AP: No player vote Wednesday


Keep the champagne on ice.

The NFLPA* will not hold a vote on a possible settlement to end the lockout Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.  This report counters ESPN’s front page story throughout Wednesday, which said a vote would take place.

NFL Network has confirmed that no vote will take place Wednesday.

While a vote was expected, it’s not worth speculating (yet) if this means much in the grand scheme of things.  The procedure to end the lockout is a complex one, filtering from the NFLPA* Executive Committee to player reps to antitrust plaintiffs and beyond.

The NFL owners meet on Thursday and are expected to vote to ratify a new CBA.  We’ll have to wait and find out if the players have agreed to the deal by the then.

At this point, approval of the CBA should be a no-brainer for the union.  We wouldn’t overreact to the delay yet.

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  1. What I don’t understand at all is why the players and their representatives are leaving and going to the airport!? Its been reported that there are still things that need to be worked out, why not stay and work through these issues instead of just leaving? This is a never ending process and it seems like any optimistic reports should be taken as the opposite because no one seems to REALLY know what’s going on at all!

  2. Someone tell espn to take their “NFLPA will discuss new cba, and vote today” story off their website.

  3. “At this point, approval of the CBA should be a no brainer for the union. We wouldn’t overreact to the delay yet.”

    This was same thing being said on March 3, 2011.
    Hope and progress, hope and progress.

    Now, over 4 months later, we get more hope and progress.

    What’s the new date for a deal to get done now?

    Sorry, but the only OVERREACTION during this whole thing was “a deal is close and there is progress to report.”

  4. i am starting to question if the owners were the ones originally attempting to hold the power play on the players….every report has been about negative aspects stemming from the players..at this point i dont want any updates unless the deal is signed or football is cancelled

  5. This has become a total circus and I’ve grown tired…gonna turn my TV on the evening of Sept 8 and hopefully I see the Saints and Packers…not holding my breath anymore though.

  6. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! This is beyond annoying right now. They have to remember that this is league is nothing without the fans. Do not piss us off! In all seriousness, I could never abandon the NFL, I would come back to it no matter what. But c’mon, lets get this thing done already…

  7. My champagne is starting to freeze…I’m thinking bout cracking it open because I need the alcohol to deal with all this

  8. You may not overreact, but I will!!! The fans deserve better than this. We are the ones suffering here!!! They need to agree and go to frickin work, this is BULL CRAP!!!!! Greedy PUNKS!!!

  9. They’re playing it cool to make it look like they’re the ones calling the shots, I’m sure.

  10. The only way we could overreact would be if we actually expected the Union to do the logical thing and ratify it immediately………..Its not like the clock is ticking or anything

  11. Its on its off…its on its off…its on its off…………are any of us really that surprised….i just throw my hands in the air…..if anything that all of us learn from this…..the fans dont mean anything to these owners or players….and funny….if it wasnt for all of us…..this whole league wouldn’t exisit. Its our hard earned money that lines the pockets of all these people, and were getting played like this….unreal!!

  12. awesome, just what I was hoping to hear

    looking forward to more WNBA highlights on ESPN tonight

  13. Looks like the owners might have gotten more than expected…looks like a last ditch slap in the face by the players

  14. The NFLPA needs to quit dragging its feet and get a vote done on this thing!!! The fans have waited long enough for these players and owners squabble over money.

  15. Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated is reporting that the Executive Committee did, however, hold a conditional vote on the proposal in which they approved of the deal and recommended it to the plaintiffs with conditions. According to his sources, the document was incomplete, with some issues not finalized. That should free the plaintiffs up to agree to the deal as soon as those issues are dealt with.

  16. Not surprising. The NFL to me has showed it’s a$$ from the bottom to the top. Not the great organization I thought it was. I mean can’t these guy figure out how to split 9 Billion. Must be tough. psf..

