Luke Russert joins PFT Live on Wednesday to look at Bills’ “worst moments”


It’s time.  Finally.

On Wednesday’s PFT Live, we’ll be looking at the worst moments for the Buffalo Bills since the last work stoppage, in 1987.

And we’ll be joined by Luke Russert of NBC News, one of the biggest Bills fans — if not the biggest Bills fan — we know.

Tune in at 12:00 p.m. ET for all the fun.  Unless you’re a Bills fan.

We’ll also be joined by Jets safety Jim Leonhard and Vikings punter Chris Kluwe.

19 responses to “Luke Russert joins PFT Live on Wednesday to look at Bills’ “worst moments”

  1. Four straight Super Bowl losses. Wide right, Music City Miracle, decade of no playoffs, 14 straight losses to New England. The list goes on, I’ll let someone else take over.

  2. I look forward to what this young gentleman has to say.

    The newest Harry Potter movie thumbs up or thumbs down?

  3. Okay, here we go. I’m going to take it in a different direction than probably anyone else here….

    The 2007 Monday Night game against Dallas.

    I know there were several more important losses in playoffs and Super Bowls, but at least that was a relevant team taking tough losses in big moments. This game was different.

    The Bills hadn’t played on Monday Night in years. They were irrelevant and found themselves playing the franchise that gave them their two worst Super Bowl losses.

    The night was all Buffalo’s from the start. The crowd was in a frenzy and the defense was turning over Romo on seemingly every possession. But the team could never quite pull away.

    Late in the game the Bills led by eight, but gave up a touchdown. When Jabari Greer ripped the ball out of T.O.’s hands on the two point conversion, it seemed the Bills would survive. Then the Cowboys recovered the onsides kick and quickly moved into field goal range.

    Nick Folk hit a 53-yard field goal to win the game, only it still wasn’t over. The Bills had called a last-second timeout, a tactic that really was started only weeks earlier, and to this point had worked. The rookie kicker (who has been terrible ever since) made it again.

    Like I said, there have been more important losses. But this loss, more than any, made me believe that things just really won’t get better, and the Bills are somehow doomed to toil in obscurity forever. Or until they move to Los Angeles.

  4. I agree w/ lumas101 and don’t forget the 2009 season opener against the Pats. 4th quarter with few min. left and Pats just scored and kicked off. Then Bills fumble KR, Brady throws TD to Benjamin Watson, Bills lose.

  5. Greg Williams with a side of Kevin Gillbride. Followed by a steaming plate of Mularkey. For desert a GIANT bowl of Vanilla covered bu Jauron. Well seasoned for many years and served by Donahoe Marv Wilson, our finest cheif du incompetence.

  6. The Super Bowls, with Wide Right being the most painful. The Music City Illegal Forward Pass game. Rob Johnson-Doug Flutie debacle. Hank Bullough, Gregg Williams, Mike Mularky and Dick Jauron coaching choices. Mike Williams draft pick. Willis McGahee and Marshawn Lynch picks. That’s just off the top of my head.

  7. I assume the SB losses will be grouped and be #1. I’d then go with the Music City Miracle #2, the Conference title game loss to Cincy #3, Kevin Everett’s injury #4 (could argue the game itself) and then Dallas Monday nighter #5. Certainly the playoff loses to Cleveland, Jax, and Miami have to considered. Of those 3, I’d go Jax because Buffalo was a home favorite. The season finale loss to Pitt’s backups also stands out.

  8. Cowboys 52 Bills 17 – and I absolutely loved it. Go ‘boys.
    Just like Yankee fans….living in the past…17 years ago so get over it…..they are both equally relevant or lack there we know the bills suck….every year its the cowboys super bowl champs but in the end, they are in the same place we are….only they draft a bit lower…maybe this year…..go cowboys
    No really go…..the media hype is ridiculous for an average team with a QB who lacks much intestinal fortitude….when things are great he is a pro bowl QB but when things get tough he plays like an undrafted QB. I have no delusions or grandeur so I can say this about ur team….maybe this will be the year…er well probably not so u can relive ur successes from 17 years ago

  9. Count all the Super Bowls as one, or just count the loss to the Giants.

    The drafting of JP Losman

    The drafting of Captain Checkdown Trent Edwards

    Music City Miracle

  10. takeo spike’s injury. buffalo finally got something good going for them, and he was taken away. the loss to the steelers third stringers with a playoff birth on the line.

  11. Just to correct u Trent was widely considered an up and coming QB…not great but one u could win with….after his concussion in Arizona is when he started to become a joke….his running out or bounds against green bay to end the game sealed his fate in Buffalo and essentially the league…it was not a bad pick at the time

  12. All I can say as a life long Bills fan is that rooting for the Bills is not for the weak.

    How about the spectre that the team could leave any minute to another city and games are played in another country to remain solvent in addition to the music city, SB XXV-XXIX, firing Bill Polian talk.

    It is not for the weak.

  13. Kid graduates from BC and less than a year later is a news correspondent at one of the 3 major networks. That’s typically how it works for 23 year olds.

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