Chiefs stadium workers losing key benefit of employment

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And just as we begin searching for the Chiefs’ worst moments since 1987, a new candidate emerges.

According to FOX 4 in Kansas City, the folks who work in the parking lots and turnstiles are losing one of the main reasons they seek such jobs:  The ability to watch the games at no charge.

In the past, the workers have been permitted to stay and watch the games.  “We were told that when we work and we are done, we are to clock out and leave the premises,” said Steve Warner, who has worked for 13 years (and we doubt there will be a 14th year) as a ticket taker.  “That’s when everybody was very, very, very upset. . . .  When we go and work hard at the gates and knowing that it’s hot outside or freezing in January, even during the season, you get your benefit of going and watching the game.”

Said the Chiefs, in a statement released to FOX 4L  “We’re working to develop policies and practices that provide the best possible experience for our fans; and fair and appropriate compensation and benefits for our employees.”

So the good news, Arrowhead employees?  The lockout could be ending soon.

The bad news?  You may miss the first quarter or so of the game while you’re driving home to watch it on TV.

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  1. Wow, it’s already happening. I can guarantee that it will be the fans, just like I thought all along, that will be paying the bill to fill the pockets and the players as a result of the lockout. I just didn’t think we’d see evidence of it this soon. They haven’t even officially come to an agreement yet. I’m a season ticket holder for the Broncos, and I’m sure that next year, I’ll see an increase. They would’nt dare do it this year.

  2. I guessed i just assumed that was the deal for all workers at these games. I dont see how letting those guys watch games affects anything. Its not like they were going to be able to afford tickets so your not missing out on a paying customer.

    This seems like a really crappy thing to do considering your league is not having the best PR year. Perhaps waiting till next year to be giant douche bags would be a better idea.

    In fact NFL teams should be looking for anyway to reward anyone who has anything to do with football (including the fans) For this douche arguement they just had about who gets the most of the 9 billion.

  3. As a Chiefs season ticket holder, I’m disgusted by this. Not only were many of the staff laid off earlier in the year, now they’re cutting the benefit of watching the games to other employees. The Hunt Family isn’t hurting for money. The worst part is the Chiefs can’t come close to filling seats on the club level (the yellow seats), yet they want to run off more fans. It doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Come on Clark, step up and make this right….this is a CLASSLESS ACT that not even King Carl would have tried to pull off…..

  5. These people don’t make peanuts for the 3-4 hours they work the lines. Most of these people are fans that can’t afford to go to the game and trade their work for free entry. I am very dissapointed in Clark Hunt and embarrassed to be a Chiefs fan with this story. If this is the “Patriot Way”, I’d go as far as to take King Carl back (and I couldn’t stand him. This is a gutless and classless move, and I believe not their first of the summer.

  6. I wonder how many workers will quit because of this policy. There are plenty of folks that only work out there so they can stay for the game.

  7. Why, I was told that the owners were humble businessmen that were just trying to protect their beloved game from greedy professional athletes! They would never do something callous as this! I’ll wager that the dastardly hand of De Maurice Smith is behind this somehow.

  8. Definitely sounds like a dick move. I’m curious what the policy is for the rest of the league though. If the Chiefs were one of only a few teams that let those employees watch for free in the first place it doesn’t sound so bad. Hell, last year I would have encouraged them to come in and fill some of those empty seats.

  9. ““We’re working to develop policies and practices that provide the best possible experience for our fans; and fair and appropriate compensation and benefits for our employees.”


    Oh how I LOVE corporate mumbo jumbo. What a joke. How much could this possibly cost the Chiefs. Everyone but those who invoked this lockout is getting ******.

  10. It’s a good thing the Chiefs/owners aren’t backing down from their employees…

    Oh wait, now the owners are the a-holes?

    Nice example you set players, now these minimum wage guys think if the millionaires can get away with it, their $7 and hour nameless asses could too. I think there’s about to be 400 new part time jobs open in KC. As well as 400 new unemployment aplications.

  11. I bet Clarke didn’t know this but in either case he needs to fix it.

    Come on there can’t be more than a couple hundred of those people and that’s a cheap perk for good help.

  12. I went to the Chiefs website and sent an email about how classless this is………seriously, these people get verbally abused at times while parking cars and now they don’t even get to watch the game??? Something wrong here…

  13. Clark hunt, this isn’t going to end well- kansas city will not forgive you for the things you’ve attempted to pull this year, you’re a penny pincher, quite sad.
    What the hell does it hurt to have 30 some odd ticket takers after the job they’re required to do is done sit in the cheap seats?
    I’ve been a chiefs fan since I was a kid old enough to understand the game(early 1990s) and this is by far one of the teams mire despicable acts.. Lamar Hunt / Carl Petersen would have never pulled this so why Clark and Scott are you allowing this to happen? What are you really losing here by letting employees watch the game, these are your. Fans, they’re part of the heart and soul of the team s culture..Make this right.

