Jeff Pash says both sides should be able to vote Thursday

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The players’ decision not to vote on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement today doesn’t mean the owners won’t vote on a new CBA tomorrow.

That’s the word from NFL general counsel Jeff Pash, who said he sees no reason not to think the owners can vote to approve a new deal to end the lockout at Thursday’s meeting.

“It doesn’t impact it at all,” Pash said of the players not voting today. “We’re going to continue to work with the players. We’ll find out if there are issues that still need to be negotiated, and we’re going to work cooperatively with them through the evening and try to have something in place that both sides can vote on tomorrow morning.”

If there are still issues that need to be negotiated tonight, it would seem difficult to vote by tomorrow morning. And NFL spokesman Greg Aiello interrupted Pash’s comments to the media to point out that the vote to approve the new CBA could come Thursday afternoon or Thursday evening. But there does seem to be a sense of optimism that it will come Thursday at some point.

Pash described his level of optimism as “cautious, but I think we’re making progress.”

“I think both sides are at the point where they can close, they should close, and we should be in a position to take votes,” Pash said.

As for the possibility that one of the named plaintiffs in the players’ antitrust suit against the owners could cause a delay in ending the lockout, Pash didn’t seem concerned about that. Instead, he said he thinks the entire deal can get done very soon.

“I think we’re going to have an agreement that all clubs will be a part of and all players will be a part of,” Pash said. “All the litigation goes away. I think that’s the healthy outcome, to have a complete, comprehensive, global agreement that settles all the disputes and puts us on a path where we’re going forward together.”

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  1. I’m not buying it…Soumds to me like these 2 sides are In to different worlds.What in the hell have these 2 sides been doing Last 2 months?By the way( John Sthnicomb) look’s like your big ass is out of shape,I dont think this lockout has kept u in shape at all…

  2. No way an experienced lawyer such as Pash would have said this without an assurance from some responsible party on the other side that a deal has been tentatively struck. (And that party MUST have been D. Smith, i.e. the dude the players hired to negotiate a new CBA for them).

    They teach these guys in Trial Lawyership 101 to never ask a question in court that you don’t already know the answer to. Similarly, there just isn’t any way Pash would subject himself to a rash of really nasty outcomes by saying in public, in effect, that there IS a tentative “global settlement” deal in place upon which the owners can vote tomorrow unless he had a firm assurance from the other side’s representatives that this is the case.

    So, if the crybaby players want to incur an incredible level of public (read: fan) wrath, let them go ahead and screw this up at this late date by injecting into this matter details which Jerry Jones had likened to circumcision of mosquitoes. They, nor the game as a whole, will ever be the same if they do!

  3. Not surprised there was no vote. Except we’re the idiots who keep believing the media hype. Tomorrow when there’s no cba we’ll hear how “they’ve never been any closer but there’s still work to do” tired of the up and down bs. Go hide in a closest and come out when you guys have a fall.

  4. The players are the ones who might screw this up.

    Owners will vote and approve it tomorrow. There may be one or two holdouts, but it’ll be approved.

    I’m so confident the owners are going to vote in favor of it that if the players had voted for it today, I’d of kicked out the victory champagne tonight.

    Of course, the players disappointed as usual.

  5. Let me guess- despite the awful photo and the fact that he’s a lawyer, there won’t be any sort of Kessler-style PASH BASH since he works for the owners.

    And the owners aren’t like, greedy or anything (rolls eyes).

  6. So, who pays for all of the wasted time from Judicial staff for the last several month, while these two business partners used the courts to bully the other side into a more favorable outcome? Taxpayers, who may or may not be fans.

  7. I am so tired hearing the terms selfish and greedy when describing the players or owners. Everyone looks out for themselves and their own best interests. Players and owners are no different. Everyone else would do the same thing if they were in the same situation. Everyone needs to calm down. The season WILL start on time despite all the greed and selfishness.

  8. I hope it falls apart and all you greedy S.O.B.’s loose as much money as is possible. How about we just skip your first couple games and stay home. Is that a good deal for you guys? Then you can count the money you have lost from your greed. You pathetic punks are a total disgrace to football and may your ACL’s pop like popcorn and may you choke on your gold teeth. I for one will be turning off my TV week one in protest (as if you care) and hope others will do the same.

    Hard working father of 4.

  9. @Tommyf15…

    The owners have invest hundreds of millions of dollars in their “businesses”. They have the right to want to maximize the return on their investment. The money that’s being split is the OWNERS money.

    The players are the greedy ones…what have they invested? Time in a gym? They want to work less, practice less and get paid more.

    I side with the owners.

  10. Okay, what happens if the owners vote for it and lift the lockout and the players don’t like it.

    They are no longer a union and can’t strike.

