Peyton Manning and Drew Brees request settlement terms


Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson aren’t the only Brady antitrust plaintiffs that will want a little sweetening of the pie.

Drew Brees and Peyton Manning both are requesting to be exempt from the franchise tag for the rest of their careers, according to Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe.

Bedard’s source says that would be effective immediately, which would conceivably make Manning an unrestricted free agent next week.  (Now that would fun.)   Mike Freeman of confirmed Bedard’s report. This could slow the process down a bit, but we find it hard to believe the plaintiffs couldn’t be settled quickly, one way or another.

The NFLPA* appears sensitive to the P.R. of players looking like bad guys in the process.

Rely on the process and rely on your player leadership to get you the right information. Don’t let ‘anonymous sources’ influence you,” NFLPA* spokesman George Atallah wrote on Twitter.

We think there is room for all of the above to be completely accurate.  It is not a surprise Brees, Manning, Mankins, and Jackson are trying to get what they can.

That doesn’t mean the players will get what they want, but it’s part of the “process” that Atallah describes.

99 responses to “Peyton Manning and Drew Brees request settlement terms

  1. Pay Me a Ton ….wants more!! Why would that surprise anyone? The greediest Manning has consistently prevented the Colts from balancing its roster. The team has been forced to surround him with 1st round picks.while the D gets the scraps of each draft. Imagine if Brady got a first round offensive weapon every draft.

  2. Brees and Manning should be ashamed of themselves. They are going to get their checks regardless. The poor players who make vet minimum and have had it hard during this lockout are the ones who should get a settlement. heck they’d be glad to get the franchise tag. If I wasn’t so desperate for football, I’d hope for the owners to fight this.

  3. I said it before i’ll say it agian these players are whats holding up this deal.

    Now wasn’t it Drew Brees that said he thought the offer on the table by the players was fair for both sides?

    Sounds to me like now its Brees and company holding up the progress by getting a little more greedy.

  4. Lifting the tag on Manning and Brees will send their already high market value through the roof. Not so much the other two.

  5. Ah, of course. The most privileged of the privileged class are looking for a little more privilege. Their peers must be so proud.

  6. The NEXT CBA will be absolute lunacy. You’ll get every other player on there as a named plaintiff asking for all kinds of terms.

    Had James Harrison been on this one, I’m sure he’d ask for immumity from penalties and fines so he’d be able to rip every QBs head off.

  7. Way to go players just when you may have had some fans starting to lean you way a few more d*ckheads surface…I mean really if you’re franchised is that such a bad payday??? Try living in the real world making what a majority of fans make…better yet try not having a a real job because of the economy you guys are real morons…

  8. This is just greed pure and simple. Payton couldn’t sign the 1 year deal he was gonna get for $20 million with the franchise tag, but he wants to be a free agent now when he knows the Colts will have to pay him $25 million to keep him there for the next 5-6 years.

    Same with Brees, these guys arn’t looking out for the good of the NFLPA* players, they are simply looking out for themselves.

  9. who cares, Brees only has a year or two left. Manning, well Manning isnt changing teams and one mroe bad hit and he is done because his neck issues. Give them it and lets move on.

    I really hope once this thing is settled we never ever ever hear Brees speak again. He has been a topshelf douche throughout this whole thing.

  10. “(Now that would fun.)”

    I don’t understand what that means, could somebody please translate that for me or proofread their work before they hit enter? Thanks.

  11. You can only use the franchise tag once… or remove the franchise tag all together. It just restricts player salaries.

  12. I see what they’re doing here. I, too, as a fan, would like to request a new home theater system, courtesy of the owners, with stadium seating and cutting edge 3D technology, or else…

    Always knew that Brees was a punk during this entire lockout. Talking about serving the players, and trying to make it a better game ‘for the players.’ As long as you get yours, right, Drew? It’s not just and fair if 4 out of 1200 players get preferential treatment, what makes you think you’re so special?

    Grow up.

  13. This is absolutely ridiculous. I love the sport of football but listening to these players (players I have always respected) makes me sick.

    If the vets care so much they should be looking out for everyone not just themselves. How about those rookies that can’t collect a dime yet?