  14. As a Ravens fan, the chiefs aren’t typically on my radar unless they’re on our schedule, providing good highlights from plays, or competing with us in the playoff hunt…

    This makes me want to really get to know the organization better as a whole and see if this disgustingly classless act is the norm or an individual incident…

    A good businessman should know that unity is what makes a company strong, not (for lack of a better term) segregation…

    Sorry, Chiefs fans…it blows when you’re team’s name gets the spotlight for something like this…

  15. Cheap and classless organization. First they spend way below the salary floor, then they cut pay and benefits to workers, then this. Makes me glad not to be a Chiefs fan.

  16. “When we go and work hard at the gates and knowing that it’s hot outside or freezing in January, even during the season, you get your benefit of going and watching the game.”

    Oh, see, he works hard because he gets to watch a game for free afterwards. He doesn’t work hard because it’s HIS JOB THAT HE’S PAID TO DO.

    What an utterly ridiculous thing to be complaining about in the current climate. You don’t want the job because you can’t watch a football game for free anymore? Then get bent. Plenty of people will appriciate the money and won’t care less about watching the game.

  17. Don’t forget parking at arrowhead is going up from $20 to $24 this year. As a season ticket holder, I cannot agree with this move. Those people work for a mesely 4 hours every other week if they are lucky and 90% of them do a great job. The benefit of watching the game should continue. I would even be willing to give these people my tickets when I cannot go to a game. But in all reality, the NFL owners need to stop finding ways to scrape every penny out of the NFL. It is NOT just a business. If it was, then all of us fans are the biggest suckers of them all.

  18. Wonder what would happen if all those affected decided to stay home for the opener. You know, so they can support the team that isn’t supporting them. Let the bigwigs take tickets and not see the game.

  19. I think there’s about to be 400 new part time jobs open in KC. As well as 400 new unemployment aplications.

    Bad news on the UI benefit claims….Most states deny UI benefits on a voluntary quit.

  20. I’m willing to bet more people would do the job for FREE if they were able to watch the game at no charge than get paid double and miss the game. Sh*t, that’s how they get people to remove the snow – free tickets. Since letting them watch the game for free doesn’t cost the team anything, this is dumb as hell.

  21. These are the people most of us have more interaction with than any other employees of the organization. Outside of maybe concessions (which are vendors) these employees have more impact than anyone else on fans’ game day experience. This is where ownership chooses to pinch pennies?

  22. what a bunch of greedy turds!the chiefs won’t be worth watching anyways this season!

  23. Very well put @zeroed78

    “these employees have more impact than anyone else on fans’ game day experience. This is where ownership chooses to pinch pennies?”

  24. Oh please! These employees are some of the biggest crybabies I’ve seen in a while. The “benefit” they get from having this job isn’t watching the game, it’s HAVING A JOB and getting paid for it! And I bet most even make more than $10/hr.

    And do some real investigative reporting instead of regurgitating info you get from other sources and find out how many other stadiums around the league actually allow this. I’d be surprised if even half of the stadiums do. These guys need to suck it up and stop crying!

    This story is ridiculous!

  25. How many other teams provide this benefit?

    You can term it a cut in pay. And it may be to many what makes the job worth having (if the money alone is not enough).

    But with the lack of info in the post, it sure appears geared to make the team look bad.

    Oh and the ones who say “we work hard taking those tickets” Get real.

  26. The thing that gets me is you constantly hear about other organizations being “classy”, including the Queefs, but Oakland gets slammed all the time for being “classless”. Al didn’t cut anyone during the lockout. He asked that employees push season ticket sales…. just because they need the help in that department. But he didn’t pink slip anyone. Is he cheap with coaches? Yes, but his players are usually some of the best taken care of in the game, both when they are playing, and when they are retired. Yes, there are exceptions, and I’m sure the Raider haters will be quick to point them out. But overall, Al has run that team as classy as anyone else, but he gets all the flak in the world for being “Mr. Burns”. Makes me sick

  27. jbaxt says: “In other news, McDonald’s stopped letting staff eat free big macs…. Who gives a sh!t!!!”

    Anyone with a modicum of human empathy?

  28. Like all things, some how money is involved in this decision. Maybe as people quit they can hire new ones in at lower wages/benefits?

  29. I’ve been a Chiefs season ticket holder for 10 years. As you drive into the stadium parking lot and enter the stadium, these people mostly greet you with a huge smile and something like “Enjoy the Game!”, no matter what the weather. I don’t know what these people get paid but it can’t be much. I don’t see how the Chiefs could be losing money or “overcompensating” them by letting these people into the stadium in the 2nd quarter. Hell, once they’re in the stadium, they may spend $20.00 on nachos and a beer. It really seems like a screw job. I’d really like a better explanation from the Chiefs. They don’t seem to see the forest for the trees.

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