  17. Oh u guys at pft love this lockout. What else would you have had to write about since the draft? The best training camp venues? You guys wish there was a lockout every year just come out and say it

  18. Well that dig at ESPN certainly seems a little silly now that it’s been confirmed that the players actually DID vote and have passed that vote along to the main plaintiffs.

  19. what a shame, I will miss the gold teeth and diamond earrings glistening in the autumn Sunday sun. I will also miss the news articles of all those quaint felony arrests and talk of NFL owners a slavemasters, and corrupt college programs and players now in the National Felony League! Oh Well!

  20. If I’m the owners, I’d draw a line in the sand and say, “If this deal is not voted on by the time we meet on Thursday then we cancell the entire season.”

    Stop all the BS and just vote on the gd thing. You already make millions of dollars, I mean christ, how greedy can you possibly be?

  21. 1) Before everybody goes all crazy, Jim Trotter reported that the LITIGATION was voted on and settled condition upon tying up a few loose ends.

    2) There was no vote on the CBA side of the deal but I can’t blame the players getting it done today. Making a deal of this magnitude requires sifting through hundreds of pages of documents and making an INFORMED decision on it’s contents.

    You don’t buy a house without looking at the fine print.

  22. Looks like the players have to get the last word in. What a bunch of children… nanny nanny boo boo… sign the friggin’ CBA, collect your millions and let’s get on with the season already.

  23. Could the players just put their pride aside for 2 seconds and act like adults? I’m getting tired of all the diva-ness coming from them.

    I feel like I’m reading the plot to a bad soap opera.

  24. I’m sure that as I type this, there are 20 redneck douche rockets that are puttin down their coors light long enough to type “git er done”…..again. Wahahaha

  25. “We wouldn’t overreact to the delay yet.”

    Oh ya, well let me then. These greedy disorganized toads have had more than enough time to get their act together. Now these 32 player reps trot into town and get pissy and leave town. I was on the fence through this mess, trying to see that both sides had legitimate issues. I had hoped cool heads would prevale and get this done. Now I don’t give a good rats posterior if they get it done. To hell with you all. Players, owners, and every low life lawyer in the nation.

  26. In the name of fairness, this was always a possibility due to the potential size of the proposed document.

    Synthesis of an article that is multiple hundreds of pages in length and in legalese isn’t easy and I doubt this would have been broken down into a “cliff notes” format. Demystification is seldom in the equation for the constructors of such documents.

    No pressure.

    Just get the damned deal done or I’ll cut off both sides’ allowance!

  27. I hope the owners lock these bozo’s out for 2 years so the old guys like Peyton, Brady, and Brees have to quit.

  28. Does the union have to vote to re-certify before they can legally approve/reject the proposal? Seems like a fraudulent action if they re-certify to vote then de-certify if it fails.
    Anyone have a clue? Hint Hint, Mike, how about some clarification on that topic.

  29. Giving a 500+ plus page legal document to a bunch of guys who mostly majored in ‘eligiblity’ in college is going to take time to get them to read even the Clif Notes version.

    And if anyone was expecting the vote to be simple and smooth they have not been paying attention the last couple of years since the owners opted out of the last CBA.

  30. remember that planet of the apes movie, the part with the statue of liberty?

    should I react like that guy or should I just sit and chill ?

  31. 12:45 A.M. Condon wakes up, scratches himself, goes to the bathroom.

    12:46 A.M. Says deal is inevitable

    12:47 A.M. Says deal isn’t inevitable

    12:48 A.M. PFT Reports.

  32. I’m not worried. They just realized the CBA was too much to absorb for the players, so they are drafting up a version immediately that is compatible with their LeapPads®.

  33. NFL lawyer Pash says their voting???
    NFLPA says they still mo work to do? These 2 sides arent even close,as a Saints fan I really dont care,I hope the owners shut it down,lets see if DE really has $200,000 for every player in the NFL

  34. Will you losers STOP WHINING ALREADY. It’s almost done, and Christmas-In-July begins. Take a chill pill. Relax. We’re gonna have football.

    Stuff like this is complicated and takes time. Grow up!

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