  14. I’m sure the next guy in line to get franchised is going to be thrilled with these entitlements

  15. How can a guy go from winning a Superbowl and winning over many people across the country to getting so greedy in less than 2 years? Then you have Peyton at age 35 with 2 neck surgeries not happy with 20 mil a year. What a joke!

  16. this shouldnt shock anyone in regards to Manning. He clearly wants to be the highest paid player in the league and that has ALWAYS been his goal. He never offered his team and resemblance of a home town discount like countless other players (Brady on his previous contract would be one example) did.

    I have a hard time listening to complaints about his supporting cast when he is looking to break the bank at all times….

  17. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Drew Brees this summer. It looked like he was a good man for the job but he has been nothing but hypocritical and selfish.

    I will say thou, unlike most people, I will not hold these extended negotiations against Godell, Dee Smith or anyone else involved as long as they get a deal done before it has any effect on the season. These people are just doing their jobs and honestly haven’t caused any problems so far except a wait for us impatient football fans. I’m sure this whole thing will blow over once were back to football. Cant wait!

  18. Brady will be asking for free hair plugs for life as part of the settlement. Not really unreasonable when compared to the others. If Giselle wanted me to do it I would too lol

  19. Manning and Brees are the faces of the NFL and bring these greedy owners hundreds of millions alone. Their not asking much to lose the franchise tag. Really, there should be NO franchise tag. Pay these guys what they are worth or let some other team do so!

  20. Do any of these guys see what’s actually going on in the real world??? I know I know their excuse is they are looking out for the family…well why didn’t you think about that while in college for free did you get a degree isn’t that worth something???

  21. I’m the biggest Peyton Manning/Colts fan there is. But this is just plain ridiculous. If this is true, the owners should let it hold things up, lockout remain, and let Peyton and Brees bare the brunt of anger from the fans and the other players.

    Believe me, he won’t get any more significant $$$ elsewhere than he is gonna be offered from the Colts. And the irreparable harm he will cause to his image will hurt endorsements.

  22. “The NFLPA* appears sensitive to the P.R. of players looking like bad guys in the process.”

    Too late. They HAVE been the bad guys the whole process. Everyone who is not a writer for PFT can see that.

    When they went with the sham decertification.

    When they walked away from every offer made.

    When they filed the antitrust suit threatening the draft.

    When they made no counter offers of their own.

    And most importantly…

    When as employees and multi millionaires they think they can dictate to their bosses how the league spends it funds and what percentage of the business they get.

    The only thing I want in the CBA is language that makes sure the players can never do this again. That way in 10 years when the next negotiations come around these crybaby players get completely hosed.

    I think that’s what the owners are thinking right now.

  23. Suddenly, I’m rooting for James Harrison to unload some lethal hits on these primadonnas…

  24. Like I stated in a similar post yesterday! Give up your Sunday Ticket! Don’t buy games tickets! Don’t go to Games! Don’t order from NFL shop .com. Don’t patronize NFL sponsors! The only way to control this monster is to stop feeding it!

  25. Really don’t understand this move from Brees’ and Manning’s perspective. These guys are going to be among the highest paid NFL’ers for the rest of their careers no matter what happens, and I’ve never heard that either of them is looking to jump teams.

    So what’s to gain from being franchise tag exempt for them, other than looking like belligerent douche bags?

  26. It is clear that these guys have no care for the other 1890 players. All they are worried about is their own paychecks. I hope Manning and Brees get their heads ripped off this year.

  27. Drew Brees is the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen. Manning may be a greedy frankenstein looking mofo, but at least he’s not running his mouth to the media as if he’s some sort of champion for the fans, retired players and the “little guys” like Brees has.

    I can understand the argument Mankins and Jackson have because of the RFA rules screwing them over last season, but it’s not like they were the only ones. This here is flipping ridiculous!

  28. I have sided with the players throughout this mess… but these last 3 days have been ridiculous.

    If I were the owners I would tell these guys

    “Our offer is more than fair as we have sacrificed a lot to make you happy. Our deal is on the table, and we will not negotiate with select plaintiffs who are holding out for their own agendas. You either take it, or these negotiating sessions will be over and we can miss the entire season and none of you will get anything at all.”

    For Brees and Manning to “demand” to be exempt from the Franchise tag forever…. then leave the NFL and go work at a grocery store if you want the freedom to switch employers when you desire.

