Stewart Bradley wants to stay in Philly


Eagles linebacker Stewart Bradley becomes an unrestricted free agent whenever free agency starts. But if there is, as expected, a 72-hour period for teams to sign their own free agents before unrestricted free agency begins, Bradley would like to get a deal done with the Eagles right then.

Bradley’s agent, Eric Metz, told that the Eagles Bradley would love to get an offer from the Eagles as soon as the lockout ends.

“We’re open to anything,” Metz said. “If they offer him a long-term contract that we feel is fair then he would have no problem signing in Philadelphia. I think he would like to finish what he started there and help bring a Super Bowl to the city.”

According to Metz, Bradley thinks Philadelphia is the right place for him.

“He has a lot of respect for his coaches, I can tell you that,” said Metz. “I think it would be his first choice [to stay in Philadelphia].”

In a year with no minicamps or organized team activities, keeping players who are comfortable in their current environments is more important than ever. Keeping Bradley in Philadelphia just makes sense.

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  1. Now the question is whether he’s willing to move to the outside, cause it looks like 2nd year LB Jamar Chaney is going to win the MIKE spot after his dominant play at the end of last season while filling in.

  2. He could probably play the SAM instead of Fokou, though I like Fokou better than most people do. I especially like his name, Fokou.

  3. Let’s be honest none of the eagles lb’s are exceptionally stalwart. I hope Casey Matthews can be half as good for the eagles as he was for Oregon. He’s undersized but his instincts can’t be beat, plus he has a motor that can run for days. Reminds me of a young Zach Thomas.

  4. I agree with the above comments.
    MIKE = Cheney
    SAM= Stew and Fokou
    WILL= this year’s rental, Clayton, Rolle

  5. Forgot about Casey Matthews… also I don’t know how Juan’s D is gonna look but keep Stew away from covering TE’s please

  6. The defense played MUCH better with him in the lineup last year. Not because of his play specifically, which was average, but because he had the radio, and he was SMART. He know how to break down Gingerballs’ defense and make it so that the guys understood it. Once he was off the field, whoever was in there arguably played better as an individual, but the rest of the unit suffered greatly.

  7. I wish he could stay healthy. I’m a Cowboys fan and despise everything about the Eagles but for some reason as a football fan, I can’t help but love Bradley.

  8. If he couldjust stay healthy, he would be great. Remember he was an All-Pro linebacker a couple years back, and if he looked good last year in McDoormat’s terrible schemed defence, hopefully he can get back to his old self.

  9. Move back to the outside. I am really excited about Moise Fokou!!! I know other people like him too, but I dont think enough of Philly gives young Moise the credit he deserves. Chaney gave Eagles fans a reason to be really excited about the middle, and if Stew can stay healthy, he could be a force on the outside. He was in college. Fokou and Chaney are what have me excited though.

  10. He is a leader on a young Eagles defense. He is massive unlike all the other Eagles D (6’4″ 260) he played SAM LB at Nebraska and the Eagles moved him inside, so i could see him moving back outside to allow Chaney to work the middle. WILL LB is gonna be a camp battle for sure. We pretty much have rookies Matthews and Rolle, and 2nd year man Keenan Clayton. Sims will more than likely be gone, its too bad, i had high hopes for him.

  11. Yeah I don’t see him refusing to play outside, especially considering he played there in college.

  12. Bradley wanted to stay in Philly. The Philly fans wanted Bradley to stay in Philly. Football fans in general wanted Bradley to stay in Philly.

    Joe “nickles” Banner, Andy “cheesesteak wit” Reid, and Juan “WTF am I doing” Castillo, however – they did not.

    So Bradley goes. The Iggles are now playing an undersized 4th round rook at MIKE, while the Cards got a legit NFL MLB on the cheap.

    Hard to explain this one. Andy may know QBs, but he sure doesn’t know LBs. (Maybe this was secretly a part of the Kolb deal? ;P)

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