Ken Whisenhunt downplays trade talk but says he’d consider anything

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Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt has heard all the rumors. Maybe Kevin Kolb will be his quarterback this season. Maybe the Cardinals will get Kolb by trading away Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Maybe the Cardinals already have an understanding with Marc Bulger, or maybe Bulger doesn’t want to play in Arizona.

Whisenhunt says all those rumors have one thing in common: They’re way too premature to be taken seriously.

I don’t even know where that speculation started about trading or what we’re going to give up,” Whisenhunt told the Arizona Republic. “We don’t even know if [the Eagles] are willing to [trade Kolb]. That’s something that everybody speculates on.”

Whisenhunt says it annoys him that there were rumors a few months ago of a deal with Bulger already being essentially done.

“And yet yesterday there was a report that [Bulger] didn’t even want to come here, to Arizona,” Whisenhunt said. “So which one is it? Is it, we’ve already worked a deal under the table or is it he does not want to come here?”

Whisenhunt acknowledges, however, that trading for a quarterback is a possibility, and that the Cardinals would consider trading anyone on their current roster if they got the right deal. That should be enough for us to continue the speculation.

What else are we supposed to do until the lockout ends?

19 responses to “Ken Whisenhunt downplays trade talk but says he’d consider anything

  1. The Steelers will send Limas Sweed , Kenan Lewis and Dennis Dixon to Arizona for the DRC .

  2. Kolb is the best quarterback available and will be a franchise quarterback.

    Bulger doesn’t want to play in Arizona, and looks like he doesn’t even want to start. McNabb they’ve got no interest in

    Orton has maxed out as a player. He won’t be better than he was in McD’s pass happy offense. His situational stats tell the story – he’s a choker. His record in December is 1-6.

    Kolb’s stats are skewed by a week 17 start with the Eagles third stringers and Chad Hall as his top receiver. He’s already had two games this past season with a QB rating over 100. Yes, there are some bad games too….but there are going to be inconsistensies with inexperienced quarterbacks. Kolb has already shown he can play at a very, very high level.

    Fitz has already said he wants Kevin Kolb. His contract expires after this year and they need to sign him long-term and show they’re serious about getting him a QB. Arizona was two games out last year with Derek Anderson, Max Hall and John Skelton. I firmly believe they win the NFC West last year with Kolb.

  3. “Kolb is the best quarterback available and will be a franchise quarterback.”

    And that bridge of mine is on the market again.

  4. I really don’t wanna lose DRC. But we really need a qb. I hope the bengals deal palmer and the Cards some how end up getting him. Carson palmer > Kolb at the helm until Big Johnny Skelton takes the reigns. Just my two cents. Trust the Whiz.

  5. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again. The Cardinals clearly believe Kolb is a franchise QB if they are going after him. We don’t know yet if their evaluation of him is accurate. He could be a bust or a huge success. But the Eagles understand what the Cardinals think of him and will want more than DRC in return. A franchise QB is worth much, much more than a a good CB. So to everybody saying “Kolb is not worth this or that yada yada yada,” all I can say is that if the Cards are going after him as their franchise QB, the Eagles will expect to be compensated fairly for a franchise QB. That’s why DRC for Kolb straight up won’t be enough for the Eagles

    Don’t be surprised if the Cards give up what seems like a lot for Kolb, because in this league, a franchise QB is a lot more valuable than almost any other position. I don’t think Kolb will ever be a great QB but if the Cardinals do, they should expect to give up a lot to acquire him.

  6. Um, again speculations, “Fitz wants Kolb” ? Well, today ( he mentioned 3 QBs, Kolb, Orton and Hasselbeck. Said nice things about all three – said he has known Orton since high school…said his decision to re-up with the Cards is not tied to a decision at QB and mentioned his teammates that need new deals ahead of him and ahead of a new QB. I am not an evlaluator of football talent but the Cards will not OVER pay for Kolb when there are other reasonable options.

  7. Big Andy ain’t no fool! The Cardnials are about to get Snookered much like the Redskins did last year. I can’t seem to forget Kolb losing his starting job in the first half of the Packers game last year, after getting Face Planted!!

  8. hey that irrelevant team was 156 seconds from being the world champions, two short years ago….
    go suck your thumb and find something else clever to post…

  9. The Anonymous Sorcerers briskly stirred up the boiling cauldron pot, cackling gleefully as they dropped in eyes of newts and old dragon scales, rubbing their wrinkled little hands in anticipation of what might emerge.

  10. whythecardinals says:
    Jul 20, 2011 8:12 PM
    “hey that irrelevant team was 156 seconds from being the world champions, two short years ago….”

    horseshoes and hand grenades.

  11. “More “news” on the most irrelevant team in football.”

    As a Browns fan I must protest: we are the most irrelevant team in football. At least the Cardinals had a Super Bowl appearance in recent memory!

  12. Kolb’s got a little too much “Scott Mitchell” about him to convince me he’ll ever be a franchise QB…

  13. Wiz can get Vince Young without having to make a trade – so he’s basically cheaper than going after Kolb, and more durable than Bulger.

    Besides, you got to know that VY would love to excel where Leinart failed.

  14. Nodak2de says: dont be suprised if the eagles get patrick peterson for kolb…… Sorry dude. Not a chance. We’d take orton or palmer

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