Kolb on Arizona: “I’ve obviously envisioned myself there”

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With speculation about Kevin Kolb’s future picking up again (did it ever stop?), the current Eagles backup quarterback joined Howard Eskin on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday to give his side of things.

“Arizona would be a great place. I’ve obviously envisioned myself there,” Kolb said via Silva manning the fort over at Rotoworld.

We continue to think the Seahawks will make a push for Kolb, but the Cardinals may have an asset that the Seahawks can’t match.  XTRA 910 Sports in Phoenix reported the Cardinals are “prepared” to offer cornerback Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie in a deal for Kolb.

We’d be a little surprised if that happened; you just don’t see teams trade away talented young cornerbacks often. Still, the rumor appears to have some legs.  Eskin guessed that Kolb would ultimately land in Arizona for DRC and a draft pick.

Thankfully, it may not be long before Kevin Kolb speculation turns into a Kevin Kolb transaction.

57 responses to “Kolb on Arizona: “I’ve obviously envisioned myself there”

  1. And I have obviously envisioned myself….watching football….when a deal is done.

  2. Anything for Kolb is a good deal for the Eagles. He’s a sure-fire bust. 100% guaranteed. Tough break Zona, but you’re chumps.

  3. I could be wrong, but I just don’t envision this guy as a top 10 QB in this league.

    But then again…That’s why I’m writing in the comments section, and not writing the article.

    Toss it up….Larry will get it.

  4. DRC’s play dropped off dramatically last season, I’m sure that the Card’s aren’t valuing him as highly as some are.

    Just look at both his games against Big Mike Williams last year, it was like he wasn’t even playing in the game.

  5. Based upon what Kolb has done thus far, I can understand why many people don’t believe he’s worth a 1st rounder and more. Kolb is a gamer, a fiery competitor, someone that is going to give you everything he’s got and more. I believe he’s poised to surprise alot of people this year if/when he’s given a chance to start. Larry Fitzgerald will help to ensure that…

  6. classic example of opportunity cost here. people seem shocked at the idea of giving up DRC for a relative unknown (albeit with huge upside) in Kolb. Fact is the opportunity cost here of keeping DRC and derailing a deal for Kolb is on 2 levels:

    a) likely losing Fitzgerald long term as he wants Kolb in Arizona and anyone else would probably not be enough for him to consider staying long term. He also doesn’t want a rookie/rebuild job so drafting a QB in 2012 draft is out as well if you want Fitz.


    b) having to face Kolb twice a year if he ends up in Seattle (likely destination if not Arizona).

    So with that in mind, giving up DRC and a high/mid-round pick for Kolb makes a lot of sense…especially if you believe in the Kolb hype.

    1)You keep your superstar and arguably top WR in the NFL happy
    2)you keep the top QB available from going to your division rival
    3)and you help your new young QB in Kolb by having a top target in Fitzgerald to throw to.

    If you believe hes a franchise QB then you make the deal. Young CB’s are important but nothing tops a franchise signal caller in regards to priority.

  7. “Arizona would be a great place. I’ve obviously envisioned myself there,”

    You and ever other retiree in the U.S. Kolb

  8. He is irreplaceable. The Eagles’ season really went into a tail spin after he ate turf in week 1.

  9. would instantly become the best QB in the NFC west and would light it up i think. although Bradford might have a BIG breakout and ruin that fun, making the Cards look like idiots for the trade…

  10. And if I’m the Eagles, I’m trading Kolb and taking a flyer on Pryor in the supplemental draft. You have Kafka to back up Vick in the immediate and can now develop Pryor behind Vick as they did with Vick behind McNabb.

    With 3 years of development in Andy Reid’s system and learning behind Michael Vick, Pryor can move into the starting role long term as Vick’s career dies down (in 3 years Vick will be 34 going on 35 and likely dropping off significantly regarding productivity)

  11. This whole DRC thing is sooo funny. Some hopefull idiot in philly says “kolb is worth this” and all the sudden that’s what the price is. You will be lucky to get a first round pick. Let alone a pro bowl corner and more. 100% fantasy

  12. Kolb had strong wins against the Falcons and Niners last year, and only fuddled in the meaningless game against the Cowboys because he was playing with all the 3rd stringers. Promising young QB’s with a command of the West Coast Offense, good accuracy, and a team-first attitude don’t grow on trees. With the addition of Peterson, DRC is now expendable in Arizona, meaning that their needs for a QB are a whole lot higher than their needs for a CB. When you look at the alternatives for QB in Arizona, the move makes sense, especially when they’re a good QB away from dominating the pathetic NFC West.