  29. Ditto what I said before. This is why fans hate the players in this whole thing. Show up to work, do your job, quit your crying. You are millionaires many times over and if you are done playing, quit and let someone else play, but don’t tie up the whole process because your nothing but greedy. These players should get blasted at every stadium they go to. Signs should be as nasty and mean as possible to players. This is garbage from the players, as usual, and it is time for the owners to say F U, go buy the UFL, and wait for each and every one of the NFL players to come over and BEG to play. Every owner has income from another source and do not need the NFL income to survive. Shut down the league for the year and lets see if the players can do the same. Let Manning, Brees, Mankins and Jenkins explain to those 325 pound lineman that although each of those listed above are multi millionaires, that 325 lineman isnt going to be able to pay his mortgage. When football starts back up, I would hate to be any of those guys cause I see cheap shots abounding. I certainly would try to break Brees and Mannings legs and then ask them about how that affects their income, the same way they shafted other players and didn’t care how it affected their livelihoods.

  30. you know through this entire brady vs nfl suit i never have been able to figure out why these specific players were named in the lawsuit. why not every player? i realize the nflpa* probably put them up to it but if 10 players are going to be exempt from the franchise tag why not the rest of the players in the nfl? why special treatment for the players named in the suit? shouldnt at least one player from each team get an exemption? im totally against this by the way im just curious what makes these guys so special?

  31. When it was Mankins and Jackson it was “selfish” but now that Poster Boy Brees and the “Five-head” Manning are asking it’s a sweeting of the pie?

  32. Brees is quickly becoming that guy who likes to say the right thing but has a whole other agenda in his heart and mind….and bank account. This guy is starting to make me sick. He wants to be this vocal leader and humanitarian but he’s just as greedy as the rest and he has began to do and say the things that prove that he is only in this for himself. Im sure all the other players really appreciate what these few are doing to either squeeze more money or hold up the negotiations that most players need to be finalized.

  33. There is a precedent for this, according to what I heard this morning on Sirius NFL Talk (Pappa & Tucker). In 93′ Reggie White (as part of being the plaintiff) also asked for and received an exemption from receiving the franchise tag, for the duration of his career.

  34. Does everyone who keeps bashing the named Plaintiffs think Reggie White was greedy man as Manning & Brees are? Got the same deal.

    Brady, Manning, et al were the guys that put their names on the lawsuit. You got the nuts to sue your company or your boss? Gonna be 1-3 of 2000 to be the face of the opposition in litigation? It takes guts and deserves a reward. I say more power to those that bring more to the table. This isn’t Russia and everyone ain’t equal.

  35. Typical Money hungry athletes. Thinking of themselves instead of the good of all the players. Manning does surprise me, but I figured loud mouth Brees whould try to pull something

  36. I’m wondering if they fear backlash from being named plaintiffs or if they feel entitled because they put their names on the line. Either way, I would like to think that these two would step aside if their petty wants stood in the way of CBA agreement. But what do I know?
    I can’t say I’m as confident that Mankins and Jackson (especially Jackson) would do the same. Even if he is an alumni of my school, I hope that the Chargers do give Jackson his free agency and enough collusion occurs that he doesn’t get picked up elsewhere. The NFL would be better without him until he learns some humility.

  37. “you know through this entire brady vs nfl suit i never have been able to figure out why these specific players were named in the lawsuit. why not every player? i realize the nflpa* probably put them up to it but if 10 players are going to be exempt from the franchise tag why not the rest of the players in the nfl? why special treatment for the players named in the suit? shouldnt at least one player from each team get an exemption? im totally against this by the way im just curious what makes these guys so special?”

    It’s just the way class actions work. You never name everyone involved — you name a handful of prominent plaintiffs, and then everyone else is just included in “the class.”

    As for your second point, I agree — it seems unfair for the named plaintiff’s to get special treatment. Especially since guys that weren’t named on the suit were more involved with the process than most of the guys that were named.

  38. If it looks like it will work, before the ink dries, every player should file suit since apparently it is a way to blackmail the owners.

