Report: Brees, Manning, Jackson soften stances after backlash

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Reports that four of the named plaintiffs in the Brady antitrust lawsuit have made a push for special treatment just as the labor deal is close to being resolved has triggered a widespread reaction from fans, some members of the media, and at least one player.

Now, Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe reports that three of the men have privately softened their stances, due to the backlash.

Per Bedard, Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, and Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson have backed off of their attempt to obtain an exemption from the franchise tag.  As to Patriots guard Logan Mankins, it’s unclear whether he has relented.  (It’s also unclear whether he wants to be a free agent or some other concession, but it has been reported that he does.)

To little surprise, Bedard reports that NFLPA* outside counsel Jeffrey Kessler is “still fighting” for the players, but that the issue is expected to be resolved.

Kessler has been trying for weeks to get special treatment for the named plaintiffs.  Several weeks ago, he spent hours arguing that Brees and Manning should receive a lifetime exemption from the franchise tag.  Regardless of whether Kessler was hoping to blow up the deal or simply to achieve tangible proof of victory, he has yet to give up.  Until he does, it won’t go away.

The easiest way to make it go away would be for the players to explain, in no uncertain terms, to Kessler and/or the rest of us that they want nothing more than the satisfaction of helping get the new labor deal negotiated.  If the named plaintiffs truly are part of “One Team,” they should still be showing an index finger to the world, not a middle finger to their brethren.

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  1. Came back from work, hoped to see a deal in principle was reached….disappointed but not really surprised.

    And Schefter said they’re pushing back training camps? What does that do to the HoF game?

  2. They backed off because they are afraid of punters.

    Imagine how nerve-wracking it would be knowing that, at any moment, a football could fall from the sky and land within 5 yards of you.

    And you’ll never see the attacker, because he’s hidden in some trees, or on a roof-top, 50 yards away.

    Punters are like snipers. Or something.

  3. Somehow, someway, this douche needs to be barred from any & all NFL accounts. He is a rep of the lawsuit, not an agent. There should be some sort of breach of contract by the player(s) to their agent for allowing Kessler to represent them in regards to their contract(s). God, I purely hate Kessler & hope he gets genital warts on his tongue!

  4. Player max salary: 2 mil per season with life time health insurance, it’s the insurance the players really want right? Owner max profit: 125% of investment per year. Done deal. Owners and players still get better income than 98% of the world and the regular fans aren’t robbed every Sunday.

  5. I have this vision of Kessler running down the street with the documents tomorrow trying to avoid turning them over to anyone… kind of like Kramer running down the street with the Risk board from Newman.

  6. It took a “backlash” to make them see they were being idiots?

    Boycott all products endorsed by Manning and Brees, that would be a good backlash.

    The other two are fairly unknown and probably don’t have any endorsements anyway.

  7. After all the big talk about Brees wanting things to get things over and done with it really ticked me of that he and the others would screw everyone else by trying to cash in! It’s a shame that it took the talk of a bascklash to get them to man up and get this thing done!

  8. 1) How can you possibly begrudge anyone who wants to better position themselves currently and into the future? In the cases of the named plaintiffs, there’s a reason they are named plaintiffs.

    2)Kessler’s arguments have merit. Just as veterans will be paid by a different set of guidelines than rookies, Brees, Manning, et al have proven themselves a class apart from the rest of the league. They simply want a structure which applies to them that merits the scope of their accomplishments and contributions to the game.

    3)This is apropos of nothing, but Kubiak sucks.

  9. I imagine that the four of them are thinking they can wrangle out a lifetime franchise tag exemption in the same way Reggie White was able to do back in ’93.

    Reggie lived back in the day when labor negotiations were essentially secret until the deal was consummated.

    These yo-yos obviously lost sight of the fact that we now live in the era of the virtually instantaneous news cycle, with Twitter, PFT, RSS feeds, etc., enabling almost real-time reporting and reaction to events. They’re experiencing “reaction” mode now.

  10. What’s this? Players care what fans think? Since when? I think it’s more about what their peers think of them holding up the deal.