    What then????? Am I simplifying this too much?

  11. what would these mofo’s do if all the fans decided to not show up to the first preseason game that they all play? think about it, don’t watch it on t.v. or go to it? cricket, cricket…. then we could all tweet about how we’re locking out the nfl??? we the fans need to try to put the crackpipe down(nfl). at least temporarily.

  12. This time tomorrow night I will be able to officially start worrying about the Browns’ myriad personnel needs again. Tomorrow right around prime time is my guess on when they wrap this up.

  13. fballguy says:
    The owners have invest hundreds of millions of dollars in their “businesses”. They have the right to want to maximize the return on their investment. The money that’s being split is the OWNERS money.

    Which is fine, as long as you acknowledge that the owners are unified and banding together to fix labor costs, which they shouldn’t be allowed to do IMO.

    We’d all be better off if the NFLPA didn’t exist, and the owners didn’t act in concert with one another. Then there would be no collective bargaining, no work stoppage, and the owners could keep as much of their money as they, as individuals, decided to.

    But NO, the owners insist on a communistic system.

  14. The owners will only agree to a global CBA agreement that makes the antitrust lawsuit and all other litigation ( including the 4B TV Nelson judgment award) go away as part of the agreement. Naturally, the players need something significant in return. They aren’t stupid. DeSmith has to convince them that they got something significant in return for giving back potentially hundreds of millions in damages. ( which is why the NFLPA* is asking for the 320M back in lost benefits in 2010: 10M per team). Without the owners giving something significant in return for a global agreement, it is no surprise that the players might balk.

  15. tommyf15 says:
    Jul 20, 2011 7:34 PM
    Let me guess- despite the awful photo and the fact that he’s a lawyer, there won’t be any sort of Kessler-style PASH BASH since he works for the owners.

    And the owners aren’t like, greedy or anything (rolls eyes).
    I don’t bash Pash because he hasn’t acted terrible in public unlike Quinn and Smith did early on, not because he works for the owners
    (I don’t side wholly with either party anyway). Even in March, Pash stood right there and said the responsibility for not having a deal was on both parties. Meanwhile Smith was talking about “going to the mattresses”, “this is war” and all that pugilistic smack and Quinn was acting snide.

    PS: Most football fans dislike Goodell and he works for the owners. Go figure…maybe most of us judge them based on their actions not who they work for???? 🙂

  16. @CKL

    There have been so many negative generalizations about lawyers…last I looked Pash was a lawyer! He has been twisting the truth from day one.

    Google his utube video regarding the rookie wage scale to watch his pathetic attempt to justify the owners early position on the issue.

    Basically Pash clearly states that the owers offered the players $100M and retired players $100M if they agreed to the owners position on the issue. He actually states that the deal has been on the table for over a year and it has not changed. Reality is, the owner project $300M a year savings for a total of $3B over the 10 years deal which equals $2.8B for owners and $200M for active and retired palyers. Nice opening and one sided deal in owners favor. The crazy part is Pash brags about not altering the deal in over a year all the while the oweners claim to be flexible! Pash is an owners legal clown spewing out their spin and you are buying it. Do your research…..

  17. This site has always been way too optimistic I believe. I was buying into the optimism but now I think it’s going to be several days if not weeks until there is an agreement in place. You can kiss the preseason goodbye. Oh well.

    I just heard an interview on Tony Bruno with an offensive lineman for the Seahawks. He said 2 to 4 weeks. He said it twice.

  18. @fballguy

    Yes, owners have the right to maximize their earning just as the players have the right to maximizer their earning. Owners don’t get what they want from labor just because they say so…

    The owners would have nothing if there were not players…NOTHING. Players can be replaced and owners do that about 27% of the time every season with rookies. Players accept this and in return they expect to have a free market to maximize their return for the short period they play. That is not asking too much, especially when you add all the hidden physical costs they will have to deal with for a lifetime.

    If a player wants to trade off his freedom for security it should be his decision, not the owners! Until then let the players have a fair playing field to get what they can while they can as the owers will do the same creating equalibrium….the owners do not want a free market, they want control. The owners are socialist pretending to be capitalist…..SMARMY is the word that comes to mind!

  19. CKL says:
    Most football fans dislike Goodell

    I do not share that observation.

    He took heat at the draft since he was there and available to vent frustration at, but most fans worship this guy whenever he suspends someone.

  20. @goawayeverybody

    Thanks! I get tired of player bashing. I am a fan because I like the game and the players, but there are idiots everywhere, I try not to over generalize as most professional players I have met in my life of good people just getting on as the rest of us.

  21. Can I ask you guys something? Will you paid owner trolls gtfo of this site once the lockout is over, or is yr nose so far up jerry jones crack that you can’t get it out any more?

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