Report: League has yet to give teams permission to contact players

Last night, we reported that the Packers have begun contacting players to advise them to be ready to report to the facility for a team meeting on Saturday.  Jason Wilde of quickly confirmed the report as “100 percent” accurate, citing two unnamed club sources.

Some have speculated that the Packers received permission to contact their players, despite the still-ongoing lockout.  This morning, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported via Twitter that no such permission has been granted.

Schefter hasn’t specifically reported that the Packers haven’t contacted player.  If/when he does, we’ll have an unprecedented case of ESPN-on-ESPN-Milwaukee crime.

Meanwhile, quarterback Aaron Rodgers posted via Twitter that he hasn’t been contacted by the team.  But he doesn’t need to be; he already knows.  By contacting some and thus triggering an Internet-fueled Bat-signal, the Packers have done what they set out to do.

15 responses to “Report: League has yet to give teams permission to contact players

  1. Is this really even a story? Who out there really believes teams haven’t been in contact with key players?

  2. If you released a message to someone not affiliated with either the team or the player in any official capacity, and that person transfered the message, is that considered a breach of the lockout rules?

    Couldn’t you just have your wife call the palyers?

  3. and, in so doing, they have launched the Bat-signal to ALL teams. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the League ‘suggested’ that the Packers do this so they could send the ‘Lassie, Come Home’ signal to all the teams, then, they have ‘plausible deniability’ as cover so they don’t appear to be ‘lifting’ the lockout prematurely.

  4. For all we know, the leaks to Wilde were the means by which the Packers contacted their players. Get the story out there, and everyone knows where to be and when to be there.

  5. How hard is it to Twitter a player’s girlfriend’s friend and let the word spread? “Rumors” are so easy to spread now via Twitter, FB or even emails…

  6. If anyone here thinks the teams haven’t been in contact with their players the whole time then you are definitely living in a dream world.

    Sure they’ve been sneakin’ around like a bunch of 007’s but I guarantee it’s happenin’ and Money Penny has been sneakin’ in plays for their “Player Organized” OTA’s since day one. You read it here first!

    Bond……..James Bond……..

  7. I disagree with this. The NFL certainly did approve teams, er…I mean a team to talk to their players. Didn’t the Packers have a private Superbowl celebration that included players and staff? So I guess they had their celebration but none of the staff spoke to the players. Come’on man!

    Listen I will be the first to say I am jealous of the Packers. I’m a Viking fan and hate the fact they won the superbowl. However, I will also be the first to say they deserved to win especially through all their injuries. What they accomplished last year was nothing short of amazing. I, as a football fan appreciate what they did last year and unfortunately for us Viking fans, the Packers have a solid team that can be good for years to come.

    However, I still say the NFL should not have allowed that only because there is a lockout. If the other 31 teams can’t talk to their players, the Pack shouldn’t be able to either. I would think the same thing if it were the Vikings that won it (although they never have :).

  8. Since there is no union and nobody is employed by anyone, can’t a guy – who just happens to own a football team – call up a friend of his – who just happens to be a former employee – and say, “why don’t you stop by Sunday? It’s been far too long. And bring your friends.”

  9. I hope the league doesn’t do anything to settle this anytime soon. I’m all for missing the 1st 4 weeks of the season so these GREEDY players can crawl back to the owners begging for their jobs and thankful they make 100X more than the average person.

  10. Sure, Mike. The Packers are just that smart. You do realize that the “Bat Signal” has notified ALL players, not just the Packers… lol. Still, if they contacted ANY player, they should be penalized. No double-standard… not even for the “storied franchise”.

  11. Smart play by the Packers……………….They didn’t conatct anyone, the media did!

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