  39. There WILL be a salary cap, so whichever team is stupid enough to blow their cap on a long-term outrageous contract for Aso, Manning, Brees, Mankin or Vincent DESERVES to languish in mediocrity for years. The good team control their cap and jettison high-priced vets on the down-side of their careers. Buyer beware…

  40. Meanwhile, Brady and his team avoided the FT by agreeing to a deal last year. Good move, guys. As a Pats fan I am glad of it and would hate it if TB was embroiled in this part of the suit.

    I HATE any of these guys in the suit asking for privileges JUST for themselves. GFY, all of you guys doing that. Asking for exceptions for yourselves only is some elitist BS. Doesn’t fly in a TEAM SPORT.

    Especially Manning who unlike the rest of the plaintiffs has been a silver spoon guy since the sperm met the egg and has always taken potshots at his teammates in the media whether passive aggressive or straight out. He’s always been surrounded with the best of everything and never had to play on a team not centered around his own statistical success. Why did Polian to give up leverage by saying (reported by NFLN yesterday) his second surgery will have no bearing on his new contract?

  41. Why would Manning ask for this? He is going to get the biggest contract ever by any player in pro football. And it will be his last contract. As much time as he spent getting knocked around with the POS offensive line the team trotted out in front of him you would think he’d take a deal similar to Brady’s and tell Polian to go buy some difference makers in free agency. Unless he just wants to go elsewhere at all costs.

    As a Colts fan I think this is either bogus ( isn’t the best source), or terrifying.

  42. Watching Abby Wombach, Hope Solo, and “Baby Horse” Morgan play their hearts out for living expenses makes it awfully easy to despise these guys. Not that I ever had any sympathy for Manning, Brees, or Jackson.

  43. Like I needed another reason to stoke my sports hatred of the Saints and Drew Brees. The bandwagon “who dat” or “who dey” fanbase was bad enough, but now add the whinny QB that keeps trying to derail progress to fill his wallet. Go back into the shadows where you’ve been hiding the last month Drew.

  44. These players have shown just how greedy they are. Can’t wait to hear Brees shout from the top of the roof how much he cares for the fans and how much he cares for the city of New Orleans. Who do they think they are kidding, Brees, Manning and Brady crying about more and more money. Lets ask that OT that just had his ankle messed up for the upteen time to protect these guys, why they didn’t care to put him on their Greed CREED. They are right they are the face of the NFL players—GREED GREED GREED and more GREED.

  45. How is that were doing this for all the players working out?
    Vote no owners set you terms of employment and move on.

  46. I can’t help it, I wish Jackson, Mankins, Brees, and Peyton the very worst. They don’t deserve anything extra!!!

    Complete BS, obviously I want football, but what a joke. Offer Brees a mole removal procedure and Payton a forehead reduction procedure and call it all good.

    For those that support these tools because of Reggie White’s settlement terms, consider that White actually took a risk and produced a completely new set of benefits for every player that they never had before. These guys did nothing even close to it.

    The NFL is also to blame, if they were just going to scramble to negotiate before the lockout could even be effective (accept to give the players a nice vacation), why do it and let these idiots take you to court.

  47. The owners should tell the NFLPA lawyers “If the named plaintiffs wish to continue this course of action, then we will have no choice but to scuttle the current deal, we will continue ahead with our claim that the NFLPA disbanding is in FACT a sham, and will not offer any protection against it. Please have the 10 named plaintiffs explain to the other 2000 players how they are better than they are, and their exact reasons for screwing everyone else.”

    Nuff said. I used to like Peyton…screw him and the rest now.

  48. Part of the “process”? Crap! These greedy players just want every dime from the owners. Just keep pushing and there will be no football.

  49. Manning has been to 0 meetings! ZERO!
    Mankins has been to ZERO (0)!
    They have done nothing to further this cause. if this haults progress … i am so sick of this whole thing. They almost made it through with no collateral damage …

  50. Fine. Let these a holes be free agents. Some team will sign Brees and Manning for sure . I’m not sure that the Colts can addord to pay Manning $25M . At least not if they want to field a quality team . He has already hurt the in that respect.

    I am originally from Baltimore so I have hated the Colts since the move and have never been a Manning fan . I’m not sure if he is as goiod as he appears . Send him to the Redskins with a garbage line and no receivers . Let’s see how well he does there .

  51. We all say we love competitive balance, right?

    If you’re such a believer in competitive balance, why would you support the franchise tag?

