo is too.

  5. Tony Romo seems like a nice enough guy but Kitna, in 8 games this year, looked more of a leader than Romo has looked since he took over as starter in 06′.

    Hell you’re backup tight end has said Kitna ‘deserves a chance to start in 11”. I’m sure he’s not the only one that thinks that and at the same time thinks so little of Romo as a QB and respected player in the locker room.

    There’s a reason he went undrafted, he just benefitted from a great team around him in 07’ when they had like 20 pro bowlers that year. He’s declined ever since that year when he’s had to be the man and hasn’t done squat to make note of.

  6. Gotta love the Romo haters out there. All this guy does is win how long did it take Payton manning to win or elway did Jim Kelly or Marino ever win. Everyone wants to bring up the Seattle playoff game did he not lead his team back to a potential game winning drive. Giants game well it’s not his fault his d let an old ass roomer break a big touchdown or that crayton dropped two perfect passes that would went for touchdowns. He was an unstaffed free age you idiots who played where in college? Exactly he got the starting job cause the players loved him they still do. He’s never rapped drunken coeds or been arrested for dog fighting and all he does when his line and backs don’t allow him to get destroyed is put up numbers and win so all you haters out there sit back and enjoy the show this year

  7. This cowboys squad definitely has potential but it is lacking in that very important spot, which is veteran leaders…There is proof right there when Romo is the leader who has proven that he cannot accept that roll by the way he plays,,

  8. @typhilly21 says: Jul 19, 2011 7:51 AM

    Demarcus Ware: “We are just fine getting paid and not having to play extra games. Its what Cowboys do.”

    Dude, your Eagles only tried to have OTA’s after the players were called out by the local media for doing nothing…..and your “leader” Vick was able to get 10 people to show up one week, then HE quit going and you had bout 5-10 guys show up on a day to day basis the following 3 weeks….Romo may or may not be a good leader, but he’s twice the leader Vick is.

  9. Let’s see watermelonhead come on an defend this J.A.G. (just a guy)


    Exactly how far under your skin am I, duanethomas?

    By the way, three guys rushed for more yards in a single season than Duane Thomas did in his entire career. “J.A.G.”, indeed.

  10. I swear, some of you guys need rehab. If you don’t get help at Charter, please get help somewhere.

  11. The magic of marriage… Can really change the perception of man; who would had thought Romo was actually the unquestioned leader in Dallas?

  12. @kilo098634243432543546
    regardless of him being an idiot or not, he’s idiot enough to come out and say what I think a lot more other cowboys want to say but obviously are a lot more smarter to no do so.

    His comments are telling and I think he’s speaking on behalf of quite a few players as opposed to solely himself.

  13. First off a leader is someone who takes over while everyone is running around with out a head. If you ever watch a cowboys game, which I’m going to bet most don’t watch them, Romo is constantly making calls, telling the receivers where they should be at. Half of the time the receivers are lost on what they should be doing. Hence alot of his INTs which again you need to watch the games cause a good portion of the ones last year came off receivers hands. And for Bennett’s (the back up TE) comments he also made a crap rap video and numerous stupid comments through out his very short career, and could very well be let go, or moved to third string. He likes Kitna cause he’s always on the practice field with him. Also I think Jason Garrett put a lot of fire under the players butts which had a lot to do about the turn around, not Kitna, the last two games McGee came in and still the cowboys were close to winning both. So until you actually follow the cowboys maybe you should rethink what you were about to say.

  14. Reading the comments from “duanethomas” leads me to believe that he has been enjoying a bit too much of the same herb which cost his namesake an NFL career.

  15. Real fans don’t hate. As a Cowboys fan yeah division games mean a lot but no real reason to Hate Ny, Phi, or Was. Worry bout your own teams ability to get to 5 rings or better.

    Some cats got personal issues and there way of dealing with them is making opinionated comments like they’ll never do it. Yeah they’ll never do it until they do it then it’ll be something else like they can’t repeat.

  16. I love all the booger eaters that like to bang on Romo. The media loves guys like Matt Schaub and Matt Ryan and if you look at objectively Romo is better and oh by the way has actually made the playoffs and won a game. Remember when Dallas lost at home as a #1 seed at 13-3. Romo was KILLED….Matt Ryan gets a pass, calling it a “process”! LOL. Romo is a top 8 QB in this league PERIOD end of discussion. Ohhh and he was undrafted not a top pick! Nighty Night you clowns!!!

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