Radio report: Bulger doesn’t want to play in Arizona


We may be able to cross one name off the possible Cardinals quarterback wishlist.

Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 in Phoenix reports that Marc Bulger doesn’t want to play for the Cardinals, according to his sources.  Bulger was considered a possibility in Arizona, along with Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton, and possibly Matt Hasselbeck.

We’re not sure if a starting chance will materialize for Bulger or even if he wants one. It wouldn’t be a shock if he remained a backup in 2011, possibly returning to the Ravens.

26 responses to “Radio report: Bulger doesn’t want to play in Arizona

  1. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to go to a team with the best WR in the NFL or a coach who believes in running the ball, and a defense that will be so bad the offense will get plenty of opportunities to score.

  2. arizona lost 5 years when warner retired, way to succession plan. Don’t worry if you lose every game this year you can get luck next year.

  3. I would love to know why he doesn’t want to play there. Seems like an ideal place for a QB. Dome for 9 games, nice WR corps, offensive minded HC.

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with the statement. It’s not fair for him to have to fill Kurt Warner’s shoes a second time

  5. Hahahah…why all the thumbs down for my comment? Cards fans who don’t agree? Ravens fans who want to keep him around?

  6. If he signed with Arizona he would have to play and earn his millions. Smarter to just carry a clipboard and hope the starter doesn’t get hurt.

  7. He got the crap beat out of him behind that sieve of a Oline the Rams had a couple of years ago…Why would he sign on to play for the Cardinals when their Oline is even worse?

  8. I think he’d be perfect for the Vikings. He could start for a while until Ponder is ready and would be a nice veteran mentor with lots of starting experience. He’s clearly in the backup QB phase of his career now.

  9. He should come play in Cincy’s new West Coast Offense and start for a year. Teach Andy Dalton the ropes and make the Bengals hopefully competitive this year.

  10. Wrong side of 30, collecting a solid paycheck to hold a clipboard, good chance of bringing home some play-off swag, all while for the organization with the best facilities in the league… Why would he want to go start somewhere, get his head beat in, and be subject to expectations. He’s got the best gig possible in Baltimore.

  11. I’ll take Bulger here in Carolina as a mentor to Cam and Jimmy. We need somebody here with some damn NFL experience. Jimmy’s experience consists of panic followed by a ball thrown out of bounds or into the hands of a defender.

  12. This has been going around Baltimore for a few months now. I dont think Bulger wants to leave. He’s on a Superbowl contending team and if Flacco continues to be the iron man that he has been Bulger will be collecting free pay checks.

    Why not save his body the wear and tear, while making a little free money and contending for a Superbowl? Bulger isnt THAT competitor any more. It got beat out of him in St. Louis. I truly believe the reports about him being a broken man. Otherwise he would have went some place that he could compete from the beginning, instead of taking a backup job in Baltimore.

  13. I think Bulger goes back to Baltimore if they want to keep paying him. I think the Cardinals have a very good bunch of Wr’s. I think the safest bet would be to offer the Broncos a 3rd or 4th for Orton, if that’s the asking price and he’s available. Kolb might be alright but it’s a small sample size. Hasselbeck probably has other options one of which could be Nashville.

  14. Mike Jurecki is a hack! He has been on record for months upon months saying Bulger to the Cards with his “inside information” now he back tracks? No wonder his show has low ratings!

    As for DRC for Kolb, I heard his in Mid May and only now does thso hack and the rest of the Phoenix hacks start sayign they are the first to report this!

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