    From a competitive balance standpoint, the Colts retaining Peyton Manning for less money than he’d get in the open market is an unfair advantage, thus being a hinderance to competitive balance.

    Don’t be lazy and just hit the thumbs down button if you don’t agree with me. Tell me WHY you think the franchise tag is good for the NFL.

  52. southcakpanther says: Jul 19, 2011 1:48 PM

    Like I needed another reason to stoke my sports hatred of the Saints and Drew Brees. The bandwagon “who dat” or “who dey” fanbase was bad enough, but now add the whinny QB that keeps trying to derail progress to fill his wallet. Go back into the shadows where you’ve been hiding the last month Drew.

    The Panthers. LMFAO

  53. Anybody who thinks Peyton is changing teams needs some serious help.

    This is a strategic move giving both maximum leverage. We might not like it, but how can we blame them for wanting the Tag eliminated.

    IT’S CALLED LEVERAGE and these players are Businessmen as much as they are Athletes.

    The Colts would actually save money by Tagging Manning instead of paying him the contract they are about to pay so wisely Manning would like the Tag off the table. That really doesn’t make sense to Manning or even the Colts.

    The Manning Deal will likely be around $20 Million and be one of the most lucrative in the NFL. Expect it to be around 5 years or so.

    Peyton will retire a Colt… fact.

  54. I absolutely love the HATE that you people hurl towards Brees, it truly makes me laugh. You call Brees “Greedy”?… Really? You people obviously are all surface people and dont understand strategy. If there’s one thing that Drew Brees isn’t, its greedy. Setting up workouts at Tulane for all Saints players and rookies, including plane tickets and hotel rooms for them to come there and stay there… ALL out of his own pocket. Does that sound greedy?? If you’re going to call manning and brees greedy and hate them as much as you do then you need to do the same for every single player in the NFL because the league minimum is enough to make everyone who posts on this site look like a complete bum. Just because Brees and Manning have been named throughout this entire ordeal doesn’t mean that they are the only two people who have been “holding up the process”, its been the ENTIRE NFL, players and owners alike. All Manning and Brees are doing is making sure the owners dont try to use technicalities against them because they are due new contracts…. if every last one of you were in their position you would do the same. They’re basically saying what happens if i get franchise tagged and then I get my knee blown out, hmmmm yes thats it i LOSE money and the team tries to lowball me the following year in contract negotiations bc im “injury prone” and “up there in age”. Its called security and every last one of us would do the exact same thing for ourselves, just because these guys are wealthy atheletes doesn’t mean they dont want the same things we want: Job Security, Recognition for the good hard work you’ve put in, compensation for personally bettering the company you work for, etc… Stop with this whole “they’re greedy, they have enough money so stop whining, i hope they get they’re heads ripped off”, the next time you personally start making billions of dollars for the company you work for and you DONT ask for a raise in pay or special priveleges then you can say whatever you want about those guys but dont pretend that you would do something that we all know you wouldn’t!

  55. Peyton, Drew and any other player deserves every nickle they can get. Everyone on here seems to be against them racking up the big bucks but when was the last time any of you allowed an NFL team to make multi-millions off of your name? When was the last time anyone wore or even wanted a jersey with “theguy57” on the back of it? Never. NFL players have a very short window in their careers and are so entitled to capitalize on that. Anyone who is the best at what they do should have a larger slice of the pie and extra cool whip if they so desire.
    The players who get less seem to give less. Who wants to give a huge contract or endorsement to the no name 3rd stringer who coasted through college, cant read and stutters through a mouth full of gold teeth?

  56. I’m about to say F the whole thing and wait for Hockey to start. The best part about football is fantasy anyhow. I’m sure this is some sort of planned stalling technique but i just blow my mind to think some of the more fortunate & well paid people are screwing this up for everyone else. Let em all be free agents and lock them out again. See what there 230,000 insurance payment gets them. For the ones making that already it will feel like Christmas, for the ones B!tching about making 25 Mil a year it will hurt. Oh well I’ll save my fantasy money for a new golf club.

  57. Sad part is as soon as the lockout is resolved, they will be forgiven and cheered by their fan’s. There will be no consequence. Rich and Spoiled.