  11. well how nice of them. all they want is football guys. all for the love of the game

    why are they not mentioning osi yumenyura? he said he wont sign off on a deal unless his situation gets resolved. not sure what his situation is cuz he is under contract. also not sure if he even has the power to stop a deal, but on espn they mentioned it yesterday

  12. How about for once you report all the facts and leave out your ridiculous slants? How about telling everyone WHY the players are asking for exemption – just like the players who previously put their names on the line in prior debates?

    Instead, you want to report only what you can to demonize the players; I wish they would hold you liable.

  13. Indeed, Brady and Manning come off looking like turds in this story. Are they really concerned that they haven’t earned enough money thusfar in their careers?

  14. “As to Patriots guard Logan Mankins, it’s unclear whether he has relented. (It’s also unclear whether he wants to be a free agent or some other concession, but it has been reported that he does.)”

    “It has been reported…” or “We reported that it was reported that Mankins’ agent is reportedly seeking a concession?” Which is it? I mean, if you’re going to crucify the guy, you should have something more solid than a report of a rumor of a suspicion. Stop trying to make your own news.

  15. I guess having their names forever linked to saving football from a work stoppage and 10 years of labor peace isn’t a good enough “prize” for them?

  16. These guys better back off or they will be sleeping with the fishes !! Just kidding . But I would not want to be the guy who holds things up for the other 1900 guys .

  17. After hiring an expert to read the lumps on Potato’s Head, then consulting the giant detail map of the Dark Continent on the side of Bree’s face, the plaintiffs finally realized which way was up.

  18. I think it’s silly that Peyton is even on this board, the guy has been in the spotlight of the “highest paid player ever” treatment by Bill Polian since the dawn of time.

    Plus, although Brady and Manning are exemptions, think about the rest, with a franchise tag they make more than they would otherwise and they’re still playing pro ball…I’ll use Julius Peppers for example…in ’08 the Panthers were 11-5 and lost in the playoffs, remember that? They tagged him for ’09 and he complained all year instead of helping his team try to get back to where they were. Which proves if winning a championship really matters to these players, how much does the logo on the side matter?

  19. Come on! They’re football players, not politicians. They don’t know the finer points of saying all sorts of sensible, reasonable sounding things while trying to stuff even more dough into the pockets of a few folks who already have more money than they know what to do with.

  20. I hate people who think they deserve special consideration. I’d love to ask one of these prim a dona a holes face to face just waht they think makes them better than there union brothers.

  21. While i do think there should be limits on the franchise tag, I do not understand why these players think they deserve some kind of advantage over the rest of the league.

    What these players should going for is that teams can only place the tag on a player for one year at a time. Meaning if they tag Manning this season they can’t tag him the next year. I think that is a fair deal. Of course IMO teams should also get two franchise tags, so what do I know !?

  22. Will be hard to watch Manning and Brees without inside wanting them to loose. In their position their GREED is unexceptable. Lets now not make excuses for them.

  23. pffft Brees

    yay punters!

    As for Peyton, correct me if I’m wrong, but this makes two kickers that have called out Peyton Manning. Vander-what’s his face and Kluwe?

  24. That’s it…blanket party Kessler.

    He is the last hold out.

    Or if he had balls D Smith should tell him to shut up.

  25. Again, I like how Mankins isn’t named in this. He’s going to single handedly derail this and get blacklisted from the league.

  26. Gee, maybe everyone should consider the source? this toolbag from the Globe was the only person writing this as fact, was refuted by Tom condon, who called this all “a fabrication” and now he’s given himself an out and all you Manning-haters are eating right out of his hand. Well, I guess he DID have is “unnamed source” to stand behind. I have an “unnamed source” that says anyone who believes this crap without seeing it verified is as big a fool as the J/O writing it.

  27. I tell ya…Im beginning to think that some of these guys in the NFL…namely the ones in this lawsuit are some spoiled brats who think just because they have some big names and they are on ESPN daily,that they can just demand and get what they want. I dont care who you are…you’re not better than the NFL as a whole. Just ask Brett Favre. Guys already make more money than they could ever spend. Enough already with this BS. Is Chris Kluwe the only one whos going to speak out?

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