Holdout could be on the way for Umenyiora


Osi Umenyiora wasn’t one of the antitrust plaintiffs that tried to work a side deal Tuesday before giving up.  His beef seems to be with the Giants, not the NFL.

Ralph Vacciano of the New York Daily News writes Umeyiora still wants Giants G.M. Jerry Reese to make good on what he believes was a “promise” to upgrade his contract.

A holdout is reportedly a consideration for the defensive end, although the Giants hope to handle things behind closed doors.  For that to happen, Umenyiora will need to show up for work.

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  1. He had no issue with the bonus money he cashed, just the part of honoring his contract.

    Show up like we do Osi, every single game.

  2. Osi is a fantastic pass rusher, but useless in the run game and he’s also aging… good luck getting that contract!

  3. Mike made Osi look good due to double teams.

    Once Mike retired, Osi has proven to be nothing more than hype and a legend in his own mind.

  4. How can you hold out when your team doesn’t play anyway. Learn to be more of a complete lineman and then complain about your contract. You can’t stop the run.

  5. Umenyiora and Ray Edwards are the most overrated linemen in the league. They should box each other.

  6. Hey Osi, remember in 2008 when you missed the whole season and in 2009 when you were terrible? Yeah, me too, and you still cashed checks for much more money than you deserved. Why couldn’t Reese restructure your contract and give you less money for when you missed an entire season/sucked?

  7. @claymatthews
    NFL record for most forced fumbles in a season (10)
    2 time all pro
    superbowl champ
    double digits sacks this year without practising and being bothered with a hip injury all year.

    You need to check Osi’s resume again and ask yourself if you still think he’s overrated.

    He’s not great but then again I don’t think he’s being rated that highly by anyone to be called overrated.

    If anyone’s overrated it’s Freeney, he only dominates supbar tackles, that clinic that Vollmer administered on him on SNF, 2 yrs back was a thing of beauty.

    Osi 2010 stats: 48 tacks,11.5 sacks,10 FFs
    Freeney 2010 stats: 25 tacks,10 sacks, 5 FFs

  8. Lesean McCoy is right, he is a softy. Ever since I saw the interview when he said that getting a sack in the nfl is just like having sex i knew there is something wrong with this guy. He had a creepy giggle after he mentioned sex. I found it disturbing

  9. Why is it always guys with ‘big names’ but average ‘talent’ that are griping about their contracts? A receiver makes 70 catches for 1,002 yards and 5 touchdowns suddenly wants an upgrade to his deal. A pass-rusher gets 7 sacks wants an upgrade. A QB who throws for 3,201 yards, 21 touchdowns and 13 interceptions wants an upgrade. A DB who snags 4 interceptions wants an upgrade.

    Yet the guys that produce at a high level consistently you never hear a peep.

  10. You agreed to a 6-year, $41M extension in 2005, Osi. That’s not even three full seasons into your rookie contract. Not only that, you signed that contract while playing with one of the best DE’s who ever played the game, a guaranteed Hall of Famer – Michael Strahan. Still, the Giants saw fit to give you a gigantic contract, despite the fact that you *might* only be productive because of your counterpart.

    Now get back to work… because if you think Tiki has it bad with the media and fans, you haven’t seen anything yet… you will get absolutely zero sympathy from any Giants fan and the media will absolute eat you alive if you keep this up at the start of training camp. We know how good you are, that’s why you are paid accordingly.

    For the record, if it comes down to extending you or Cofield, you have zero chance of winning that battle, Osi. None.

  11. Semi-useless factoid: Osi Umenyiora has been credited with 12 tackles, 7 assists, and 1 sack in 9 games played against the Dallas Cowboys since the beginning of the 2006 season, including playoffs.

  12. Osi – I love ya man, and those 10 FF last season were a thing of beauty; but before you sit out and become a forgotten man, which is what you will be to the coaches and fans, just remember that there are 2 more than capable 1st rd DEs in Mathias Kiwanuka and Jason Pierre Paul who will gladly take your place opposite Tuck. Careful what you wish for bro’ – it may just come true!

  13. Problem is…Reese promised he would restructure his contract prior to last season or trade him. He didn’t do it.

    As much as I hate hold-outs, teams can cut players to get out of bloated contracts. Doesn’t that give players some latitude to ask for a new contract if their play surpasses their pay? If owners don’t have to honor contracts why should the players?

  14. Osi isn’t soft. He is a strong pass rusher, who is not as good against the run.

    He is, however quite delusional. Before the 2008 season, he was told that if he was performing at a high level in 2 years, they would increase his contract or trade him.

    2008 – injury
    2009 – benched/malcontent

    Did not meet the terms of the agreement.

    Granted he had a solid 2010, but that was not what was promised.

  15. “Problem is…Reese promised he would restructure his contract prior to last season or trade him. He didn’t do it. ”

    That’s not true. It was contingent on Osi playing like a top flight DE. That simply didn’t happen.

  16. Please don’t hold out, Osi. If you’re not on the field, the Giants might put a good D-lineman out there.

    Your owners, The Philadelphia Eagles.

  17. trade osi 4 haynesworth as 4 da eagles fans osi is betta then any dline yall have , all yeah hold up yall own da giants yea ok last time i checked osi own a super bowl ring matter fact he haves more then the whole eagles organization and giants own 3 how do yall own them?

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