    How can they even think that the common sports fan can relate to their plight???? You want to know what is wrong with the world and the economy – I give you exhibits A through D. Turds.

  58. what completely selfish jerks!!! Owners should say, “enough is enough!” Refuse to cave in to these “Me First A##holes”. I’d like to point out to Peyton, Brees, and the others that they’re risking hurting everyone… their fellow players; all the “little guys” who are employed by the teams and stadiums; loyal fans who spend their hard earned money on tickets to games, apparel,etc. But they obviously don’t give a crap. I’ve about had enough of these selfish- diva players.

  59. @breeshasabush,
    It’s not greedy to me so much as SELFISH. I don’t mind whatever they get paid if someone is willing to pay it WITHIN THE RULES. the point to me is Brees et al are asking for exemptions ONLY for THEMSELVES and have done nothing extraordinary vis a vis the lawsuit to require such compensation. They are asking for a RULE EXEMPTION fr THEMSELVES ONLY…that’s what bugs the ish out of me, not the money part.

    I am not in favor of the FT as it has been. I am in favor of it ONLY as a one time per the same player per the same team mechanism in order to negotiate a long term deal. So technically I am in favor of it but I think it stinks the way it’s been abused by some teams. If FA is 4 years then a team can franchise a guy only 1ce before he gets to walk, I think that is fair to both parties.

  60. @CKL

    Good post and I’m not trying to be argumentative, but IMO that still doesn’t justify the franchise tag. The player and team have plenty of time to negotiate a long-term deal before the original contract expires.

    Everyone here is screaming that franchised players make “enough” money, but what if it’s not a money issue? What if the player just wants to play somewhere else, even for less money?

  61. Screw Bree’s… I had always liked him as a player, but I am not diggin him too much any more and sadly I cant see myself rooting for him anymore.

  62. As much as players have a right to want to play elsewhere, teams have a right to have a mechanism to keep a player, if at least for a year, after their contract ends. Many times teams do offer a lucrative contract to these players, but them, their agents or their “posse” convince them they’re worth more when they rarely are.

    These players are beginning to lose the battle in the court of public opinion. Now, very close to a deal for the entire league being done, these individuals are showing that it’s about themselves and not the “solidarity” of the NFLPA.

    De Smith needs to force these idiots to drop this anti-trust lawsuit and focus on the big picture and not the “me” picture.

  63. CKL

    The end justifies the means. If Brees and Manning get that exemption it will prove to the rest of the NFL that they can as well. Its not Brees’ job to do so for every single player in the NFL, eventhough he has been fighting for them for just about every other rule during the lockout and people call him “Drew Greed” for it, itsDe Smith’s job. So whats wrong with Brees saying “hey this is what I personally want” and if he gets it then that opens the door for other players to step up for themselves and say “Well Brees got it, so should I”. I understand that fans are upset about the lockout and they just want football (so do I) but if you look at the entire course of this thing you will see how fans have been swayed in each different direction and how most of the people who are pulling a Nancy Grace on Drew Brees and Manning haven’t taken a firm stand on this lockout or dont really know much about it. They follow the masses, kind of like the towns people on south park when something bad happens, constantly changing sides carrying torches to the players houses and then when the players explain it theymarch back to the owners houses with torches in hand, and back and fourth and back and fourth. they just want to blame someone rather than understand whats going on and realize that in this type of situation there’s not one person to blame and both sides have points to their arguments.

    To say Brees is Greedy, a hypocrite, selfish is just plain wrong. Brees from day one has taken a firm stand on what he believes and has done ALOT for every single player in the NFL. All of these rules that are being finalized, that are for the greater good of the players, is because people like Brees said “No, we will not roll over and let the owners continue to be dictators” and now with the lockout coming to an end the NFL looks like a better place for the players who matter. No more JaMarcus Russells coming in and robbing franchises blind having never proving themselves. The things that were done needed to be done, the owners cannot call all the shots when its the players who sell the product and Brees helped change that so I do not see your “selfish” point of view of Brees. Cheers

  64. breeshasabush- Sounds like your a little to close to MR. Bree’s to look at this objectively. No wonder he demands so much when he has reach around partners like you fighting his battles. Simple fact is he’s greedy, plain and simple. This isnt an opinion or assumption….ITS IN THE LAWSUIT. He wants more than the rest of the players except the other plaintiffs mentioned in the lawsuit. THats Greed not off base accusations by the Loyal NFL fans.