  13. It’s not often you see teams trade away talented young quarterbacks either.

    I realize some people look at his stats or watched him play against G.B. or Dallas last year, and will say he is terrible. However, Eagles fans see the huge potential.

    I would rather have a guy who has got his lumps out of the way at the NFL level rather than take a flier on a guy coming out of college.

    Arizona is getting a guy with a huge upside. They will run away with that division with Kolb under center. For all the “thumbs down” guys, I’ll accept your apologies come January…..

  14. As a seahawks fan, putting a talented young qb on that team with fitz would be a nightmare

  15. The Eagles would be crazy to trade Kolb . We own him cheap (1.4 mil) . And with Vick’s style of play he is bound to get hurt . Plus I saw him regressing to his old Atlanta self late in the season .That pick to close the GB game was just STUPID ! It was 1st down , 33 sec on the clock , and he had Macklin wide open down the middle !!! When Vick goes down , or goes into meltdown , do you really want to hand the keys to Kafka who has NEVER taken a snap in a regular season game ?!!!

  16. “As a seahawks fan, putting a talented young qb on that team with fitz would be a nightmare”

    Well, then you better hope they trade for Kolb before any talented young FA QBs start looking Arizona’s way…

  17. As a fan who has no vested interest in this trade as long as he stays outside of the NFC North, I find it interesting (and mostly unbelievable) that you would see a player of DRC’s caliber being offered up in a trade. I don’t recall a player-for-player deal of this magnitude since Portis for Bailey, with the difference there being both players were legitimate stars. Here, you have one proven player (DRC) and one player with a ton of hype with mixed results (Kolb). Wouldn’t it seem to make more sense to offer up draft picks (with a given that they are unproven) rather than the known commodity in DRC? If I were the Cardinals, I would have to have Kolb and a draft pick coming my way to part with a proven player. Corners are probably the hardest position on defense to find quality at (unless you’re the Packers who literally pick them up off the street).

    All in all, the Eagles stand to come out pretty good on this deal if they sell high on Kolb now.

  18. I’m not sure I’d make this trade if I was Philly. There are some solid corners in F.A. (Nnamdi, Taylor, Joseph, etc…) who I’d take over DRC.

    Philly needs a safety, linebackers, a DE to help Cole/replace him in a few years (assuming Graham won’t contribute this year), DT that can get some push up the middle, Center (assuming Jackson isn’t 100%), and a corner. After you trade Kolb, you also need a proven backup qb.

    Where else does Arizona have a surplus?

  19. As a Niner fan, I love it. Let’s make this deal happen.

    No one can market an average to below average QB like Philly. Kolb is Feely, Feely is Kolb.

  20. I like the justification..he’s a competitor and will give it his all… Why does that mean its a good deal for AZ? They can sign me and I to will give it my all. My all wont do them much good.

    The measurement is how good is the player, not will he be willing to do his best. Also what better options does AZ have?

  21. If the Eagles think they have a good shot at getting Nnamdi to play CB, then DRC isn’t needed. That’s why they’ll wait a few days into FA to make this trade. Have to see if they can get someone better first.

  22. personally id just trade a 3rd (rumored that is all it would take) for orton though if i was arizona and keep DRC paired up with Peterson. Orton doesn’t have to be great, Fitz will make him look even better.

  23. I’m a Cards fan/season ticket holder… and the current thought is that if we include DRC in a deal for Kolb, we would aggressivley pursue a veteran FA (starting with Ike Taylor, who knows our new DC’s system) to mentor Peterson and Toler. You’d then have Peterson, Taylor/vet starting with Toler as nickel for maybe 2 years – then Peterson/Toler as starters down the road.

    Not sure I love the idea of breaking up such a young and promising trio of corners, but I understand the thought process and think having a veteran CB to mentor the younger guys is a good idea – and not sure any vet worth a darn is going to come here to be 4th string. I wouldn’t be happy with DRC + a first/second round pick though — that price is just too high.

  24. AZ please don’t give Phili a good corner for a unproven QB and set your franchise back years in the process. Tired of the weagles getting better at the stupidity of other team’s GM’s.

  25. I am amazed how scared people are about giving up a slightly above average CB and a 2nd round pick. Has anyone seen how picks never make it?
    Kolb will be at least as good as Cassel who by the way got KC into the playoffs in his 2nd year.

    If Az doesnt get Kolb, rest assured, the wont have Fitz next year.

