Kris Jenkins announces retirement


Kris Jenkins and Cullen Jenkins apparently aren’t going to join forces in Washington after all.

Jenkins announced Wednesday via Facebook that he’s going to retire.

“It is time for the torch to be passed to the younger players. I am going to hang up the cleats! The mind is always willing to play but my body deserves the rest. Thank you for the opportunites to play Carolina and New York,” Jenkins writes.

It’s an unfortunate end to an underrated career, but it’s not a shocking end.  When Jenkins left the field last September after tearing his ACL for the second time in as many years, we assumed he was through as a pro.  Instead, Jenkins rehabbed the injury hard to give himself a chance to play in 2011.

Perhaps he had a setback or maybe he just realized his body wasn’t going to respond well enough this time.  A report indicated the Redskins were interested in signing the Jenkins brothers.

A four-time Pro Bowler, Jenkins was one of the most dominant interior linemen of his era when he was healthy.  He played 16 games in six seasons, but played no more than six games in his other four years.

Jenkins’ play seemed to wane in his later Carolina years, but he was always a player opponents had to gameplan for.  A gregarious and intelligent guy, it wouldn’t b a surprise if Jenkins joined the New York media scene.

33 responses to “Kris Jenkins announces retirement

  1. Imposing presence and talent continually impeded by injuries. Shame. He got paid though.

  2. He was awesome in Carolina. Nobody could stop him well except that knee… oh, and that shoulder, and that knee again….. Too bad he coulda been a contender. Thanks for the memories Jenks. Good luck on the retirement.

  3. THANK GOD ! This guy has wreaked enough havoc on Miamis continuous carousel of chump quarterbacks. Now Henne will have a chance to at least throw the ball out of bounds. LOL

  4. I have questions.
    Why do this now? Why not wait until the new agreement is in place?
    Wouldn’t the new agreement give him better retirement benefits?
    Does this mean that the new agreement for the retired players isn’t all that great?

    What does this all mean?

  5. Injuries took their toll on his career. Seems like a good guy during the playoff run last year in ESPN.

    Was one of the Jets players that needed to be accounted for.

  6. doctorfootball says: Jul 20, 2011 2:12 PM

    Field turf claims another victim
    His injuries while in Car were from FT? Thought they were both @ home on grass.
    Guy was just injury prone. Also eating all those doughnuts and drinking himself silly after his first big injury in Car didn’t help.

  7. I hope his first stop on his retirement tour is stop at NFLN and pimp slap Warren Sapp on set.

  8. “it wouldn’t b a surprise”

    Can you please proofread what you write for once? I don’t mind you deleting my comments that point out the boneheaded errors you make. But since you are reading them, you could at least correct glaring errors and aim a tad higher in the future.

  9. The way Cullen told it to a local Milwaukee paper a few years ago, Kris was never a big factor in high school, as Cullen was the star athlete of the family.

    Then, Kris grew from under 6′ to 6’4″, 330 lbs, and he became a highly touted college recruit.

    Cullen, meanwhile, never enjoyed such a growth spurt, and had to settle for Central Michigan.

  10. LOL, Jason La Canfora strikes again. If this guy’s an insider because he works for the NFL, then I’m a Pentagon insider because I live near Crystal City.

    When he reports on the Redskins, feel free to assume the opposite is true.

  11. when healthy he was one of the most dominating defensive players i have ever seen. i loved seeing him take on and handle triple teams or just plain manhandle an olineman who had the misfortune of handling him one on one. he didnt play all that much for the jets, but his personality made him one of my alltime favorites.

  12. “Gregarious” is an understatement. A great player with a wonderful sense of humor. Enjoy your retirement Jenks, and thanks for the memories.

  13. This guy was lazy back in his Panther days, only tried his best when it benefitted him.

  14. Jenkins was one of my favorite guys in the NFL, and I’m not a Panthers or Jets fan. He was dominant when healthy and he has a great personality and sense of humor. I hope he signs with the NFLN and replaces the blowhard known as Jamie Dukes.

  15. If there is one thing Dan Snyder hates, its losing a big-money free agent signing to retirement.

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