Lions left tackle Jeff Backus recovering from pectoral injury

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Lions left tackle Jeff Backus is recovering from a pectoral injury that was apparently suffered during the lockout, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press.

Dave Birkett reports it’s believed Backus has a partially torn pectoral muscle.  The Lions are aware of it and say it’s “not serious.” Backus is one of the most important members of the team, especially considering the team’s lack of depth.

In theory, this could be an interesting test case for how injuries sustained during the lockout are handled.  Some players feared teams calling any injuries suffered during the lockout a “non-football” injury, which could affect their pay.

Backus is such a longtime leader for the team, that it defies belief the Lions would do anything to take advantage of the situation.  Especially if the injury is “not serious.”

12 responses to “Lions left tackle Jeff Backus recovering from pectoral injury

  1. Jeff Backus is grossly underrated and should’ve made the pro bowl last season.

    1,103 snaps, 8 sacks, 6 QB hits, 5 penalties, 585 passing attempts for team, 1103 total offensive snaps for team. Allowed a sack every 73 passing attempts. Had a penalty every 117 passing attempts.

  2. Tedy Bruschi on ESPN: “They shouldn’t have worked out!”

    Jeff Backus/ChadGreenway/JoshSitton/EarlBennet = NFC North’s Underrated squad.

  3. disagree theirs a reason they call him Jeff “backorass” because he’s on both half the game!

  4. I don’t know about the Pro Bowl. But you are right. Backus had a damned good year. He has started every single game of his ten year career to boot.

    Too bad he gave up the kill shot on Stafford, though.
    No real shame in getting beat by a guy like Julius Peppers. But still…

    Most Lions fans absolutely kill this guy. He gets no love.

    /is a Lions fan

  5. rowhe says: Jul 20, 2011 7:46 PM

    Backus was the only reason Stafford was creamed by Peppers in the bears game.
    Was Backus the reason Peppers was so dominate with the rest of O-Lines as well? Peppers is an exceptional pass rusher…he beat up alot of qb’s last year.

    I’m not saying Backus is a pro-bowler but last year, for the most part, he had a good year.

    I’m thinking this injury may open things up to seeing what last years 4th round tackle Jason Fox has to offer.

    We’ll have to see whenever this lockout smoke clears.

  6. Already handicapped by lack of reach, Backus’ career was set back further by damage to one of his pectoral fins.

  7. Word is that it’s a partially torn pec. He participated in both of the off season workouts, so maybe it’s pretty recent?

    The big question is how long he’ll be out. My guess is he’ll be lucky to play at the start of the regular season.

  8. Backus is one of the most underrated players in the entire league, and unfortunately for him hated by most of the Lions fan base. He’s in the top half of the league at OT as a whole and a top 10 LT. Not sure he’s ever been a “pro bowl” caliber but he’s a solid piece at a pivotal position.

    He got beat bad by Peppers (which isn’t saying much…who hasnt?) which inevitably caused the Stafford injury which sucks but overall he’s down a very good job. Hopefully he’ll be around for this year so we can let Fox develop another season to see if he can take over “post backus” on the blind side…if not Mr. Fox your opportunity is knocking and luckily you are finally healthy…lets see what you can do!

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