  26. Damn, I wonder if they’ll give DRC to San Diego for Billy Volek! Get in on that Aj!!!!

  27. Kevin Kolb is a better QB than Sam Bradford? You gotta love Tards fans, they’re so delusional it’s actually kinda cute.

    Arizona giving up picks for Kolb would be a thing of beauty. He’s like the next coming of Elvis Grbac, but without ever having a 4000-yard season. That worked out great for the Ravens.

  28. What concerns me as a Cards fan is our offensive line. I think Kolb would be a serviceable QB and give us enough to win the NFC West, but unless we can shore up our O-line (that is suspect to begin with) Kolb is gonna struggle. Someone made a great point about Feely. Coach Reid is overvaluing Kolb similar to how he sold Feely. That said, Kolb is NOT Feely – he’s got what it takes to become a starter IMHO, but there will be some growing pains.

    Sam Bradford will be the best NFC West QB next year no matter what happens. Hate to admit that!

  29. Yea I don’t see why Kolb is seen as a franchise QB at this stage of his unproven career.

    Hopefully, the Cards will trade for him and he’ll suck and Fitz comes home to Minnesota in 2012.

  30. Let’s not forget that AZ will be paying Kolb on par with what KC paid Matt Cassel, another fairly young, slightly above average qb…
    6yrs/63 million.

  31. Zona would be overpaying for an unproven QB. Bad move but it wouldn’t be the first!

  32. This is why bad teams stay bad. Why would you trade a proven young corner and possibly the best play on your defense for a guy who hasent done anything. Kolb may have potential but i dont see it yea he has played well but nothing to make me believe he can be a teams future.

  33. The Bradford argument has merit. He really wasn’t very good last year. Just check the numbers. 18 TD 15 Picks. Not sure why everybody was jumping all over his lap last season. He had an OK rookie season, but nothing to write home about.

  34. Again: Kolb is worth so much less than DRC. One is a proven player in this league, the other was overdrafted, is overrated, was given the starting job surrounded by tons of talent in Philly and fell flat on his face (with some help from Clay Matthews.)

  35. Man I can’t wait for free agency to start so he can finally get moved and I don’t have to hear about his overrated ass anymore. I feel sorry for any team who gives up more than a 3rd for this guy. I’d take Orton over Kolb straight up.

  36. As an Eagles fan… i really don’t want DRC. He tackles worse than Asante! Do we really need that? No. I would rather get draft picks and pick up a CB in FA.

  37. Andy Reid doesn’t care what WE want. He only cares about what HE wants…..and at the end of the day, its HIS job that’s on the line….so let Andy do it his way and hopefully it will turn out positive for the Eagles.

  38. Funny, Eagles fans think that Romo is a bum but Kolb is some kinda franchise QB with his Kordell Stewart-like passer rating and losing record as a starter.

  39. The Cards secondary is gonna be nasty with Wilson, Rhodes, Peterson and … wait for it… Ike Taylor.

  40. melonnhead says: Jul 19, 2011 3:41 PM

    Funny, Eagles fans think that Romo is a bum but Kolb is some kinda franchise QB with his Kordell Stewart-like passer rating and losing record as a starter.


    Nah, we Eagles fans just realize that the kid has the potential.

    Kevin Kolb COULD lead a team to a Super Bowl sometime in the future.

    Everyone knows that Tony Romo will never be able to do that.

  41. Kolb just hasn’t had enough on field time to commit to him as a full time starter. If Andy Reid can snag Cromartie in a trade for Kolb that would be a coup for the Eagles.

    Remember Kolb never got his job back from Mike Vick after he recovered from his injury. But Mick Vick got his job back after he came back from injury.

    That says volumes.

  42. no cardinals no. it takes two cb’s to make a secondary, no matter how good your safety’s are. Peterson is unproven. Are you guys crazy or desperate. i hope this rumor proves false.

  43. Kolb just hasn’t had enough on field time to commit to him as a full time starter. If Andy Reid can snag Cromartie in a trade for Kolb that would be a coup for the Eagles.

    Remember Kolb never got his job back from Mike Vick after he recovered from his injury. But Mick Vick got his job back after he came back from injury.

    That says volumes.


    Kolb lost his job after less than 1 game of playing time. Vick earned the starting position permanently after coming into that week 1 game and played lights out for 2 1/2 games until suffering that rib injury in week 4. Saying that Vick keeping his job after injury speaks volumes doesn’t really make much sense as an argument based on the info i just gave.

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