Condon thinks players will approve labor deal

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Rarely if ever does an NFL agent give us any good news.  Today, NFL agent Tom Condon did.

In an interview with Rich Eisen of NFL Network, Condon said that he thinks the players will approve the proposed labor deal.

“I guess if I was a betting man I would think that they’ll approve,” Condon said.

It’s significant because Condon isn’t some slappy who represents a backup guard, a kickoff specialist, and an aging defensive lineman.  Condon, through CAA, represents some of the biggest names in the league, and Condon has a way of always finding himself in the thick of things.

As to the timing, Condon thinks approval will occur today or Thursday morning.

Regarding Tuesday’s brouhaha regarding allegations that the plaintiffs in the Brady antitrust lawsuit are looking for special consideration, Condon said that the question of the franchise tag arose only with respect to the position that players should be subject to it only once in their careers.  He denied that either Brees or Manning tried to get special treatment.

Multiple reports suggest otherwise, but it’s currently a dead issue.  If Condon is right about the approval of the labor deal.

31 responses to “Condon thinks players will approve labor deal

  1. Then why are they leaving, reportedly without voting?

    I can’t stand these crybabies. All they do is whine and whine. Smith recommended this deal and they still won’t vote on it. It’s a joke.

  2. I hope they don’t stretch this thing out until tomorrow a.m. I would like to go to bed tonight knowing that I don’t have to get a cold splash, at least from the player’s cup.

  3. I know Brees was pretty strong in his denial…why wasn’t PM? You’d think he’d want it out there that it was BS.

    I’m not sure I ever believe anything Condon says publicly though. He and Rosenhaus are absolutely great at their jobs as far as getting every possible half penny for their clients but are also insufferable DBs. They almost make me miss the Postons…ALMOST.

  4. Shocker considering Condon’s made a career out of holding 1st rounds picks out of camp!

  5. I’m reading about all of the saber-rattling from the players on here, and it occurred to me that Trojans is the perfect commercial sponsor for this site, because all these players we read about on here are d—-s.

  6. The players would have agreed to a deal a month ago. All they’ve done is won since. When they do vote, they will pass it, just like the owners will.

  7. Well Tom, looks like you might be wrong….just saw a breaking report from NFL Network saying that the players will NOT vote today….you know what, the players can kiss my a$$….f**ken babies.

  8. “Multiple reports suggest otherwise…”

    Don’t ever let the facts interfere with your rumors…

  9. Oops looks like you were wrong again you dirty lawyer. Your clients walked out today without voting. To hell with them and to hell with you Tom Condon. These players are so disorganised that they didn’t know what they were going to see today? Way to go DeMoron Smith. Great job informing the player reps Jeff Saturday. These greedy bastards need a beating or a boycott.

  10. That seems like a really convoluted proposal. What happens if a guy gets tagged, but then holds out and his rights get traded to another team? Or what if he holds out and then agrees to a new deal without playing under the tag? Does he get his way AND prevent himself from ever getting franchise tagged again in his career? It would almost encourage players to hold out so that they can exempt themself from the risk ever again.

    It would also be a nightmare having to indicate every free agent who has already been franchise tagged once they hit the market. Teams would shy away from guys they know they can’t tag down the road (like what happened to Richard Seymour. Pretty sure he had already been tagged once by the Pats, so the Raiders never would have traded for him knowing they couldn’t tag him themselves under these rules).

    Would this mean that the Bears now can’t tag Julius Peppers once his contract ends because he’d already been tagged by Carolina before? If not and it only started from 2011 forward, who would that really effect? Would the NFLPA* really make it an issue regarding the small handful of guys that might possibly get franchised TWICE in the next 10 years under this new CBA? How many players have gotten franchised twice in the last 10 years? Probably less than 10.

    Whoever proposed this idea is an idiot.

  11. Anybody who paraphrases a sentence with “I guess if I was a betting man….” doesn’t know JACK FREAKIN’ SQUAAAAATT!!!! *rips undersized sportcoat by doing front double bicep flex pose*

    Stop interviewing these clowns and let’s see the damn Circus already! Enough is enough of this proposed, tentative, in limbo, “hammering out a deal”, mumbo jumbo. GET. IT. DONE!!!

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