  65. @ tommyf15

    I think 4 yrs FA is a good tradeoff for one year of a FT. Yes they have the length of the contract to negotiate a new deal but sometimes cap, getting a replacement up to speed, etc. can make it a little more complicated, and it will be moreso IMO with a 4 yr FA limit. Teams want to see multiple years of production before they pony up cash, and rightfully so.

    I haven’t called DB names and despite the fact that I disagree with some of the things he has said during this whole mess, I have complimented him on here for sticking up for what he put his name behind. He’s done good things for your city and team but I can’t forget how much he said about how grateful he was to the one team willing to pay what they did for him coming off injury. He doesn’t “owe” your team anything beyond being a good citizen and playing well but it’s still hard to see what exactly he wins for future players by asking for an exemption for himself (if this is true). Whether a guy is right or wrong I never see the good in making a public argument for special treatment.

  66. CKL

    If he were to be “exempt” from the rule (which he didnt ask for) then it would inevitably change the rule. There’s no way 1 or two players can be exempt from a rule, I know that, you know that, don’t you think the rest of the NFL knows it? Anyway, the real question is do you REALLY think Manning or Brees is going to get franchise tagged? No, they won’t and their respective teams had no intention of doing so. So if there was a move made by Manning or Brees regarding the franchise tag then rest assured that it had to do with all the players, not just themselves bc it really doesnt apply to them.


    So what you’re telling me is that in the “LAWSUIT” it actually says “Drew Brees is greedy”. Listen up sport, if you’re going to try to call me out or bring an argument to me then be educated about it. First off, that lawsuit you’re referring to is TOM BRADY vs the NFL and Manning and Brees are the only other two plantiffs who have released their names publicly, so its very likely that one of the other 10 could be your most beloved home team player. Second off, THE LEAGUE has come out and said that Manning and Brees “have not asked for anything individually”. Soooo you must be an inside source that knows something that none of us know being that the league (with whom Brees has been on the opposite side of the negotiating table) has actually come out and said “No, he nor Manning have asked for special treatment”. You are the exact person I am talking about: the Nancy Grace, torch carrying, south park townsperson… you have no idea what you’re talking about but you still manage to sputter out the dumbest thing that comes to your head… “MR Bree’s is greedy, he wants more than the other plantiffs… ITS IN THE LAWSUIT!” Oh yeah, what page is it on in that copy of that paper work of the lawsuit that you have? As far as me being objective, please! I have bashed Brees for some of the things he’s said that i didnt agree with, I dont like Manning or Brady but I certainly don’t blame them for their part. The things I say are things that I have thought out and put reason and logic behind. I’ll not respond to your next comment because without a doubt it will be similar if not worst than your last…. leave the educated debate to people like CKL who can actually put together an intelligent thought and can debate like an educated adult. “ITS IN THE LAWSUIT”…seriously!

  67. Breeshasabush-
    I see your point, and it has logic but I believe that Reggie White and those other guys who got the exemption from the FT for their part in the 87 negotiations did not result in other players getting that same exemption or being able to argue that they should because those other guys did. Now maybe I don’t know that much about that situation, but that’s how it looks to me.

  68. I hear ya but I think we can both agree that its a different league today and the Franchise tag isn’t looked upon as it was now as it was during that time. I remember my father talking about making this guy and that guy a franchise player and it was a good thing…. definitely not the case here. Something we can all agree on is we need football because no matter how any of our views differ, the one thing we all have in common is we have love for football and we want it back… in the end it is us who have suffered the most. Glad to debate with you CKL, nice to see someone who isn’t completely dellusional and narrow minded. Refreshing! TIME FOR FOOTBALL!

  69. Breeshasabush-INDEED…we are getting punchy! I too appreciate your reasonable debate. 🙂

  70. “I hesitate to even dignify the false media reports with a response, but obviously they are leading people astray. I want no special perks. My job is to get a fair deal for all players, and I am proud to represent them all – past, present and future. All media claims about me wanting a personal reward for this deal are false. I hope you all know me better than that.” – Drew Brees

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